Energy Management Team Work and Energy Audits

Energy management is the responsibility of all levels of organization. The managers and employees must work together to have energy as a “team” Energy management teamwork must start with awareness on the part of upper level management.

            An energy audit is an assessment of energy use in a building. An audit should result in recommendations for decreasing the energy use in a building. An energy audit should be conducted by people who are familiar with the electrical and mechanical system in the building. There are many brochures and books available to conduct an energy audit. The important factors for conducting an energy audit are as follows:

1.      Energy-saving opportunities should be identified (these should categorized as no cost, low cost, high cost modification.)

2.      Financial savings over a period of time should be estimated for any energy saving opportunity identified.

3.      Building modification to conserve energy should be made in priority order (beginning with the no cost items and those with short payback periods).

4.      Completion dates for modification should be made realistically.

5.      An evaluation should be made of effect of each building modification (Concise record should be kept)

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