Top Two Energy Saving Tips

Energy Saving Through Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance performed on equipment can make a significant contribution to energy savings. This part is particularly true for electrical and mechanical systems, whose condition affects their operating efficiency. Preventive maintenance (PM) procedure is used to take corrective action on equipment before break down occurs. PM should be done on scheduled basis. In many cases PM can be computerized for large buildings with a maintenance staff.

Computerized PM systems can be used to inventory equipment, list its location, manufacture, age previous maintenance, and any other pertinent quickly and simply and forecast maintenance needs.

Energy Saving Through Equipment Scheduling

One obvious method of conserving energy is to turn equipment off when it is not being used. This can be done by either manual or automatic methods. Automatic control is the most exact method of accomplishing control in large buildings. Many types of automatic controllers and timers are commercially available to control the scheduled use of equipment.

Night setback Duty cycling and load leveling are different methods of energy saving through equipment scheduling.

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