Alien DNA Discovered

Alien cave painting
Alien cave painting
Ancient depiction of spaceship
Ancient depiction of spaceship

Scientist Lloyd Pye uncovers groundbreaking evidence that may change the way we view the origins of humanity forever.

On the March 24th broadcast of Coast to Coast AM (public radio), host George Noory interviews Lloyd Pye as they discuss the theory of intervention, and Pye reveals conclusive evidence of alien existence on this planet. Not only did they exist, but they produced a hybrid human race.

What is the intervention theory?

The theory of intervention is the idea that man did not evolve, nor was he created in God's image, as detailed in the bible. Rather, man was a product of "god with a little g", otherwise what are commonly called extra-terrestrials or aliens. Yes, this theory is quite absurd to commonplace people and to the mainstream scientific community, which is why it hasn't gathered much support or exploration through research. Lloyd Pye is rather a pioneer of intervention science, leading the way to uncover these overlooked mysteries. He started heavily researching the origins of man when the Starchild Skull was placed in his possession in 1999.

Pye discusses Starchild skull

What is the Starchild skull?

The Starchild skull is an oddly shaped human skull that was found in a mine tunnel in Mexico in the 1930s, buried alongside a normal human skeleton. Ray and Melanie young of El Paso, Texas were in possession of the skull until 1999, when they handed it over to Lloyd Pye to be researched. What makes this so fascinating is the differences between the Starchild skull and a normal human skull:

  • Half as heavy as a human skull
  • Half as thick as a human skull
  • Twice as durable as a human skull
  • Back of skull is flattened
  • No sinus cavities
  • 200 cm larger than the average adult's brain

These characteristics have a striking resemblance to those of the grey alien of pop culture..this creature would have had large eye sockets, barely a nose, a large, round head that is flattened in the back, and an extremely short neck. It is no wonder that the skull is such a phenomenon to intervention scientists! Lloyd Pye has made it his life's work to uncover the origins of this skull.


Starchild skull
Starchild skull

DNA Analysis in 2003 Proves Human Origins


In 2003, DNA technology became such that Pye could recover the mitochondrial DNA of the skull. This is the DNA outside of the nucleus that provides evidence of the mother's genetic material. With this technology, the mother of the skull was determined as human. However, until recently, DNA science was not advanced enough for Pye to trace the origins of the father's DNA. In order to do so, the nuclear DNA would have to be recovered. This left plenty of room for skepticism, and many mainstream scientists waved off the Starchild skull as a mere deformity. Until now....

Cosmic DNA
Cosmic DNA

2010 evidence of alien origins

Now in 2010, the DNA recovery process has well improved. Pye took the Starchild skull to the National Genetic Database at the National institute of Health, commonly used by geneticists worldwide. Once the paternal DNA strand was recovered, Pye was able to compare it to all known and recorded types of DNA on this planet to find a match for it. The very long strand of 342 base pairs came up with no known match to any other species on this planet!

So, here we have a skull that has been scientifically analyzed and determined as both human and alien in origin, a find that will shake the foundations of both science and religion to the absolute core!

Ancient astronauts
Ancient astronauts

Recommended Reading

Following is a list of books which I highly recommend to anyone who wants to know more about the Starchild project, intervention theory, and alien existence in general.

 My personal favorite is Genesis Revisited by Zecharia Sitchin. He is a leading researcher and writer in this field. The book is extremely comprehensive and very well researched. Sitchin examines the many connections to alien existence in the bible, and delves into the mysterious world of the ancient Sumerians, a super-evolved race that was superiorally advanced for their time. It changed my world completely, a truly compelling read!

What do you think?

How was man created?

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More Info

For detailed information on this project, please visit Lloyd Pye's website:

Pye has also written a letter to his readers and fellow project enthusiasts, which can be read at

For more information about the paranormal,supernatural,metaphysical, or the strange, Coast to Coast AM is a great radio broadcast. Tune in to FM 105.1 to stay up to date on recent paranormal and supernatural finds, or visit host George Noory's website for info on all the latest broadcasts and streaming radio here:


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christopheranton profile image

christopheranton 6 years ago from Gillingham Kent. United Kingdom

Interesting idea, but before jumping to any definite conclusions it might be worth checking out this article.

TruthAwake profile image

TruthAwake 6 years ago from The Dirty South Author

Thanks for commenting!

I definitely see where there could be speculation about this being a mere defect.

However, non-human DNA has just recently been discovered within the skull. It cannot be traced to any lifeform on this planet. How is that explained away?

If anyone has an answer, I am open to hear it.

Joe 6 years ago

"If anyone has an answer, I am open to hear it."

TruthAwake profile image

TruthAwake 6 years ago from The Dirty South Author

Joe: I'm glad you pointed that out.

There are many stories in the bible about the "fallen" ones, or fallen angels, commonly called the Nephilim. Not to mention, numerous other mythologies written about Deities from space visiting different tribes scattered across the world. Connection here?

John McAdam 6 years ago

I wrote a book called "Were Ancient Gods From Other Planets?", and in that book I put into perspective this question, which is just a reiteration of what the ancient astronaut theory proposes:

Why do all of these gods come from the sky? Why are they always at war with each other? Why were they flesh and blood? Why were some gods cowards (like Ares, surprisingly)? Why did they always come down in vehicles; or what can be interpreted as vehicles (like God in the Bible)?...Everyone who isn't an ancient astronaut believer always says something like "Because man was always facinated with the sky, so why wouldn't they come from there? Also, the reason most gods like Odin, Zeus, God from the Bible, all had beards is because *throws hands up with a shrug* That's just the best way to think of God"....




Layman answers to something people haven't studied. With the work of Zecharia Sitchin, Erich von Daniken, Graham Hancock (he talks of Atlantis, but I see Atlantis as an E.T. base on Earth), Lloyd Pye, John Anthony West, Robert Bauval, etc...with all the mathematics and knowledge that went into creating the vastness of the ancient world (something we can't even grasp in our own minds) HAD to be something bigger than just simple human evolution of civilization. I am sorry, but I will fight this to the death. "Were Ancient Gods From Other Planets?" bet your ass they were!

TruthAwake profile image

TruthAwake 6 years ago from The Dirty South Author

Amazing comment John! Thanks so much for stopping by and adding this to the discussion. I completely agree with you on this and i am interested to see where I can find your book.

John McAdam 6 years ago

It is on Amazon, but if post your email address I could send it to you for free!

TruthAwake profile image

TruthAwake 6 years ago from The Dirty South Author

Thanks, I do appreciate the offer but am a bit wary of posting my email on here mostly because of spam. Do you have a website or alternative way to exchange emails? If not,you can actually send me a message through hubpages. There is a button for it on my profile, the one that says "contact". I'm not sure if you have to be a member of hubpages or not, but it's worth a try. Thanks again!

TruthAwake profile image

TruthAwake 6 years ago from The Dirty South Author


Alright, received your comment and I sent an email your way, so check your spam filter in case it ends up there. Went ahead and didn't post it for sake of privacy.

tom hellert profile image

tom hellert 6 years ago from home


I think based on my personal experience- I have heard the voice of someone I assume it was God - three part hub-series on it but even if the God of the bible etc etc-all the other religeons are the same God - two part series on that too-just different names I have read many blogs paper hubs and i listened to the coast to coast episodes on the starchild skull and other topics-

what did sherlock holmes say "when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth". i think this is a perfect quote for the star child skull.


well done I love this kind of article keep it up...

Real fantasy- which is it? i think legends and lore have more truth than not in them



John McAdam 6 years ago

(Please delete my last comment, I accidentally put "Native Tribes Suck" :P. Here is my revised comment)

If I may answer Tom Hellert, TA, I believe that he has the spiritual effect that many people go through. The Shamans of native tribes as the Bwiti in Africa and the various tribes in South America see their gods almost daily. Christians seem to see their deity in Jesus rather commonly (though there are 2 billion Christians the world over, so the ratio is increased, as you can imagine). Various other cultures see and talk to their gods with reports almost daily. Yogi's talk to their respective gods whenever they meditate. Etc. Etc. Etc. Do I deny God? No. But literally ever one of those people who dies always meets the same god. If you read LIFE AFTER DEATH by Raymond Moody, atheists meet the same being of light that Christians do during NDE's (near-death experiences). If you read REFLECTIONS ON LIFE AFTER LIFE (Moody), you will see again that various other people from different cultures have the same experience with the same being of light in their near-death experiences. The Tibetan Book of the Dead, non-Christian, has so many details about when you die that match exactly with NDE's.

The reason why we see devil and Jesus when we are Christian, or Mulungu when we are African, or Krsna when we are Hindu, is because God does is not a dictator. God does not have a form, so if he manifested himself to us in anything other than a being of pure light, we would have to go to that religion. If a Krsna devotee saw Jesus, then his whole life would change to Christianity, but that would take away the free will because the Krnsa devotee would now think Jesus was real. The only way God can show himself to us is in the form of light. Anything else would influence us too dramatically and would shake the foundations of our religions. This is why if we are Christian we see Jesus, Krsna devotee we see Krsna, because he keeps our free will there. He does not have an ego. He doesn't care who you believe in, because either way you still go to the "other side" when you die.

For more information, read:

Many Lives, Many Masters - Brian Weiss

23 Minutes In Hell - Bill Wiese

20 Cases Suggestive Of Reincarnation - Ian Stevenson

Children's Past Lives - Carrol Boweman

Looking For Carrol Beckwith - Robert Snow

Supernatural - Graham Hancock

And Anything by or about Edgar Cayce!

TruthAwake profile image

TruthAwake 6 years ago from The Dirty South Author

@ Tom- Thanks so much for the comment! Yes, I definitely agree that myths and legends have much truth to them... brings me straight back to the observation that various cultures from remote areas of the world eerily shared similar stories- like the story of the great flood, for example, which leads me into my reply to John's comment...

@ John- Precisely. And this is why I hold to the belief that religion and spirituality are two concepts, not to be confused... since religion in itself is the incorrect "categorization" of belief, which in actuality is the unnecessary segregation of spirituality... which completely defeats humanity's natural relationship with what God really is... and that is- the divine, universal spirit that governs us all and is meant to unify us, not divide us, like religion has. Like I stated in my reply to Tom, it is eerie how close the similarities are in descriptions of "God" and divine encounters that span numerous religious sects. It is true, the divine sees without ego... if we could eradicate the division of religion and focus more on the underlying spirituality, we could forgo ego as well.

John McAdam 6 years ago

Indeed. I personally think that the only way we can see God is through a 50 50 scale that I am writing about in my new book "Where To Find God" (title subject to change). It is the modern version of Pascal's Wager, which is that either there is a God or is not a God. If there is a God and you follow religion, the good stuff because you are going to Heaven! If you don't follow God, then you go to "hell" according to Christianity. If there is no God and you die completely from death upon your body's death, then at least you lead a morally good life. The wager is a 50 50 coin toss of whether there is or is not a God.

Personally I think it is silly to not believe in God. In a philosophical stage I have seen books that take up to five pages to describe what muscles and tendons work to make you lift your arm up to scratch your head. In the scientific piece there are ghosts, Near-death experiences, DMT drugs, psychics, poltergeists, etc etc etc. Each one of those (which I am writing about in my next book) have a part to play in the understand of my triangle that if there is a God, then there obviously has to be a soul (that is in our body). And if there is a soul then I believe, though many subjects of evidence, that there is reincarnation. If there is reincarnation then that means there is a God..etc...etc..etc.

If you guys want me to yap about any of these topics, let me know.

@TruthAwake you did get my book in email, right? I never got a reply email from you, so just checkin to see if you got it.

TruthAwake profile image

TruthAwake 6 years ago from The Dirty South Author

John- yes, that is one logical way to look at it...sort of a religious relativism. Naturally, it would make sense that if there is a 50/50 chance of an afterlife, why not live in moral decency while on this Earth? Which by the way, presents a nice argument against atheism, where the concept of good/bad disinegrates under the theory that there is no heaven or hell. I'd have to say the 50/50 is a concept I could live by....the tricky part is then in defining this "God" figure.

About the book by the way, yes, I did receive it in your email. Work has me tied up, unfortunately reading anything aside from research material has not been a luxury of mine lately! But I do look forward to reading it soon. =)

John McAdam 6 years ago

@TA That's wonderful - Hope you enjoy it.

@Everyone reading this - I do believe in TA's postulation of being a good person regardless, but you would be sooo amazed at how little atheists think about life. Most atheists I know are such jerks. It's funny because when I ask them "On your death bed, do you think you will be scared that you are about to go into nothingness?" they all shrug and say "I don't really care if I am about to go into nothingness, cause I don't know." It is the attitude of not caring about life that takes this argument to a whole new level.

In my third book "Am I Mad Or Coherent?" I talk in a spiritualistic view that on the odd chance that the 50/50 fray does turn out to be on the side of atheists, then how cruel and utterly disgusting are we to even kill a cockroach? He has the only chance of life he will ever have and yet we can literally buy weapons to kill them with, as well as mice and rats and termites, and so forth. Respect nature. When ever I see a roach in the toilet, I scoop him out and send him on his way. When I see a moth stuck inside my room, I capture him in a cup and release him outside. Same goes with a cricket inside of my college campus. They may be gross little bugs, but if an alien race ever came down here and blasted us into the ground, would we not feel the same sort of oppression? Respect life. That is my take on the self. If you respect life then no matter what "god" is real, I am sure by showing the respect you did to all of the critters on this Earth, he will respect you into whatever perpetual Heaven there is.

TruthAwake profile image

TruthAwake 6 years ago from The Dirty South Author

Ah, now you are taking sort of a Buddhist approach...he he. And sadly, I do agree that Atheists I have met have been jerks. It seems they shun spirituality for either fear of the afterlife that results in willful avoidance and ignorance of it, or the excuse to act however they please throughout life with disregard to others(or both). Not that all Atheists are jerks,and not to offend anyone...just an observation based on personal experience. =P

Jon Lennart Aasenden 6 years ago

This is the most stupid thing i have ever read. The second picture is a picture of a dagon priest worshiping the tree of life, which is the human spine you idiot. The so called "spaceship" icon is the symbol of the moon os svadhistana risen to the mind. This is an old esoteric practise.

You people are uneducated, insane and paranoid.

John McAdam 6 years ago


Once again you let people tell you what to think. I know my history, and in every civilization there is always someone depicted coming from the sky. For example...I thought the moon was round and did not have wings and a tail..and why are there people on it?

If you read what scientists tell us, they can actually identify DNA structures on a lot of pictures like that from Sumeria that are perfectly made DNA structures. Coincidence? Not if you read the Sumerian mythology that tells of gods coming to Earth in flying vehicles and tampering with our "essence" (DNA) to make humans.

rafken profile image

rafken 6 years ago from The worlds my oyster

This a good hub, I very much appreciate the theme of it. I think that you may like some of my hubs, as I use them to argue the case of previous alien visits or not. Thanks, I'll follow you in the hope of other little gems.

TruthAwake profile image

TruthAwake 6 years ago from The Dirty South Author

@ Jon- i do appreciate all comments as you are entitled to your opinion, althoug calling me an idiot is a bit presumptious of you. I see that you have picked apart my second image, yet nothing about my article. I am curious, have you any facts that could compete with what I have presented in the actual body of the article? If so, I'd happily debate it. As for the image: it comes from an ancient Sumerian seal. As you may know, the Sumerians were a mysterious tribe that abruptly arose out of the Mesopotamian then just as quickly vanished. They left behind a legacy of technology that is even astonishing by today's standards. Perhaps you are right about the image representing an ancient rite to their Deity, although I am not sure where you have gathered that information considering I have searched and found nothing to support it(send me a link, that would be nice). Even so, there is no proof on either side of the argument that these images could have not represented the Sumerian's own visual interpretations of alien life forms. As John McAdam so kindly pointed out, and as we have been discussing throughout the majority of these comments, various tribes worldwide expressed themselves in cave paintings and artwork that had a chillingly similar theme- that is, the visitation of beings from the sky. Whether these beings were "Gods", or "aliens", or whatever- is completely left to be deduced.

Now, whether I am insane is yet to be determined(he he), and how I give off an air of paranoia on the subect is beyond me. By defenition paranoia entails some sort of histeria or nail biting over the subject, and I am doing neither. Iv'e simply observed facts and evidence, come to an observation, and shared that observation on hub pages. Therefore, I apologize if my musings do not live up to your standards.

@Rafken: Thank you! Your comment is much appreciated, and I'm glad that you appreciate the work. I will definitely check out your hubs and follow you, glad to have a new fan!

John McAdam 6 years ago

@TA and one thing you might want to add is the air of mystery surrounding the gods. To the ancients, they were dealing with real people!

A perfect example is the Sumerian scribe Dudu, who is famous for creating a figure of himself sitting in a chair. As the writing goes, Dudu presented this to the patron god of the city. We know Dudu was a real person. We know that he created the statue. What about giving it to the patron god?

The problem with our scientists and archeologists today is that they have tablets that are half mythology and half whenever something turns out about a god of some type, then it is mythology. For example, we had one tablet and one tablet only with the name Hammurabi, and it went something like: "Hammurabi gave himself to the gods and they took him away forever" (I'm stealing a bit of Enoch's thunder), then our archeologists would think that there was a guy named Hammurabi, but they "tried to portray him as talking to the gods to try and boost his status up" which is quite silly. To these people the gods were real. They interacted with their gods. We have writing after writing after writing of people interacting with gods that came from the sky, and no one believes them! Who are we going to believe? Someone who makes up stories and picks things out of a story to be true and some to be false, or the people that were actually there writing it down?

The thing that really ties the not for me is that the Sumerian mythology says that the gods created humans and made them work in mines from 200,000 years ago until near present time (about 12,000 years back to be precise). It is known today that there are mines all over Africa that date back up to 170,000-180,000 years ago that are so finely cut that there is actually evidence of machining in the mines. 200,000 years ago we have what we now know as Homo-erectus. This was basically a human without thinking capacity beyond that of a machine where it does what it is told. In Sumerian mythology, Enki tampered with these over the years to where he made humans smarter towards the intellectual side. We now know that there is a fused piece of our DNA (I can't remember the name. Remind me and I will look it up if you care about the name) that is the "on switch" for intelligent and sentient beings, I.E. human. The Sumerian mythology coincidedes exactly with what scientists are telling us, only in their (scientists) words! In every mythology you have a god coming down from the sky in a vehicle. In Egyptian, Sumerian, dogon, Hindu, Norse, Native American, South American, Central American, China, Korea, Russia, All over Europe.

Were our ancestors influenced by aliens in flying vehicles visiting Earth? Absolutely.

rafken profile image

rafken 6 years ago from The worlds my oyster

John McAdam, thank you for pointing out the books I should not read. I have looked in a couple of dictionarys. They all say that ALIEN means, either, not from this Nation or not from this planet. As, most religions believe that God created the Earth [which is our planet], then HE/OR SHE, must, therefore be an alien.

You said that there is "actual evidence" of mining 170,000 years ago. I am glad that it is not "factual Evidence" or we would have nothing to speculate about in our hubs.

TruthAwake. Keep up your good work. Some of us will be interested if you hub about any further developments. Fact, or possible fiction.

John McAdam 6 years ago

@Rafken Well, we seem to have a lot of evidence that mining goes back hundreds of thousands of years. In a recent article in the news today, there was a human family found, and one of the guys was found with a cane because he had a bad back. This was a 500,000 year old family!

Check this article out, BTW:

Now, don't forget that there are 2 lost civilizations under the waters of the world. There is one under Cuba's ocean that has a pyramid and a Sphynx

and Yonaguni, Japan

And there is evidence from the Piri Reis map that there was a civilization where we now know that there must have been a civilization around the area of Bimini (remember, there is something there called the Bimini Roads which are thought to be natural formations by scientists, but by alternative thinkers are thought to be the reminance of an ancient civilization lost underwater)

and then there are great pyramid and road structures under a Wisconsin lake (that no one wants us to know about)

There is just SOOOO much we don't know about. Atlantis, for all we know, was probably just "another place". Who knows!

And by the way, I did say that those books were for reading, the ones I first posted. Dunno which books you thought I said to stay away from?

Joshua Kell profile image

Joshua Kell 6 years ago from Arizona

Awesome Hub! I have read of the Star Child skull many times,

but I did not know that they discovered unknown DNA within it. Very cool. Thanks.

TruthAwake profile image

TruthAwake 6 years ago from The Dirty South Author

@ Joshua Kell:

Thanks! Happy to know another soul finds value in it.

* And I'd also like to let everyone know that I'm staying on top of this... if there are any updates to the story I will be sure to sniff them out and post them up for the good people of hubpages to read. ;) *

John McAdam 5 years ago

Check this out, TruthAwake! This is like the skull being found in the 60's but in mass quantity

Brandon 5 years ago

Upon further investigation, the Starchild skull has finally been determined not to contain alien DNA. It only? contains human DNA. I was mistaken all along, and I'm willing to admit that.

OfficialLIoydPye 1 day ago

Posted on youtube by Lloyd Pye

Brandon 5 years ago

Upon further investigation, the Starchild skull has finally been determined not to contain alien DNA. It only? contains human DNA. I was mistaken all along, and I'm willing to admit that.

OfficialLIoydPye 1 day ago

Posted on youtube by Lloyd Pye

TruthAwake profile image

TruthAwake 5 years ago from The Dirty South Author

@ Brandon:

Thank you for the bogus information. Searched youtube and official Lloyd Pye channel, didn't find this video or any statement like that from Lloyd Pye. Perhaps it was deleted? Odd... shows that his last activity on Youtube was 20 hours ago, yet no trace of this video you describe. Here's current information on Pye's research and the real starchild skull status, straight from the horse's mouth:

"In early 2011, a new analysis of the Starchild's DNA produced a startling result"..."the Starchild is not even in the ballpark of being human. All that remains is to sequence its entire mtDNA genome to prove it is from a species unlike any on Earth."

Read it all by following this link:

In addition, read a summary and full report of 2011 study here:

Good day.

TruthAwake profile image

TruthAwake 5 years ago from The Dirty South Author

Oh, and not to mention... Pye returned to late night radio show 'Coast to Coast AM' and discussed this update with George Noory on 5/13/2011...about as current as it gets. Any more bogus speculations?

TruthAwake profile image

TruthAwake 5 years ago from The Dirty South Author

John M:

That's pretty awesome, had read about that a while back. Just goes to show, the evidence is all around us! ;)

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 5 years ago from the Ether

TruthAwake - awesome hub! I voted it up for sure. Very interesting indeed...I would like to think that there is more life out there than just us humans on earth! It is almost closed-minded in my opinion to hear people that believe we are the only lifeforms in the entire universe! That's more crazy than believing that we're not the only lifeforms. Well written and also, I'll be checking out your dream hubs as I am an avid dreamer myself. :) Glad to be following you.

TruthAwake profile image

TruthAwake 5 years ago from The Dirty South Author

Kittythedreamer: Thank you very much. And couldn't agree more with what you said about believing we aren't the only lifeforms...if I felt otherwise this hub might not exist. :P Thanks for commenting!

John McAdam 5 years ago

@TA Still keeping up the fort, Hey TA? You're doing a great job :D

TruthAwake profile image

TruthAwake 5 years ago from The Dirty South Author

John: Ha ha, thanks! I admit I haven't really kept up with hubpages for a while as you can see, but I appreciate the shout out nonetheless. :)

John McAdam 5 years ago

Have you been watching the Ancient Alien show on TV?

rafken profile image

rafken 5 years ago from The worlds my oyster

TA and John Mc - Check out my hub "Aliens found in Africa". Have either of you heard anymore?

TruthAwake profile image

TruthAwake 5 years ago from The Dirty South Author

@ John M:

Yes, I have been watching that show. It's awesome. How'd you guess?

@ Rafken: Definitely something worth checking into. Thanks for sharing!

John M 5 years ago

Lol. Just making sure you are keeping up with the times!

Hey, I recently published a book called "Enoch and the Extraterrestrials" and it has 2 5-star reviews already! Raise the roof :D

brandon 5 years ago

@ johm m....wonderful way to put it. I agree with your view it makes excellent sense. Very well put.

A67MUSTANG profile image

A67MUSTANG 5 years ago

Just discovered this link after looking for more information concerning Alien DNA - from what I have now seen on ACIENT ALIENS. I cannot help but wonder why more people don't realize this is all unfolding in our lifetime and that something marvelous is about to happen that will change the future of mankind. I BELIEVE!!!

DocumentaryLover 4 years ago

TA, where in the world have you been my dear? Even more evidence has been uncovered that the StarChild's DNA matches no other known species on Earth! If you haven't seen it yet, here's the page to the new analysis.

A Gene named FOXP2 has been isolated from the StarChild Skull, which is not only the "Smoking Gun," but also the Bullet, the trigger finger, etc. This is Fantastic News, and I'm so happy for Lloyd Pye. His years of work and being mocked and scrutinized, is almost to an end!

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