Factors Affecting the Growth of Fruit Trees

There are many factors to be considered in growing crops and fruit trees.

Choosing the types and species of trees

a.   A common mistake of orchard growers is the planting of varieties which are not
adapted to locality. A grower should select a variety of seeds which is suited to
where the farm is located. Get the advice of a farm technician to be certain about
the varieties of trees.

b.   For commercial fruit growers, the chief requisite in selecting a variety to grow is
high quality. The basis is the appearance and productiveness of the variety. How­
ever, it is much better if the variety has the required qualities for growing in your

c.    Select the species and variety you like best. Choose your favorite species and
variety to reflect your personality and to keep you engrossed in plant growing.

d.    Decide how many varieties to plant. For a home fruit grower, more varieties can
be planted since the trees are grown to bear fruits only for family consumption.
For commercial fruit growers, it is advisable to plant only three to four varieties
which will bear fruit and ripen at almost the same time.

e. Consider the market you are to serve.

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