Falling Face First.




The face of the world
encompasses us all
we are an ocean of ravenous flesh,
moving across its massive girth,
constantly changing its value.

Sucking oil and coal from its womb,
pumping it back out in airborne toxins,
removing its limbs that grace the sky,
felling trees to make fires and buildings.

Dumping our refuse in it waters,
where lesser creatures perish in filth,
burying our radioactive barrels
deep in its radiated bowels.

Forests vanish beneath acid rains,
leaving its creatures sharing extinction,
and the earth shifts uncomfortably.

It tremors and weeps tsunamis,
breathing heavily in hurricanes and tornadoes,
polar puddles where there once stood icecaps,
all are flattened beneath mankind's waste.
the face of the world has turned sickly
and will soon be the world that we face.

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