Favorite Pre-k Websites-DLTK

DLTK’s Growing Together website is a must-have tool in any Preschool Teacher, Parent, or Daycare Provider’s toolbox. From arts and crafts to charts and home-made coupons, this website has everything you need to keep that education going.

This website is user friendly, easy to navigate, and seems to have an endless supply of things to do. More gets added all the time. The printables are high quality, and they give you the option of printing in color or black and white.  

A word of advice, if the option is given, always print the ad-free version, or your image won't fit on the paper.

For ten years, Leanne, a wife and mom of two girls and the creator of this site has been compiling information, crafts, educational tools, coloring pages, projects for holidays, themes, and more.  Leanne states that she loves adding content to her site with the help of her official craft testers(her younger children), and the technical help of her husband.  The name of the site is created from the first initial of every family member, since they all contribute. 

Not only is this site packed full of anything you would need to end Creativity Block, it also has a section for Bible Crafts, so that homeschoolers, Preschool Teachers, and Providers have a springboard to offer religion into their curriculum.

This site gets a high five for offering so much for no cost.

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kimh039 profile image

kimh039 5 years ago

Thanks for the info about this site, radgirl. I am bookmarking sites for when my 14mo old granddaughter comes over. She likes to listen to songs and watch song videos with me on my laptop!

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