Geography Facts

Here are a few interesting facts about Earth and geography of our planet.

Antarctica is in fact a desert. In fact it is the largest desert on Earth.

Sahara is the largest hot desert on Earth.

Pacific is the largest ocean on Earth.

The Pacific ocean was initially named Mar del Sur, meaning the South Sea.

The Pacific ocean covers one-third of the total surface area of the Earth.

There are more countries in Africa than any other continent. There are 53 countries in Africa, 47 in Asia, 43 in Europe, 14 in Australia, 23 and 12 countries in North and South America respectively.

Asia is the largest continent by size and Australia is the smallest.

Asia occupies about 30% of the Earth's land, while the continent Australia occupies only 5.3%.

Russia is the largest country by land area. Canada and United States are second and third respectively.

Water accounts for 71% of the Earth's surface and land is 29%.

About half of the World's population resides in Asia.

More Geography Facts...

So, here are a few more facts about Geography...

Mount Everest is the largest mountain on Earth.

A total of 14 mountain peaks are above 8000 meters.

All of the fourteen mountain peaks above 8000 meters are in Asia.

Nile is the longest river on Earth. Amazon and Yangtze are second and third longest rivers respectively.

Christianity and Islam are the two most-followed religions.

River Mississippi is the longest river in North America. It is also the fourth largest river on Earth.

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