How Many Windows Are in Your Building?

A Revelation of our Minds or How Many Windows...?

If I ask you this particular question. How many windows are in your house? You in all probability will not immediately answer the question unless you just (and I do mean just)interacted with all or most-all of your windows (i.e. washed or replaced them). What you, in all probability, will do is this:

(1) yours eyes will suddenly move and you will look upward (to the right).

(2) In your "mind's eye" (perhaps, best described as a vision of a virtual reality session it is more than just a vision) you will begin to count your windows. Approximately 60% to 70% of all people count in a counter-clockwise fashion starting from the room that is of the most significance to you (i.e. therefore, John Connor starts from his living room - not the kitchen; John's wife -Kate, usually starts from the kitchen-go figure...). No worries though, John eventually does move and completes the task in a counter-clockwise method. Interestingly Kate (his love) quickly accomplishes the task in a clockwise method. This may explain how they initially met (of course that is another story)...

Now, let me attempt to summarize. You re-construct the memory in a significantly visual way; thus it is "transferred" back to short-term memory and you immediately answer the question. Keep in mind (no pun intended) that your answer may not be correct after all it is a re-construction...

Simply a revelation and what a magnificent system we find ourselves with. Our "wrinkled walnut" is truly amazing... 

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Au fait profile image

Au fait 4 years ago from North Texas

Interesting . . .

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