Building Up Self-Confidence

We can know ourselves better, trust, and learn to build up our own abilities to improve on the confidence that we carry .
We can know ourselves better, trust, and learn to build up our own abilities to improve on the confidence that we carry . | Source

Self confidence is something that many people look forward to build up within their personalities. There are many individuals who are naturally blessed with the confident feeling while there are some who really have to try and work hard on improving their self confidence levels.

Improving your self confidence is not an overnight task. You really have to slowly push your way up applying tips and tricks with pure perseverance and gradual steps.

Now what are those tips and tricks which you must work on to get you going? What exactly is that which will ultimately lead you to heights of success and achievements no matter where you are or where you go? The solution is not very difficult. All you have to do is to keep your focus on the following points,


The very first thing to begin with is to concentrate your attention on all those things that make you go down and you end up losing your confidence. You have to think of your insecurities. Think what makes you feel inferior or what regrets that you have in your mind which leads you to awkward or difficult moments.

After analyzing the root causes of the setbacks, you can keep in your mind the things that raise trouble for you. You can also write them down. As writing brings clarity to thoughts so jotting the problems down will help you analyze your issues well. This way you can easily tackle them and work on them in a confident way.


After analyzing and understanding the causes that lead you to low confidence levels you have to do an important thing. Discuss all your problem or issues with your family or friends that you find hard to deal with. That can be very helpful as others might advise you best what to do, how to behave and deal with the situations that puts you in awkward moments.


You have to make yourself understand that perfection is not meant for each and every one of all. Always keep the saying “No one is perfect” in your mind and relax by making yourself understand that it is not only you who has problems or troublesome situations. Each and every person around you might have faced the similar circumstances as you. Life is like a roller coaster ride for many and you are also one of the other people who get these insecure feelings. The continuous improvement is something that is more important than being trying to be on a complete perfect footing all the time.


It is not only about focusing on your problems but you should also think about all the good things in your life .You should focus on what you have achieved, the skills you have and the talents you possess. Take pride in all the good things that have come your way. Thinking about your talents and strengths give you an inner happiness that automatically ascends your confidence levels. Giving yourself credit is an important thing to do as it greatly helps you in finding your lost or hidden confidence.


Thinking about what good you already possess is another important point. You should be thankful for what you already have acquired. This thinking helps you to get rid of the insecure feeling in your mind that you don’t have something which others have. Being content with yourself is important to lose the feeling of inferiority that often pops up in your mind ultimately leading you to the loss of confidence.


Another thing that you have to work on in building up your confidence levels is to develop a feeling of positivity in your mind. Staying bleak and hopeless will never help you. Rather you have to look at the good sides of a situation and what good that will bring to you. Don’t think that you can’t do a certain thing really well like others. But in fact develop a feeling in your mind that you are equally competent and you possess the same good qualities as others. All you have to do is to work on them and bring out the best you can. Always keep a positive mind and with this feeling you can happily achieve whatever you desire to.

Staying happy and positively focused is always helpful. You have to trust and believe in the following saying,

"Change your perceptions and your emotions will follow"


There are situations in your life when you really stand vague or unclear on many things. Thinking on the point that you don’t know anything particular about a thing makes you lose your confidence. The very best thing to do in such situations is to prepare yourself well enough. Like in presentations, meetings or conferences etc. you have to go fully prepared about the subject. Otherwise it may lead to embarrassing situations for you where you will stand shivering with fear in your hearts of hearts totally clueless what to do or say.

Making yourself ready or preparing for something makes you feel comfortable and automatically builds up your confidence.


It is always best to keep away from people who always try to put you down and try to engrave in your mind that you cannot do this or that or you are not capable enough. Even if you end up surrounded by such people always keep the thought in mind that you are fully capable of doing everything and nothing is impossible for you. When you will learn to encourage your own self you will start feeling the inner confidence which you posses from day one and it was just waiting to be discovered. This way whatever other people say or think will not effect you much and you will know that you have got the guts to do something which others think you don’t.

As said earlier building up self confidence is not an overnight thing to accomplish. You have to learn the ways, develop the thinking and stay strong to bring out the confident feeling that lies concealed in you. Always remember ” most things are difficult before they are easy” All you have to do is to know your own self better, trust your own opinions and abilities to make yourself feel internally relaxed, secure and stable. Helen Keller beautifully sums up the whole idea that lies behind self confidence,

“Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the face”


Learn what are the most required things that you should stop doing to yourself to make your life much more easier and happier.

Our life is full of lessons that make us stronger and help us turn into better people.The article tells you some of those very important things which if we learn, can help us stay strong in each and every step of life!!!

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Trsmd profile image

Trsmd 5 years ago from India

Good tips.. This will surelybuild much confidence to every individual..

learner365 profile image

learner365 5 years ago Author

Hi Trsmd ...thank you for the appreciation. The tips are really useful and i hope many people will find them helpful with regard to the confidence build up!!

Dexter Yarbrough profile image

Dexter Yarbrough 5 years ago from United States

Hi Learner365! I agree. These are some really great tips for building and rebuilding confidence!

learner365 profile image

learner365 5 years ago Author

Hello Dexter !! I am glad that you liked the tips. Thank you very much for reading :)

Vinaya Ghimire profile image

Vinaya Ghimire 5 years ago from Nepal

When we cannot excel in life and become a failure, we loose our confidence. In such hard times we need to have self esteem. Thanks for sharing this useful article.

learner365 profile image

learner365 5 years ago Author

That is true Vinaya to excel in life we truly need to have our self esteem.Confidence is all about holding your head up high and trust in try try again.

Thank you very much for stopping by and leaving your feedback. Much appreciated :)

gmaoli profile image

gmaoli 5 years ago from South Carolina

This was incredibly helpful! I think my favorite tip is the one about giving yourself credit. I've had self-esteem issues for years, so this one's always been a big hurdle for me. Thank you for sharing this.

learner365 profile image

learner365 5 years ago Author

Hi gmaoli...I am glad that you found something useful about the hub. Trusting your own self and realizing your own abilities and achievements is really helpful in building up the once lost self esteem.

Thank you for coming by.I appreciate :)

nextgoodthing profile image

nextgoodthing 5 years ago from Miami,Fl

The advice i like the most is "Change your perception and your emotions will follow". In my opinion, this is the core message and main lesson to be taken away.

learner365 profile image

learner365 5 years ago Author

nextgoodthing....Indeed it is all about our mindset and our attitude.Thank you for reading and leaving your feedback on the Hub...:)

carolinemd21 profile image

carolinemd21 5 years ago from Close to Heaven

Awesome article! Great tips on how to be confident! :)

learner365 profile image

learner365 5 years ago Author

Thank you very much for your appreciation carolinemd21 :)

Mala Srivastava profile image

Mala Srivastava 5 years ago from India

Very interesting and useful hub. Self Confidence is necessary for our growth and development.

learner365 profile image

learner365 5 years ago Author

Hi Mala...Thank you for your appreciation :)

cebutouristspot profile image

cebutouristspot 5 years ago from Cebu

Interesting. Nice tip in how to build up self confidence which some people need badly. Thanks for sharing

learner365 profile image

learner365 5 years ago Author

Thank you cebutouristspot for your feedback :)

jeyaramd profile image

jeyaramd 5 years ago from Mississauga, Ontario

These are great tips for building self confident. I like your tip about talking to family members about your insecurities. They can be a great source of motivation for building self confidence. Also, staying away from dispirited people is great while you build your confidence.

However, once you do, you will find that these people won't be able to harm your personality if you are always sure of your abilities and your shortcomings. Stay true to your self and you will probably realize that those who put you down have a lot of inherent issues of their own. Thanks for sharing this wonderful hub. Voted up. Awesome.

learner365 profile image

learner365 5 years ago Author

jeyaramd.... It is nice to know that you found the tips useful.Staying true to yourself is really the key tr building up our confidence levels.Once you learn to realize your own worth,you can really bring about good wonders and appreciative changes in your life.

Thank you for your encouragement,your feedback and your time for coming by.Much appreciated :)

Sameer 5 years ago

Thanks for sharing such great insights...confidence sure is a funny thing--it can single handedly propel someone to unchartered heights, while the absence of it can destroy so much potential! Great writing.

learner365 profile image

learner365 5 years ago Author

Hey Sameer...Thank you for your wonderful comment and appreciation...:)

Jijinlal 4 years ago

Hi Learner, thanks for sharing your good tips on self confidence, its really useful in to be confident in this competitive world.

learner365 profile image

learner365 4 years ago Author

Hi Jijinlal , confidence is the real key behind one's success and survival in this ever changing world.Thank you for your appreciation and leaving your feedback on the article !!!

Cliff Mendrez profile image

Cliff Mendrez 4 years ago from Philippines

Nice hub, learner365! I like how you pointed out the importance of realizing that you already have much in life. Many people forget to appreciate what they have and tend to focus on things they want to gain.

Up and sharing!

learner365 profile image

learner365 4 years ago Author

Hi Cliff Mendrez...I am glad you liked the Hub. Thank you for your appreciation and sharing :)

dwachira profile image

dwachira 4 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

I agree, talking and especially public speaking really do help in building Self-Confidence. I always encourage that to my students. Voted up and shared.

learner365 profile image

learner365 4 years ago Author

Thank you dwachira for your vote up and sharing.Public speaking is an effective way and trick to improve self confidence!!!

learner365 profile image

learner365 4 years ago Author

Thanks for dropping in your wonderful comment Billionaire4545 !!!

Jyothy..:) 4 years ago

Nyz thoughtzz...:)

Ashley 3 years ago

It's a plaeruse to find someone who can identify the issues so clearly

learner365 profile image

learner365 3 years ago Author

Thank you Jyothy for reading and dropping in your feedback :)

learner365 profile image

learner365 3 years ago Author

Thank you very much Ashley . It's always a pleasure to find what feedback readers drop in for your writing :) Thank you for coming by and taking time to read and comment !

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