How To Gain A Life Of Peace

Gods Recipe Prepared

If you have no peace in your life, the bible states over in the book of Proverbs; you have need of understanding.

God gave us a recipe for a peaceful life, not only a peaceful life but a long life.Who would not want a long peaceful life years of joyful living.

Proverbs 3: 1. My son forget not my law; But let thine heart keep my commandments:

Now what we need to understand that Gods laws and commandments are two different things but all is to be applied

1. His Laws:Heavens order,Instruction on how heaven is, and living accordingly.Ever evolving.Constantly making thinks new.After his liking from the beginning of time.

2. His Commandments:Written in stone will never change.Written in our stony hearts.God's word was burned in the heart of Moses.Moses was a walking tablet of God's word.never to be erased.His face shined with knowledge and understanding of who his creator was.One on One with God until you become his word.

And in return he promises this:

2.For length of days,and long life,and peace,shall they add to thee

3.Let not mercy and truth forsake thee; bind them about thy neck; write them upon the table of thy heart.

The neck represent strength,and the heart is used so many times in the bible because of all the chambers the heart has it's vastness. God really just let us know that the heart is a book.It can hold all that he has to give to prepare you for a great life.

4.So shalt thou find favour and good understanding(success)in the sight of God and man.

5.Trust in the lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding

God's Understanding gives us clarity for life

6.In all thy ways acknowledge him,and he shall direct thy paths

Order correct divine order and you should not stumble,God has you secured by his laws and commandments.

7.Be not wise in thine own eyes; fear the lord,and depart from evil.

Wholly God's wisdom only and departing from evil is a commandment

Than here starting at verse 8 through 25 he tells of the long life:

8.It shall be health(medicine) to thou navel,and marrow (nutriment)to thy bones

9.Honor the lord with thy substance( who are you?; and all that you are)and with the first-fruits of all thine increase

10.So shall thy barns be filled with plenty,and thou presses shall burst out wine new wine

13. Happy is the man that findeth wisdom,and the man that getteth understanding.

14.For the merchandise of it is better than the merchandise of silver, and the gain thereof than fine Gold.

15.She is more precious than rubies: and all the things thou canst desire are not to be compared unto her.

Get what God stated here in verse 16 and 15 WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING is the richness of his kingdom,nothing can come close at all.

16.Length of days is in her right hand; and in her left hand riches and honour

17.Her ways of pleasantness,and all her paths are peace.

18.She is a tree of life to them that lay hold upon her;and happy is every one that retaineth her.



 God shows us what he did with Wisdom and Understanding:

19. The Lord by wisdom hath founded the earth;by understanding hath he established the heavens.

Great power should he remind us!

20.By his knowledge the depths are broken up,and the clouds drop down the dew.

21.My son, let not them depart from thine eyes:keep sound wisdom and discretion:

22.So shall thy be life unto thy soul, and grace to thy neck.

23.Than shall thou walk in thy way safely,and thy foot shall not stumble.

24.When thou layest down,thou shalt not be afraid;yea, thou shalt lie down, and thy sleep shall be sweet.

The Great Teacher

Proverbs 4:

2.For I gave you good doctrine,forsake ye not my law.

4.He have taught me also,and said unto me,Let thine heart retain my words; keep my commandments,and live

5. Get Wisdom,get Understanding; forget it not; neither decline from the words of my mouth.

One on One with my Father the Great Teacher.

(c)2010Sharon Smith

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SwiftlyClean profile image

SwiftlyClean 4 years ago from Texas Author

Thanks Kenneth!

Peace and blessing!

Sharon Smith

kenneth avery profile image

kenneth avery 4 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

Swifty, praise God for YOU. And your warm heart. Take care of yourself and know that I will be here for you if you ever need help. Kenneth

SwiftlyClean profile image

SwiftlyClean 4 years ago from Texas Author

Blessings to you Kenneth,thanks for visiting.I'm so glad to was a blessing to you.I may have typed the words here, but I am not the creator of the words.All praise to the Almighty Father the creator of all things above and below.This writing pulls me back humble at his feet.

Peace and blessings to you!

Sharon Smith

kenneth avery profile image

kenneth avery 5 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

SwiftyClean, Voted up and way on this masterpiece. Soaked up every word. YOU, my talented friend, are so good that I am in awe. Thanks for sharing this heart-touching piece. I am sorry for not being here sooner. My health isnt good. But I will try to be back more often. I thank and value YOU as a follower and a friend. Merry Christmas! Kenneth!

SwiftlyClean profile image

SwiftlyClean 6 years ago from Texas Author

Hello vocalcoach thank so very much!I strive for the mark.

May God Bless you as well is my prayer.


Sharon Smith

vocalcoach profile image

vocalcoach 6 years ago from Nashville Tn.

I love proverbs and your hub is just wonderful. I have become a fan and a follower. Thank you and may you be blessed in all you do.

SwiftlyClean profile image

SwiftlyClean 6 years ago from Texas Author

Tom Hellert,You have a point.You got a laugh out of me thanks for your visit and comment.

Too funny!:)


Sharon Smith

SwiftlyClean profile image

SwiftlyClean 6 years ago from Texas Author

Hello Deborah Sexton,

Thanks for your visit and comment.


Sharon Smith

tom hellert profile image

tom hellert 6 years ago from home


YOU FORGOT blessed are those who do not act like jerks for they shall not be punched in the head- it is a little known proverb from the not so DEAD SEA post it notes... but i digress your hub hear has valuable words and great advice when it comes down to it...

Swifty LL&P



Deborah Sexton 6 years ago

So true. His laws are our benefit.

Great hub

SwiftlyClean profile image

SwiftlyClean 6 years ago from Texas Author

Hello heart4theword.So glad to break bread with you as well.

Thanks for stopping in.


Sharon Smith

heart4theword profile image

heart4theword 6 years ago from hub

Wow, I LOVE these verses:) This book is so poetic, and always speaks to my heart! Appreciate you sharing God's Word:)

SwiftlyClean profile image

SwiftlyClean 6 years ago from Texas Author

Hello DeBorrah K.Ogans thanks for your visit.

God's peace and blessings to you as well!

Sharon Smith

DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

DeBorrah K. Ogans 6 years ago

Swiftlyclean, Ths is an encouraging hub! Thank you for sharing, Peace & Blessings!

SwiftlyClean profile image

SwiftlyClean 6 years ago from Texas Author

So are you saying my light is dimley dark,Are is this to deep for you to understand.If I'm straight to the point than that makes the light that God gave me very Bright.I think you miss understood your key board.

Thanks for your visit to my page Mike1242.

God Bless!

Sharon Smith

mike1242 profile image

mike1242 6 years ago from London

Nice straight to the point Hub, You have a vision that shines out like a light full of darkness...(dont know where that came from and i dont understand the words) anyway great hub sharon and thanks for the comment you left earlier.

SwiftlyClean profile image

SwiftlyClean 6 years ago from Texas Author

Rob Rumfelt,God's word is so alive my body Quakes when I read it.I wrote this as the spirit lead me and still to day as I read It makes me so humble as if I was in his throne room listen to his correction.My heavenly Father is so loving because he will give us correct divine word with all his love.You can feel him surrounding you with his voice and word.

Wow the power of God!

I love him!

Sharon Smith

Rob Rumfelt profile image

Rob Rumfelt 6 years ago from Central Arizona

Wow! You are a person of great understanding. The Bible is SO full of wisdom if we would just take the time to read and understand. I'll be reading more of your hubs!

SwiftlyClean profile image

SwiftlyClean 6 years ago from Texas Author

Thanks for your kind words Raymond.

God Bless you!

Sharon Smith

Raymond Tremain profile image

Raymond Tremain 6 years ago from Metro Manila Philippines

Thank you Sharon for this yes some times we just need a jolting.

Proverbs 15.

1. A kind answer soothes angry feelings,but harsh words stir them up.

2. Words of wisdom come from the wise, but fools speak foolishness.

3. The Lord sees everything, whether good or bad.

4. Kind words are good medicine,...........

I wrote a request as to how I can write into your fan mail but I don't see anywhere where I can write, but you write in mine.

God loves you


SwiftlyClean profile image

SwiftlyClean 6 years ago from Texas Author

Welcome and thanks in one sentance sky2day,I hope to always be a light house on a high moutain.Much love to you as well.

God Bless!

Sharon Smith

skye2day profile image

skye2day 6 years ago from Rocky Mountains

Hi Swiftly, Beautiful Heartfelt hub. You worked very hard. I know I was to land on your pages tonight. I needed to hear. We do serve an awesome God. It is so nice to meet a new friend at hp. I will be back soon for more reads. Come over and visit when you get a chance. In 'his' name sister. Glory to God. You are precious. Hugs n Love

SwiftlyClean profile image

SwiftlyClean 6 years ago from Texas Author

Thanks fits4life for the comment, GODS WORD means so much in my life.May this word bring you a blessings as well.

fits4life profile image

fits4life 6 years ago from Richmond

WOW! I love the power of The Word. What a masterpiece.

SwiftlyClean profile image

SwiftlyClean 6 years ago from Texas Author

Thanks for the nice encouraging words Lady_E,May Gods presence be with you as well.

Lady_E profile image

Lady_E 6 years ago from London, UK

Thanks for an encouraging/inspiring Hub. One of my favourites when I'm nervous is "His presence shall be with you and he will give you rest (peace)"

Best Wishes.

SwiftlyClean profile image

SwiftlyClean 6 years ago from Texas Author

Hello Coolmon2009, thanks and your are very welcome.

Coolmon2009 profile image

Coolmon2009 6 years ago from Texas, USA

Thank you for the refresher course - Good Article

SwiftlyClean profile image

SwiftlyClean 6 years ago from Texas Author

shyshycutie,Peacenhim,J.S Matthew,Micky Dee,Creative59 I want to say thanks for taking your time to stop by my hub and reading,and the great comments that you wrote.May Gods word Bless you all.

creativeone59 profile image

creativeone59 6 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona

Thank you SwiftlyClean for such a fantastic hub on How to gain peace. Thank you for sharing. creativeone59

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

You're rolling SwiftlyClean. Keep them coming. Thanks

J.S.Matthew profile image

J.S.Matthew 6 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

Great Hub! Proverbs are great for advice in life!

peacenhim 6 years ago

Amen!! I love Proverbs....our map to finding wisdom.

shyshycutie profile image

shyshycutie 6 years ago


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