How did World War (WW2) start?

Hilter and the Nazi's
Hilter and the Nazi's | Source
Nazi's in WW2
Nazi's in WW2 | Source

How did WW2 begin? What was it that triggered all of the nations in the world to once again to go through a terrible ordeal in history and cost so many lives after the 1st World War?

Though many people will not realise this, The Great Depression was one of the main things that set off World War 2, the british had really strangled Germany for the role they played in WW1 which had a greater effect on them than anyone else in the world. This cut there food and water, and ability to make money, in addition to this the Jews had been keeping a lot of the food and money to themselves and out of the German civilians hands which was leading to a large amount of deaths.

Germany then effectively then annoited a new leader in Adolf Hilter, Hilter first off did some good things for Germany by putting all those unemployed into the army and began to get the economy going. But then Hilter began to target the Jewish mainly because of the supplies that the Jews were witholding from the German people. This later on became worse and worse and they began to imprison jews and later on just before WW2 started they began to kill them.

Once Germany got back on its feet and back into a powerful position they began to make weaponary again, the British then responded and this was known as "The Arms Race" in where Germany and The British were effectively trying to out do each other with the weaponary they were making. Once Hilter felt that he was powerful enough once again, he began to invade neighbouring countries to regain the lost territory that they had gained during WW1.

Firstly the Nazi's invaded Austria in 1938, Czechoslovakia (March 1939), Lithuania (March 1939) and Slovakia. While all this was going on, the Nazi's treatment of the Jews was becoming more severe. They began to heartlessly slaughter all the Jews as Hilter wanted every German to be pure German and have blue eyes and blonde hair. The Jews that were not killed where made to labour and were givin barely any food or water to survive.

The final straw that came for the British is when Germany invaded Polland and so WW2 was declared on the 1st of September 1939. Germany went on to invade many more countries in the time of WW2 such as Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Holland, France, Greece, Soviet Union and Eygpt. As the time of the war went on however the Allies began to claw all this land back and win the war.

So that's how WW2 started! I'll write some more hubs on WW2 and WW1 so stay tuned :)

World War II: The Definitive Visual History
World War II: The Definitive Visual History

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rahul0324 profile image

rahul0324 4 years ago from Gurgaon, India

Brief and precise!! This is exactly how WW2 began.If we go into more detail we will find the political extremism that started the war... the causes events and consequences of the war are an open book to the entire world!!


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Bazookaz12 profile image

Bazookaz12 4 years ago Author

cheers mate! much appreciated :)

FlowOfThought profile image

FlowOfThought 4 years ago from Tacoma, Washington

Now, I have been debating this with some friends, how did America become involved?

Bazookaz12 profile image

Bazookaz12 4 years ago Author

When Japan bombed Pearl Harbour 2 years later in 1941

solo 4 years ago

who is the author?

pop 4 years ago


sad 4 years ago


"As the time of the war went on however the Allies began to claw all this land back and win the war."

This is lame, the allies didn't do all this alone. The Soviet Union did most of that.

Get your facts straight.

Bazookaz12 profile image

Bazookaz12 4 years ago Author

Yeah and the soviet union are part of the allies you big baby

awesome 4 years ago

sup bazookaz12

awesome 4 years ago

u people r such big babies fighting over who done the work

awesome 4 years ago

supppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp everyone

Awesome 4 years ago

Somebody please chat with me

hmp 3 years ago

how come Hitler became Hilter in the passage??? a lot of wrong spellings. :) but good work dude!!

Meerav 3 years ago

The British weren't that harsh - from the Treaty France wanted to strangle Germany, Britain wanted a fairer punishment.

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