How to Begin Collecting Salvador Dali

What in the World is Surrealism?

There are millions of answers, but the correct one would be a creative reality driven by the dream world. And in art, one might imagine surrealism to be soft in some way, but the truth is, surrounding Salvador Dalí's surrealistic masterpieces you'll find exceedingly sharp edges.

salvador dali por salvador dali - by danaoragazzo on YouTube

Salvador Dali the Genius of Surrealism

Surrealism. Perhaps it's because of the imaginative concepts that so attract the young. And the sophistication of the era which appeals to the most jaded art collector. Even though the flying circus of surrealists sipped their absynthe in the 1920s their work feels absolutely fresh in the twenty first century. At the forefront of the movement, Salvador Dalí amuses himself among avant garde, artist and literary genius friends like Federico García Lorca, Luis Buñuel, Man Ray and Antonin Artaud. The most original thinkers of the twentieth century uttered the name Dalí in complete enchantment. Many still do.

Salvador Dali Bending Time

Almost anyone who has ever experienced a time meltdown has flashed on Salvador Dalí's famous melting clocks from his iconic painting, "Persistence of Memory " If you are very young, you may be new to Dalí and exclaiming "Crazy!" or "Sick!" at his images. If you've been around a while, you know that the extreme creativity of his work fronts artistic technical genius.

Au Courant: Return as we explore more about Salvador Dalí including his influence on the Dada Movement, Le Chien Andalou, and his whiskers.

Salvador Dalí Elevates Every Art Collection

High Art. If you're an art collector, you may be ready to turn away, turned off by this 101 repartee, but wait, because some amazing deals lie ahead. If you've always wanted to buy fine art but never dared, scroll on because you may be able to start bidding on signed works to start off your collection.

As always, please research to authenticate any piece you wish to obtain.

Salvador Dali and Gala Born From An Egg

Salvador Dalí, The Man Who Loved Woman

If you've ever felt disturbed by Picasso's discombobulated, dismembered women, may we present Salvador Dalí and his reverential depiction of the female form and most remarkably of the woman in his life. Whenever i think about Dalí's artistic voice, I hear him uttering, in love and need, the name, "Galá".

Truly Surreal: Salvador Dalí on "What's My Line?"

Corridor de Katmandu, Signed Etching

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Iðunn 8 years ago

grand hub. you have such excellent taste in art and your collect series is useful to those who have at least some ability to afford. :)

Guru-C profile image

Guru-C 8 years ago Author

Iðunn Dear One: Thank you so much! I appreciate your kind words, and I wish you would repost your Keith Harring site!!!!!!

Iðunn 8 years ago

if I can find it, I will. hehe. I'm still sifting through. :)

Guru-C profile image

Guru-C 8 years ago Author

Look forward to seeing it, tho i must say, i am thoroughly entralled with putting together the arc of your story through your poems, so missed them!

Iðunn 8 years ago

I think you're the only one, and not only are the others disinterested, I doubt himself is all that thrilled I put them up again... although... we are we again in the way the term 'we' ever meant for us which was somewhat haphazard and continually undefined. 

thought you might like to know.  I've been floating on clouds since New Year's Day. :o

Iðunn 8 years ago

yo cory, I got the joni mitchell one you liked back up, at least.

Guru-C profile image

Guru-C 8 years ago Author

i see... like with Dalí, it was a question of time!

so happy for your floating.

Iðunn 8 years ago

:) thx.  me too.  persistance, indeed. hehe. 

I got billy talent back up too, but I doubt you'll be as pleased with that vid and I got my famous Irish women nationalists back up too. :)

Guru-C profile image

Guru-C 8 years ago Author

Dear Zsuzsy Bee, Thanks so much for visiting and for your kind words! Please tell me what kind of art you enjoy to see if we can create a new gallery just for you!!!!

Regards, Cory

Rapidwriter profile image

Rapidwriter 8 years ago from UK

Fab.Fab.Fab. I just adored the 'egg' video. And others. wonderful, wonderful hubs. They're truly life-enhancig.

Guru-C profile image

Guru-C 8 years ago Author

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Rapidwriter! I'm glad you liked it and appreciate your visit. Regards, Cory

Abhinaya 8 years ago

Amazing info Guru.Oil Painting is my passion.Thanks for the information about Dali.

Guru-C profile image

Guru-C 8 years ago Author

Thank you so much, Abhinaya! It's wonderful to be able to share about our interests and passions. Regards, Cory

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