How to Determine Dry Gallons in a Box or Rectangular Container Easy

Introduction - Determining Dry Gallons In Container

Hi! Do you want to calculate the amount of dry gallons in a container? This article will help you to determine dry gallons in a box or rectangular container. Square or rectangular containers such as boxes, tanks, terrariums, aquariums, holding dry, powdery goods are the focus here.

Step 1

The first step in determining the amount of gallons your container will hold is to measure the inside length, width and height of your container in inches. If you are not going to fill your container all the way up to the top, measure the height in inches only to the point you are going to fill the container.

Step 2

Multiply the length x height x width. The total is your cubic inches.

Just a Side Note....

Just a side note ..... if you wanted to convert to LIQUID gallons instead of dry gallons, please click the link below. If not, please continue to step 4

Step 3

Then divide this number by 268.8 .  The answer will give you the amount of dry gallons a rectangular or box container can hold.

Keep in mind that this is just the total volume in dry gallons the container can hold. It is not a measure of the amount of weight the container can handle.

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