How To Survive The Decline Of The Pisces Interface

The mother Time Bubble dictates all time within itself.

AfRAkans suffer from wisdom amnesia

The operating system of human consciousness is severely corrupted and is guiding humanity on a course to its destruction.

When we think of operating systems we might think of computers and the programs that make them function such as Windows and Mac. These operating systems take the electronic Binary Code switching that the computers hardware does and converts it into a language that we can understand and easily manipulate. Operating systems can become corrupted however and when they do we all know that a computer will not do what it was made to do. Human consciousness had an operating system centered on accountability until about 2000 years ago when that system became corrupted by the Pisces Interface.

The Pisces Interface is a system that forces humans to instead of being accountable to nature, exhibit selfishness and a desire to dominate and abuse nature because of a disconnection from it. This altered state of consciousness came about as a result of a cosmic cycle change that caused severe changes in the environment of the planet. Furthermore, those environmental changes affected human consciousness by altering hormones in the brain that control the nervous system. Some humans lost the ability to concentrate so their consciousness began to operate by fear and conjured up coping mechanisms that made the Soul and Spirit appear as one and Time linear instead of being a series of Bubbles.

Without Understanding there can be no True Knowledge and without Understanding there can be no Wisdom. That is how the Pisces Interface produced a condition that has led to the worshiping of unseen forces as gods. Human consciousness was altered into relying on hope, beliefs and faith in order to cope with the disconnection from the energy of the Dark Universe that once powered human awareness. The combination of Hope, Belief, and Faith produced religious systems that comfort humanity’s disconnection from nature. Today, instead of being accountable to nature most believe that they were given dominion over nature by the imaginary gods they created. They expend endless resources on their quest to find god particles and other planets in space to escape the damage they cause.

The Pisces Interface drives the minds of its hosts as they continue to destroy the planet. Those whose minds are not severely affected but who suffer wisdom amnesia are at the will of the arrogant and racially insane. Racial insanity makes some believe that their race is superior to others. Wisdom amnesia makes some races believe that getting accepted into the culture of the racially insane is an achievement. Today most AfRAkans are in-dependant in mind, believing that the others dictate their freedom. They celebrate the anniversary of independence from colonialism and slavery and believe that it is a great achievement. They celebrate being the first to be accepted in sports such as Golf, Tennis, and Baseball. They celebrate being the first to graduate from certain universities; become a medical doctor, Lawyer, or the CEO of a company. It is because most AfRakans have lost their awareness and now operate by the Pisces Interface.

Fortunately there are some AfRAkans who know that the age of Pisces is ending and is being replaced by the Age of Aquarius. As Galactic Time approaches the “x” axis the turbulence will increasingly become evident in the insanity of humanity. We, the Dohgon know that human consciousness will shift back to Sanity and most who are not equipped for the changes will perish. The shift back to sanity involves conditioning the mind to concentrate and for the soul to be accountable to nature. Everyone has an opportunity to learn how to survive the decline of the Pisces Interface. Visit the Dohgon University of Thought for more info.

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mintinfo 4 years ago Author

Incidents of racial insanity will become more frequent.

"Wisconsin Sikh Temple shooter a possible Skin Head on a mission to end apathy"

Look for signs of recruitment in all forms of media.

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