How to be a Loner in High School


Many know the pain of being a loner, to be ostracized from a group, to just not belong. High school is a particularly confusing time to be a loner but for many reasons some may actually choose to be separated from the general population. This isn't an uncommon thing during the teenage years as we all struggle to define our identity. In this article we will touch on just why someone would want to be a loner and also expand upon that to include how to make yourself a loner.

The first step to becoming a true loner lies in identifying why you want to be an outsider. There are those who play at being an outsider for a number of reasons, to get girls, to be the type of person viewed as the angst ridden artist and so on. This is called posing and is really just faking it. This can happen as people actually seek to fit in with crowds that pride themselves on being outsiders. An example would be a student attempting to join goth culture. Putting on the pale makeup the dark clothing etc. to fit in doesn't make you an outsider. Originally when goth culture began, or any other sub culture related to be a loner, the leaders of such trends chose to be that way to set themselves apart. But as time has gone on and a small group has become a movement it becomes nothing more than what the originals thought they would escape. So don't make this mistake.

Sometimes loners come from the need to better ones self. Sometimes many political, social, spiritual views that are popular do not match the views of the loner. To avoid ridicule or other abuse by those with opposing views the loner may choose a kind of solitary in which he or she is has the freedom of their own thoughts and beliefs. Many of the majority may feel that others only have the right to their beliefs and not to make a choice for themselves.

At the core it always involves an interest in something that the majority simply don't have interest in. In terms of how to be a loner follow some or all of the steps below and you will be well on your way.

  1. A the beginning of this journey you should find at least one place in your daily life where you can be alone to focus on whatever it is that drives you to become a loner. If that is your room at home so be it. As this article is about being a loner at high school I would also recommend places like the library which are out of the way and provides an atmosphere with little of quiet and safety.
  2. If truly dedicated to the solitary life you've chosen you may want to be reserved. Avoid those that would draw you into conversation. Give a nod at most and only when necessary. Some may view this as being nasty but you know where your focus lies.
  3. Immerse yourself in the interest responsible for your loner-ism and follow the path as far as it goes. Keep in mind if you are in high school you have your whole life ahead of you and plenty of time to change one day if you want to do that.

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gail641 profile image

gail641 4 years ago from Mason City

I thought that your article was really interesting. I saw an episode of South Park where they had goth children who were pale and wore dark clothes. I've never heard of the goth group before. Its really interesting and I think that there are people who like to be alone. I vote up. Nice article.

terrektwo profile image

terrektwo 3 years ago from North America Author

gail641 - true some people do prefer it, others just don't know how to connect. DEpends of the circumstance but yes being a goth has developed into a big sub-culture overtime.

gail641 profile image

gail641 3 years ago from Mason City

I agree that others just don't know how to connect-very hard to do, too.

terrektwo profile image

terrektwo 3 years ago from North America Author

gail641 - thanks for taking an interest in my hubs I hope I am able to come up with more interesting hubs soon :)

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