Human Origins - Charles Darwin and the Theory of Evolution

Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin

Human Origins - Charles Darwin and the Theory of Evolution

Evolution is the genetic transformation of populations over time. In this sense, a population is a group of living things randomly mate with one another. A species on the other hand is a group of populations whose members can interbreed. If two populations of a species are separated and grow genetically apart they won't be able to produce fertile offspring together anymore. It is at this point where they become different species.

Before evolutionary theory was developed, the general consensus in Europe was based on religious doctrine, which was that species did not change. During the Renaissance however, scientists started looking at nature in a more open-minded way. Over time they collected evidence that species did in fact change over time. Some of the most important early theorists of evolution were French naturalists George-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon(1707-88), and Jean-Baptiste Lamarck(1744-1829).

It was Charles Darwin(1809-82) however who developed the theory of natural selection which is still supported today. While doing field research Darwin noticed that members of a population sometimes had different traits among them. Thinking about this, he realized that some of these variations in traits must be more useful for survival than others. He also realized that the individuals with the most favorable trait based on the environment, was more likely to survive and pass on the favorable trait to their offspring, thereby increasing its prevalence in the population. To illustrate, in a recent study of Galapagos finches, it was revealed that the beaks of the finches increased significantly in length over several generations of drought. Then it was found that longer beaks allowed the finches to break open large seeds more easily, which was their only food source during the drought. Finches with this trait was more likely to survive and more likely to pass on this trait to their offspring.

The next breakthrough in evolutionary theory came at the turn of the twentieth century, when the work of Austrian monk Gregor Mendel(1822-84) was rediscovered. Experimenting with pea plants, Mendel developed a set of laws which explained how traits were passed on from one generation to the next. Darwin's work did not include a mechanism for trait inheritance, so Mendel's work helped to strengthen his theory. Later on theorists improved upon Mendel's theory and discovered that genes were the basic unit of heredity, which lead to the modern definition of evolution as change of genetic composition of a population over time.

To sum up - Charles Darwin is considered to be the founder of modern evolutionary theory, but his theory have been improved upon since and was built upon the theories of other theorists before him.

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Trish_M profile image

Trish_M 5 years ago from The English Midlands

Very good!

I have marked this up :)

lostdogrwd profile image

lostdogrwd 5 years ago from from Washington D C now in Capitol Height MD

a great big scam. the con game of life. not on oz of fact in these dumb, stupid, no nonsense theory. sound like a person on dope or drunk.

chrixtine 4 years ago

......galing aman

Athiest 4 years ago

a big scam hey, we all know who the one on dope is.... Being a fellow anthropologist, Charles Darwin was quite the evolutionist, especially with the very little knowledge of that time, and the mass amount of ignorance as well.

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Hell N0 4 years ago

Darwin made some great observations in his day. Evolution is a fact but he as well as the modern neo Darwinists appear to be clueless as to how it all took place.

slcockerham profile image

slcockerham 4 years ago from Tallahassee, Florida

Personally, I don't buy it. Watch this interesting video on evolution at

nabeel 4 years ago

if the origin of the human being an ape or gorilla or whatever and with evolution change to a human being then the origin the apes or the gorilla should be annihlated or distinct.

why not two similar creatures.

aren't there creatures have similarities like birds or monkeys zibra lions tigers I don't think all those creatures are evolution

Angie 2 years ago

I like a Charles darwin theory

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