Ideas for great speeches


Some things are more interesting than others

In the speech class I took last year there were a few that were especially memorable to me.

They were speeches that either could be seen from two different angles or were about unusual things.

The different types of speeches we gave were informative, persuasive, and business. I found the persuasive ones to be most interesting because, of course, they employed a lot of emotion and intriguing facts to hook the audience. Plus it involved more brainpower; you had to engage yourself as a listener.

Categorized ideas

* Speeches I've seen before and were great

Informative (something of interest to your audience specifically):

How to build a pond*

How to cook Thanksgiving dinner


How anthrax works



The best roller coasters

Donating blood

Obscure diseases*

Adoption or foster care*

Persuasive (compelling and capable of being seen from both sides):


TV and other media ratings


Vegetarian lifestyles

Salaries for certain occupations


Sex education


Drug legalization*

Women in combat

Mandatory immunization*

Personal ads/classified ads in papers/online


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SportBoy 6 years ago

Thanks for posting. Information is useful!

windy 5 years ago

i really enjoyed my time on this site. I am very thankful for the expression of ideas. thanks alot.

coolkid 5 years ago

This was a very good website but it needs more ideas and more ideas for younger kids

RS 4 years ago

Thanks for the ideas n this website is preety much useful...

slendertrouble 3 years ago

i didn't find anything sor-rreeeee.....

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