Is media responsible for aggressive sexual behaviors?

What if media is not there?

People feel dissatisfied after sexual intercourse because of excessive expectations from watching porn movies
People feel dissatisfied after sexual intercourse because of excessive expectations from watching porn movies

Media is responsible for aggressive sexual behaviors and media can promote responsible sexual behavior

Yes, I do think that media is responsible for aggressive sexual behaviors which is increasing day by day. Well it is not only about western countries, it is all over the world. People have become animals and are behaving like animals. It is all from the exposure to media through internet and also television and magazines and various other forms of media which are easily accessible almost everywhere in the world.

I live in India and I better know the 21st century trend of sexual behaviors, which is going on nowadays over here. If you go ahead and talk to children in India, especially in private schools of metros, you might be shocked to know how they talk and how much they know about sex. They know ten times more than what we knew at their age. It is not because this generation is sharper than ours, but it is because media has advanced. No generation was ever dum and no future generation will be smarter. It has all to do with media exposure.

Today, it has become a letdown factor for youngsters (ages between 18-28), if they have not had sex with someone they are made fun of by peers. It has become a status symbol in our society nowadays. Engaging in sexual activities has become of same importance in one's life as buying a new high tech up-to-date cellphone. In the newspapers, media is giving tips for casual sex and One Night Stands or having sex with a stranger. The media is encouraging sex before marriage in one way and on the other hand, they want entertainment disclosing people's private life in front of public and they print as much about their physical relationships in a way that is destructive to society. Media has become the biggest hypocritical factor.

There is a sexpert column in Mumbai mirror online in which people come up with their problems relating to sex. Once I read a girl asked "I have had sex with my ex-boyfriend and now I am getting married and I am scared my husband will come to know that my hymen is split, as I have had sex before. How do I avoid this situation? To this question the sexologist replied, "Hymen can be split due to jogging or strenuous exercises or an accident also. So if the husband questions you, give him any of the reasons. If your husband accepts you for what you are, he would not ask you any question". From this answer, it is revealed that may be the doctor was trying to help the girl so that her married life is not spoiled, but the main point to be noted is that, "Why is the girl feeling she has done anything wrong? If she has not done anything wrong, why cannot she speak the truth? What I am trying to say is that here comes the role of sex education. Sex education makes one aware of the repercussions of sex before marriage (not in case of monogamy - marrying the same partner). I am just giving my own idea in this particular situation. There are individual differences. What I am thinking or feeling might not be possible that people also think or feel. It might be possible that people think engaging in sex before marriage with a different partner is okay for them.

Now, let us come to point again that there is a lot of promotion by media directly or indirectly which is highly considerable. Media is not giving anyone the right direction today. It is all about business. If at all, there had to be a medium (e.g. a news channel) that wanted to show genuine stories keeping in mind the social responsibilities, then such a channel would not survive its existence for long because people have been used to entertainment, people need masala and media is providing masala. At the end, people are enjoying and media is paid off.

You must have heard of the Rakhi Sawant Mika kiss scene, which gave the media channels more business than may be showing a story of injustice happening in some part of the country.

In fact, even the good ones transform into masala or entertainment by channels as soon as they realize that they are facing losses.

People say media is not sending the right signals about physicality and that they are just making masala out of people's life, which is encouraging sex in the wrong direction. We cannot expect youngsters to perceive it rightly. Yes, I do feel the same. In fact, I feel young children will laugh at teachers giving sex education in schools because media portrays wrong pictures of the same subject. So, I think there is no conclusion to this already never ending problem which is not only created by media but it is created by us also because media is providing what we want, it is not providing what we require to make a good society.

The only thing media can do is to promote responsible sexual behavior. The hole of aggressive behaviors, which has been created by media can only be filled up by media.

Is pornography responsible for aggressive sexual behavior?

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pankaj3625 profile image

pankaj3625 8 years ago from Delhi

Thanks for a really informative answer soni.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 8 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

It is my pleasure Pankaj.

Kuljeet Singh 8 years ago

Really a nice article.

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 8 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thanks Mr. Singh for visiting my hub. Do you live in Punjab or Delhi???

soni2006 profile image

soni2006 8 years ago from New Delhi, India Author

Thanks Mr. Singh for visiting my hub. Do you live in Punjab or Delhi???

bruce1789 profile image

bruce1789 8 years ago from Saint Louis

I think you may be on to something, it doesn't help with the sensationalization of sex being done the media; but its not the sole cause for aggressive sexual behavior.

Moneker Petal 5 years ago

i think you r right about the media i will spot you..

atiq 5 years ago

nice soni ji i agree wid u.... thanks

maahiagrawal 5 years ago

i thnk u r right. only media is responsible for ths..

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