Jealousy from its roots

Jealousy and its dreadful consequences
Jealousy and its dreadful consequences
Jealousy in competition
Jealousy in competition

Jealousy is a feeling of resentment, suspicion, fear and intolerance against someone because of that person’s success. The one who has this bad habit is jealous. Some people took wrong meaning of it, for example a few days ago a very intelligent child lost his journal. He complained to the teacher about it and the teacher just told him to buy a new journal and do all the work again. The student became sad at this because he has to do a lot of work in the new journal. He just stood beside the teacher with a very sad look. Then suddenly he saw his journal in the pile kept in front of him. He told this to the teacher. But the teacher said that its somebody else’s journal and that his name was not written on that. The child showed his writing in other journals and asked the teacher to remove the sticker from its cover. The teacher removed that sticker and was very surprised to see his name on the journal. The boy became happy at getting his journal back while the boy who had done that was suspended for three days. This is called jealousy.

The other condition is that that if the dull boy wanted to succeed the intelligent one then he must have studied hard throughout the year and have achieved higher grades. This is not called jealousy, this is called competition. Try to succeed with fair means is competition.

So there is a fair line between jealousy and fair competition and one should be aware of the consequences of jealousy as the same person never succeeds in life.

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teresapelka profile image

teresapelka 4 years ago from Dublin, Ireland

I'd say you've written - very insightfully - about envy.

Jealousy has more of a person for an object of possessive feelings; it's a hostile feeling, naturally. On the other hand, you'd never marry someone to say, 'Oh, I never mind'. ;-)

Envy has more of an object for its focus. It could be a journal; it could be a vehicle.

Competitiveness is natural, when fair - I agree. No one just gives up knowledge. You don't go to the baker and say, 'Give me all your recipes, I'm a baker, too'. ;-)

NA the great profile image

NA the great 4 years ago Author

Jealousy is more of a phenomena in which the other person can get that thing as well whereas when someone is envious it is a feeling that why the other person possess that particular attribute. Thanks...

vespawoolf profile image

vespawoolf 4 years ago from Peru, South America

I agree, jealousy never helps us get ahead! Thank you for the reminder.

NA the great profile image

NA the great 4 years ago Author

Thanks Vespawoolf.

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