Dream Analysis

Dream Analysis

Dream Analysis

Is dream nonsense or something much more informative? According to C.G. Jung dreams are should not be taken lightly and can assist in conscious life by providing insight to daily problems. Dreams have influenced people since Biblical times. If taken seriously dreams can reveal the conflicts and the origin of the conflict. As well as clarification of emotions, a closer relationship with God, dreams can predict future events. If dreams are taken lightly, the capability to remember them and the quantity of dreams is reduced (Winer, 2001, 2005).


Lucy was talking to her boyfriend of nine months in a dimly lit bedroom about the day’s events. Brad told her he was seeing someone else. Lucy asked who she was; he turned on the computer and told her he would show her a picture. Within seconds the computer was on Brandon’s Myspace account and he was pointing to a blonde woman with green eyes. Lucy squealed, “Her?” She was in obvious shock and made a mental note of the picture so she could look into this woman further in privacy.


A few months earlier Lucy found Brandon’s cell phone while he was out of the room and looked at the messages, phone calls and missed calls. It was during this time that she stumbled upon a message from a woman. The message was flirty. Enraged she asked Brandon about the message and accused him of cheating. He denied the relationship stating that she was just an ex girlfriend. The night of the dream, Lucy looked through his phone again and discovered a missed call from this ex-girlfriend. No other calls or messages were in the phone history. This led her to wonder if possibly there was more to the relationship than he was revealing. Lucy knew deep in her soul that there wasn’t because they had discussed the relationship several times and he told her he didn’t answer her calls that she stalked him. The missed call, along with the phone history proved his story.


The woman represented Lucy’s greatest fear, infidelity and insecurity. She fears infidelity because it was the cause of her divorce and subsequent break ups. Subconsciously she assumes everyone she dates will cheat at some point. She has attempted several times to trust the people she dates as in this instance, the missed and unreturned phone call should have been enough to prevent her from worrying. Past events have caused her to become insecure in relationships wondering if she is worthy or if she lacks and cannot fulfill anyone’s needs.


The computer in the dream symbolizes opportunity to cheat although it did not have as much of a meaning as the MySpace account. Lucy and Brandon met on MySpace. The woman’s picture and the admission of infidelity was unsettling but MySpace made it more of a reality to Lucy because that is where her and Brandon met. The prospect of him meeting someone else had not crossed her mind until the admission of being interested in another woman from MySpace.


The emotions felt during the dream were rage, betrayal and disbelief. Seeing the woman’s face caused rage within Lucy. The rage was a conditioned response due to past experiences in her marriage. Denial was not present during or after the dream, it was immediately accepted. Betrayal and rage followed by curiosity that ultimately prevailed. Lucy was impatient for Brandon to leave the room so she could look at the woman’s MySpace account to discern what she had that Lucy didn’t have.


As a result of the dream analysis, Lucy now understands dreams are to be taken seriously. She understands that there are people that can be trusted. Checking up on loved ones through cell phone records does not help. Talking to the person about relationship concerns would be of much more importance. The truth may be hard to take but is better than an attempt to uncover details that are confusing without the explanation.


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