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It is vital when you are learning French that learn French audio be available to you as you learn. The reason is this; it is obvious that to learn French is to learn the words and the vocabulary. But what most people overlook is that it is just as important to learn the accent. Let me explain this to you by means of an example. Has someone approached you in the past speaking English (when it was not their first language) and you couldn't understand a word they were saying. They may have been saying the right words and their vocabulary could well have been excellent but their accent was so thick that you just couldn't get a word of it, or you had to ask them to speak so slowly just to understand what they were saying. In this situation it all comes down to accent. If the visitor had spent more time learning the accent then they would have been understood the first time.

So how do you learn an accent - the answer is repetition (not a very exciting answer is it). When I was learning French I was learning initially on a cassette tape and I would rewind then play and then rewind and then replay just to nail down the accent. These days there are much better learn French audio systems. If you learn French online then you can replay examples of French words and phrases just by clicking a mouse. Most online French programs these days have audio as an important part of their system of learning. Like I said learning the words is just as important as learning the accent.

If you want to find out more about learning French online, check out my blog Learn French Software Resources.

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blue parrot profile image

blue parrot 6 years ago from Madrid, Spain

Do you know of a site online where you can type in your own text and have them read it back to you at a speed set by you? I am not sure I am allowed to put an URL here in a comment, but if you google for "free text-to-speech translation" you will find it. Maybe there are many, and mine has a bad French accent! But I only need it for English, so it doesn't matter.

The greatest thing to hear in French online is an actor reading La Fontaine fabels and imitating the animals as human characters expressing envy, fear, malice. I also know of a place for that. You'd have to hear Maître Corbeau sur un arbre perché....read by an actor who exaggerates the flattery and the nonsense.

!! I just saw that I am allowed an URL, but first I have to get it. I'll be back another day.

Robee Kann profile image

Robee Kann 6 years ago Author

Thanks for your comment blue parrot, I found it interesting listening to the french version of them making noises like animals. For example we say a cat meows where as in french a cat goes prr prr.

blue parrot profile image

blue parrot 6 years ago from Madrid, Spain

Here is that French actor reading the story of Maître Corbeau who had stolen a piece of cheese somewhere and Maître Renard using flattery to get that cheese:


If you live there for some time you will find out that most people know this La Fontaine by heart because they learn it in grade school. It is part of the French system of enforcing high standards of pronunciation.

The text to speech converter that I told you about is at http://text-to-speech.imtranslator.net/. I thought that maybe their French reader is bad because a computer can't be taught to make the "liaison".

Robee Kann profile image

Robee Kann 6 years ago Author

Thanks form the links, they are very interesting

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