Learn why Coaching is not important for cracking IIT and PMT

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Over 98 % of students getting admission in premier engineering and medical colleges of India such as IIT and PMT do coaching to get admission. The question that comes in mind is that, is coaching so important for cracking competitive exams. Is it possible to get admission in IIT or PMT all by yourself without the help of any regular classes? The answer seems to be no. Since there is very tough competition in entrance exams conducted for admission in these institutes, getting coaching for preparing for these colleges seems mandatory. It is this reason why coaching classes have flooded in every nook and corner. Sometimes parents themselves force their wards to prepare for JEE and PMT entrance examination. Every parent wants their sons and daughters to become engineer and doctors. Students are too eager take engineering and medical as their career. A lot of students (about 99 %) enrol in any coaching classes just after their high school. As a result coaching institutes are earning lot cash irrespective of quality of education they are imparting.

I did some research to find what is so special about these classes. In reality most of the institutes just expertise in cheating off money. Neither they have proper means nor infrastructure to impart quality education. They illegally get the photos and roll no. of candidates who qualify these examination and publish in newspapers under their banner claiming that the students were full time scholar in their coaching. The most unfortunate thing is that students are mistaken by these ads. Some coaching such as those prestigious ones located in Kota impart good education but they again cannot turn a ‘donkey into horse’. Students who get admission in prestigious colleges already have a solid foundation of basics.

There is hardly any example in which an average student turned into a brilliant scholar by doing studies in coaching classes.They get in merit list more because of their own capability than that of coaching.

Now let us see what actually does to get their students crack competitive exams

  • · They provide regular classes. Regular classes ensures that student is regular in studies.
  • · They provide quality notes and books.
  • · They conduct regular tests that help students practice for real exams.
  • · They provide feedback based on relative performance of the students.
  • · They give prior schedule or plan to complete the syllabus in time.
  • · Since the student is studying in group, possibility of individual losing interest or motivation is very less.

Now the question is can student take admissions in IIT, PMT and other such prestigious institutes all by himself i.e. by self study. The answer is yes.

For doing well in any examination whether it is academics one or competitive one, studying regularly is very important. You can do so if you determine to study regularly. If you have strong motivation you will actually be able to study according to your planned timetable.

The second thing is about quality study material. You can get good study material by joining any good correspondence course (not coaching). There are plenty of good books mostly from TMH and Arihant publications that not only help you to get your basics clear but are also real worth reading.

Next comes regular tests. You can give regular tests competing with students all over the country by joining any test series. Test series lets you actually practice for giving exams. Test series are very cheaper compared to coaching classes. These test series also give performance report of your test based on many analyses. Since the schedule of tests are fixed, you can yourself plan which topic to finish at what time. You of course do not need any consultant to do so.

If you yourself determine to achieve anything, you will surely get your goal. Remember, coaching institutes do not give you anything different. They just follow some practices to derive maximum out of you. You can yourself realise your potential to maximum in your own ways. It is you who have to word hard not the coaching institutes.

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deepak 6 years ago

saying good,well said may be one can get admissions by suh preparation. but now a days many facilities are there which are daviating students. What to do then, then then then coaching classes

vani sharma 6 years ago

i get a motivaton from this article but now ijust has 1 year to prepare my self for AIPMT i really want to know what i can to my performance 100 times better

vani sharma  6 years ago

please tell me how ican prepare myself for AIPMT and state PMTs without coaching

divya aarya 5 years ago

realy it was such a motivating thought by mr.akhilesh which increases my potential to study hard.

thanx a lot sir fo motivation

tashi gombu  5 years ago

can i pass out pmt without coachimg

pundir. 5 years ago

thank u!!!!!!!!!!!! i totally agree that the coaching guide u but only u have to do the hard vork. that y be dedicated and u vill achieve your goal..

Sudhir yadav 5 years ago

No dreams comes true until we wake up and go to work.11th science sudent

Sonya 5 years ago

Thnk u!! Fr inspiring me

Sonali 5 years ago

Thank u sir for inspire me

Pruthvi 4 years ago

This was really an inspirational one but is it possible crack such exams by knowing all the basic concepts of class 10,11,and 12 ? Is some other material needed other than syllabus of higher classes? This question has been striking my mind since many dayz.......

Nav 4 years ago

No wayss yaar..... Only by slf study average studnt cant crack dese xams.... :(

sonia 4 years ago

thanks i felt this article was for me only ,thank you so much you have answered the question which was troubling me by striking in my mind again and again.

vandana 4 years ago

tnkxxx,,,,now i feel more motivated

shreya 4 years ago

what to do to get rid of the disturbance in my preparation

anna 4 years ago

thanks a lot....wish i had read this earlier .....this is just the motivation i needed!!

surbhivasist@gmail.com 4 years ago

what an inspirational speech!The key of real success is own determination,willing power and positive thinking.we have to work hard for bright future instead of becoming a parasite.

Amardeep Singh 4 years ago

Thank you for presenting such a great speech. I would like to know whether I do need coaching classes or not. I study in the Gulf and spend 5 to 6 hours each day for studying

Shreya 4 years ago

Hey amardeep, let me suggest u dat 5-6 hrs r enough if u r stdin wid full devotion nd dedication in ur stdin hrs nd m confident dat u will reach ur goal very soon.all d best

pranshu 4 years ago

sir its rightly saidd by u dat v need no coaching classes if v r able to know our potential but who vil tell our parents..? if v don't succed on our own theywud taunt us dat v only rejected d coaching classes....!!!

priyanka singh 4 years ago

thankyou for inspiring me

Shreya 4 years ago

Plz post a comnt

hw can i make myslf to work hard so as to ensure success in pmt

Aman Beriwal 4 years ago

is it necessary to join coaching classes to prepare for PMTs?

pari 4 years ago

really its inspiring........ but m tooo late..........

Lawee pokhariya 4 years ago

If you want to crack pmt first of all you need to left all the comfort which brings disturbance in study,pay only attention towards studies ,if u need more help then u can reply me

Chetan 4 years ago

Im in 11th klas , i want to crack iit 2014 with self study my parents cant afford these coaching plz sombody giv me tips to reach my goal plz plz.

sutapa ganguly 4 years ago

Thanks sir for providing us such a profitable suggestion.Iam really inspired by your thoughts.

tejas 4 years ago


coaching is not needed to crack iit is a myth for an average student. self study is the most important thing to crack these exams.but ""more study=more douts"" and i don't think school or tution teacher can solve these problems easily.

kirti 4 years ago

thanks a lot for ur advice,,, actually i was a bit confused about this.. now i m sure i m not gonna waste ma time in coaching.. i will surely study with full detemination..

once again thx..

Biswarup Dutta 4 years ago

sir, i have jst passed classX from cbse board i m aspiring to get a chance in aiims please give me some idea how to prepare for it from now itself

Munmun 4 years ago

Hey its really very inspiring! Thanx

swati jain 4 years ago

sir,i have jst passed 12 from mp board and i fight mp pmt

i should pls suggest me

Harjit singh from kapurthala 4 years ago

I think tution is better than coaching because in tution there are minimum students and also understand it faster but in coaching, lot of students are there..... And some students dare from some concepts to be annouced............

Lawee pokhariya 4 years ago

Dear frns iam also a mbbs student so if any prblms or any dgt cll me u all r alwys wrm wlcmd by me.tk cr8899912139

Deepika pant 4 years ago

Thnku lwee u ar a real hero

Deepika pant 4 years ago

Thnku lwee u ar a real hero

Anup bisht 4 years ago

Thnkx dude..

shubham 4 years ago

thanx 4 ur most valuable advice....can u pless suggest some best IIT-JEE coachibg institutes from which I can get distance coaching.

yUKti 4 years ago

THanXxxx.....!!! itZzz Jus DaMn HeLpFuL... :)

nOW......ChNGeD d mInD 4 cOaCHIngS.!

divyam 4 years ago

Coahing r not more than rubish these r jus t a way for money for teachers...

palkaa.. 4 years ago

really too mch gud advise sir .......before this i was totally confused ........but now i can confidently say that i will clear pmt exam by doing self study wid smart work along wid hard work

Melvin Jack 4 years ago

Really an inspiring one sir,now this is called a lion's word.Lion in a sense because for those who think ,that they can't crack IIT without coaching are like rats ,and those who make their own way rather depending on others are like lions.And problems seem a mouse to them

Achal 3 years ago

it iz certainly an inspiring note!!..i will always remember dis sir!..and i want some more advice from you ..plz.do send mail...i just gave my 10th board a month ago..n i am nt sure wht 2 do now..i have nt joined any institution yet..neither i going to any tutions..so plz tell me wht 2 do in dis case...i certainly need ur advice sir..

my email adress=--achalsubhadarsinii@gmail.com

ASMITA MAHTO 3 years ago


angel aggarwal 3 years ago

really good advise sir..................... thank you very much for giving me such a advise

renuka 3 years ago

thank sir, u hv filled me with confidence

mishkat tousif 2 years ago

Thanx sir........

kanika.... 2 years ago

Thanq u soooo much


rahul semwal 2 years ago

thanx u so much really nice

aishwarya 2 years ago

Aishwarya packing is a bullshed

nutan niti 2 years ago

rightly said!thanx sir 4 clearing my mind abt these money fetching crowded institutes...only working hard regularly and joining any test series honestly will serve our purpose of getting admission in desired medical clge..wish u all a good luck!

pooja 2 years ago

dats true sir...... self study is very important....

Nitish choudhary 2 years ago

after flying highe the plan had crashed but you give me power to save my self as much as i do

piyali 2 years ago

To live the life u see....be the best u can b !!!!!!

Apne andar ki aag ko jaga k rakho.....ye tumhe andhere se nikalne ka rasta dikhaega.....

Mai bahut baar fail hui pmt exms m........but fir sochti ki bheed ka hissa banne se achcha h ki fir se padhu....aage badhu....mere ghar m paiso ki bahut problms h.....maine coching na karne ki sochi.....bcz pehle coching kar chuki thi.....but sirf apni mummy ka face dekhti hu......sabse badi motivation h vo meri......

Mere father na hone ki bavjood vo har chez laati h mere liye.........mujhe sirf apni k liye doctor banna h...

Frnds.....if u feel ki motivation ki kami h.......apni maa k pass jao......koi zaruri ni h ki coching karke hi tum first aaoge......sirf mehnat...hi rasta h aage badhne ka.....

Don't let urslf down....

astha singh 2 years ago

i got wat I wanted to kno nd it motivated me a lot.....

pranav 23 months ago

well said.

neha 23 months ago

Surely, if no one has done it be the first one to do it!! It's marvellous! :)

Sunny 21 months ago

Is it really a good idea to drop out from coaching in case I am not comfortable? I have joined the classes over 2 months ago and I feel uncomfortable. Please let me know if it is a good idea to drop out from the coaching.

abhinava dey 16 months ago

your post made me comfortble.

muskan 8 months ago

poor Students are not able to pay Coaching fees,

So the last option is self Study for them and one of them is my doctor.....

Self Descipline is must to achieve a goal.

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