Learning Strategies and Mindset for Students

Learning Strategies for Students

Processing of Information

Learning strategies are important today as more and more information are pouring in through the new media, the internet. More books are being published and that also increased the amount of information and you can say that it is overwhelming.

Students today are required to read, do project and assignments. They need to read more from books in the library, and also from web pages from the internet. The amount of information they need to process is also a humogous task.

Learning Styles

As parents we think we want them to learn our way because it works for us. However there is a preference which is unique to our children. They may have a preference that is Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic (VAK). It is good to know what preference we have and understand how our children best learn, is it V, A or K. A simple test is available to help determine this.

Study Skills and Strategies

Mindmap and concept maps, memory skills, time management and goal setting are skills and strategies we want our children to learn and cultivate for their years in the education journey.

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jollytan 8 years ago from Singapore Author

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joanne 8 years ago

Your examination tips have a great help in me!Thx!

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jollytan 8 years ago from Singapore Author

My pleasure. I am glad the examination tips was a help.

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