Learning is an active process

 We all had the experience of this thing as learning is an active process, we usually learn anything by doing, as if we try to teach anyone that ball point is a thing which has this particular shape, and its internally design is somewhat this and that, and you can write it by pressing it downward, so as a result the individual will not learn it exactly, on the other hand if we give him the ball point and tell him to write, then without any demonstration he will write from it after a little try, same as in driving that only by reading books an individual will not be able to drive a car till he will practically drive it.

So in most of the cases we have to practically do the things and then we learned the things so quickly, as if we want to learn the domain setting on Internet then we have to work hard practically to learned it and after so many failures, when we just listen few words from an expert we will learn it so quickly.

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Michael Shane profile image

Michael Shane 6 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

Yes it is....Nice hub!

Meg Ponce 3 years ago

Nice One!

vins 3 years ago

absolutely right..

vins 3 years ago

absolutely right..

devohnn 2 years ago

Yes right

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