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Trying To Get Work Done!
Trying To Get Work Done! | Source

On Writing Self-Disclosure and A True Story

And grace for grace, that scripture says. God has our destinies and futures. Maybe professionals like myself are truly before mine or for this. And I am liking to do for my evening, presently I am even this evening. After calling friends and talking as I probably do too much of that, I will take it does completely over men as God is over all of His Marvelous Works and for now, I do even got a new perspective..about smoking, that's a good thing for now and maybe wanting to walk and I will walk on Wednesday to church, God willing I am to do that.

And next this is just a little story, that I will tell you...I was trying to get a chemical peel at Frankford-Torresdale Hospital and when she refused me a chemical peel, I picked up the pen

and threw it at her and she flinched. Honestly it was so funny. Maybe it does doing so dramatic

just sometimes.


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