My Opinion on What's "Outside" the Universe...


What Lies Beyond?

The Universe is full of magnificent things that are on such a massive size it's hard to comprehend sometimes. We know alot about what's in our Universe but what about the outside? could we be a giant soap bubble floating amuck in Hyperspace? Or could we just be a speck on some middle aged factory worker's Volvo in another Universe? Or is there even an "outside" at all? What if what we see it what we get? Well for all of those truth seekers out there i got some bad new for you, you'll never know. But don't worry it's still fun to ponder the exterior!


What If?

 There are many things that could be floating around in the exterior of the universe. Since anything that can exist will exist I have decided to go out on a line and believe some crazy stuff. Personally I think that what lurks outside our Universe is an endless sea of giant hot dogs. Don't deny it. Soon I will form a group on Facebook for this theory and all are welcome to join. Have a nice day now that you know we are surrounded by delicious meat.

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VagabondE profile image

VagabondE 6 years ago from Hitting the road again

Well, that is being frank. :)

XxMr.TripsxX profile image

XxMr.TripsxX 6 years ago from Columbus, Ohio Author

Well sir, you win the pun of the day award

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