Noah's Flood and Evolution

Rain Rain go Away...

I believe the great philosopher Edward Louis Severson III got it right when he said "It's Evolution Baby". Ill keep this short because I will be putting up a video tomorrow going into it a little more. I am really just looking for some answers here.

It seems the common answer to "how did all the animals fit on the ark" is Noah only took two of every KIND. I don't really know what a kind is, but ill assume it means one kind of cat, one kind of horse etc. To keep this simple I would like to stick to the cats. If he only took two of 1 kind of cat, which cat was it? If we assume it was a tiger, how did all the other types of cats come to be from the tiger? By what mechanism did all the various changes take place? How did a Tiger gain or lose the genetic information to become a lion and a cougar?

If you strip away all the other issues with the flood, how is this one answered? What evidence do we have to suggest that in just a couple thousand years, one variation of cat gave rise to all the variations we see today?

I know... god did it. Please pass this along to any of your young earth friends I would like to read their answers. Don't forget youtube video is going up tomorrow 10/29/11 concerning this subject under my account (jocylean).

Oh one final thing, Edward Louis Severson III, is the proper name of Pearl Jam front man Eddy Veder.

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jocylean profile image

jocylean 5 years ago from Southern Tier, NY Author

If you or someone you know can help I need some. Im interestd in learning more of the tower of babel. I read the bible passage but it seemed very vague and I may be confused on what name was a person and what name was a city!

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