Philippine Epics

Philippine is know of having different literature that gives idea on it's history, and one of my kids favorite is the Philippine Epics. Philippine Epics are stories in different part of the Philippines. Each location have their own popular Philippine Epics. So Here is the list of Philippine Epics that are popular in Philippines Literature.

  1. Biag ni Lam-Ang
  2. Darangen Hinilawod
  3. Ibong Adarna
  4. Ullalim Darangan Ibalon Tuwaang
  5. The Hud-Hud
  6. The Maragtas
  7. The Sud-ansud of the Tagbanuas
  8. The Dagoy
  9. The Ulagingen Selch of the Manobos
  10. The Panglima Munggona Jikiri of the Talusugs
  11. The kalinga Banna Bidian of the Ibaloys
  12. labaw Denggen
  13. bagyu of Bukidnon

So do you know additional Philippine Epics that we may include in this list.

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ming 6 years ago

how about 'Sandapal'?

It's a Cuyonon Epic in Cuyo, Palawan.

ming 6 years ago

how about 'Sandapal'?

It's a Cuyonon Epic in Cuyo, Palawan.

.. 6 years ago


anny 6 years ago


Laarni 6 years ago

can you post the script of Dagoy?

crisel 6 years ago


mmmmmm 6 years ago


mmmmmm 6 years ago


†REIN† 6 years ago

can you post those scripts of all epics???? plsssssssssss


an-an 6 years ago

pls bigyan mo ako ng iskript ng epikong maraagtas

jonathan 5 years ago

where can i see the scripts?thanks :)

tweethumz 5 years ago

where can we get sandapal epic?cuyuno epic from palawan..

kat 5 years ago


HOCKEY 5 years ago


billy 5 years ago

the place of origin must be stated also.

lorenz 5 years ago

hahay ka kapuy sa project namu uie

yvanroyoteroGENSAN 5 years ago

mao gyud, kakapoy aning phillit oi!makabuang...ahaaay nalang, exam n ugma...

Adrian Obusan Badong 5 years ago

ano ang epic story sa pampanga? :-)

jerwin 5 years ago

may i view the coverage of darangen epic

anika 5 years ago

sandapal epic is beautiful..

rubz 5 years ago

hmmm Philippine Literature

tisoy 5 years ago

hmmmmmmmmmmm maganda ang epics dito the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jen 5 years ago

pls..... include the epics of the mindanao

wowho 5 years ago

wala namang kwenta ang google hindi maibigay ng maayos ang hinahanap ko. akala ko ba realable source ang google yun pala hindi

assignment 5 years ago

please kelangan ko story nyan please

gem 5 years ago

nakkali2 namn 2ng philippine epic my god exam na ugma

ian 5 years ago

details of biag ni lam-ang PLS.

Rajesh Rai 4 years ago

gusto ko ng kwentong katatakutan

greyson chance :) 4 years ago

can you tell the place of origins of these poetries plz! ..........

beverlymae 4 years ago

hirap naman mghanap ng summary sa mga epic eh

Di sass 4 years ago

Can you give wh are the authors of those?? ^_^

4 years ago

its nice to be a pilipino

justine 4 years ago

huhuhu...... kapoi kau ning highskol nka daghan ...........................kau ug projects blar kah perme.................but its ok,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hehehe

nica 4 years ago

can you add d ,,plce of where it is,,,origin?

bboy 4 years ago

this stinks

CZERINA 4 years ago


marriel 4 years ago

ano ba naman kau naghahanap naman ako pero bakit di ko parin makita...

2ruan nyo naman ako oh pls.....

JALEA 4 years ago


JALEA 4 years ago


jerome 4 years ago

anu ba yang google chrome walang enta nd maibigay ang kwentong kailangan q

darein 4 years ago

paano ba magamit ang epics???????????

Danilo 4 years ago

why and how to use the epics?

tin 4 years ago

tnx sa's really cool

kimmy 4 years ago

please post a copy of alim

mm 4 years ago


rica 4 years ago


ashley n. 4 years ago

epics ROCKS!!...

qwerty 4 years ago

tnx :))

really helped me for my assigns :)

gilbert 4 years ago

akala sa library ko mahanap ang mga epics nandito lang pala,, ang simple,,


tapos na ung assignment ko,, yessss

cp 4 years ago


jay-ar 4 years ago

I love Palawan epics!. . . . .. . . .

jonah 4 years ago


Joseph Riel 3 years ago

eh .. HEHE .

jane 3 years ago

yessssss i lovvve the philippinessss soooo muchhh"""''

_abby6_ 3 years ago

i love epic stories......but sum tyms they were boring....!!

JJJJJJJJ 3 years ago


china gurl 3 years ago

plss bigyan mu nman ako ng mga epiko na makikita xa pilipinas .. plsss . tnx !!

nathan 3 years ago

thank you

hazel 3 years ago


Eldrich 3 years ago

What is their place of origin?

grace 3 years ago

love it!

ash 3 years ago

pls script para po sa alim...

Niana 3 years ago

Mas maganda po sana kung may link na kasama yung title...Para po iciclick na lang. Opinion lang po. =D Salamat po pala dito,malaking tulong na po to sa homeworks ko... =)

Thanks to this site.

vallery mae rasgo 3 years ago

wow??? nice epics sir??

John 3 years ago

14. Ibalon

15. Indarapatra and Sulayman

fielsssssssssssssssssssss 3 years ago

pl;ss bigyan nyo k\ako nang epics

hanapanswers 3 years ago

salamt po sa mga info niu.. malaking tul;ong ito...

CJ :0 3 years ago


pilipino 3 years ago

i'm proud 2 be a pinoy

dgfrdvfbf 3 years ago

Its very very pangit

jenifer 3 years ago

How bout' the Bidasari?

bill jim 2 years ago


katrina bueno chua 2 years ago

thanks for the help ... i really love epic stories :')

ella 2 years ago

kaloka ang literature........................

iCharie18 2 years ago

epic nman po ng CEBU, Bohol, Sequijor pls

mn 2 years ago

epic of the philipines lang po naman?;;; pakibilisan lang po......ty

Ecel (Exotic) 2 years ago

Salamat :D Nakatulong ito kahit papaano :3

mary grace ann boringot 2 years ago

the philippine epic is so very enteresting ,because the story is so very beautiful

try nyo din magbasa ng phillipine epic u will empress

graceann 14

secret 2 years ago

**** saan ba ito mahanap ehh hindi lumalabas sa google!!!

grant 2 years ago

Where can I see the full story of each Epics?

akmad 2 years ago

also the author of the epics

MItch 2 years ago

epic po ng region 3 plssss

atchup 19 months ago

way au

reymund 18 months ago

Salamat po..

reymund 18 months ago

Plz bigya nyo po ako ng tatlong epics of dagoy,bagyo of bukidnon and the last, the maragtas.. tnx sana maibgay nyo po yung 3 na hinihingi q..

edrian 16 months ago

ano po ang storya ng the dagoy

emjelyn 12 months ago

ano po ang sturya nang the dagoy?

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