Plants Versus Animals


Although plants and animals are both living things, they differ from one another in some ways. The principal differences between animals and plants are:

1.    Form and structure. The body form of animal is rather constant. Their organs are mostly internal. The cells are within delicate membranes and the tissues are both in solution containing sodium, potassium and chlorine. Their growth is usually differential, producing changes in propor­tion of body parts with age. While in plants, body is often variable. Their organs are added externally. The cells are within thick rigid walls of cellulose and sodium chloride is toxic. Growth is usually terminal and often continues through life.3

2.   Metabolism. Animals depend on plants and other animals for their food. Food is digested and rearranged chemically within the body. Oxygen is needed for respiration. The end products of metabolism are carbon dioxide, water and urea. While plants can manufacture their own food. By photosynthesis - C02 from the air together with H20 and inorganic matter from the soil, with the help of chlorophyll, these materials are formed into various organic compounds and 02 is released as a by-product.

3.    Irritability. Most animals have, nervous system and they can respond faster to stimuli. Plants have no nervous system and they respond slower to stimuli.


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