Releasing Susan Atkins

Releasing Susan Atkins

In about a month, Susan Atkins will be up for her 18th parole hearing to consider if she meets the cut for parole release. Much is at stake because Ms. Atkins doesn't have but months to live due to being terminally ill with brain cancer. She was denied parole in her 17th parole hearing earlier this year. The parole board didn't believe a "compassionate release" due to terminal illness would be appropriate. Ironically, no one ever asked the victim about her "compassionate release" from Ms. Atkins as she was stabbed over 15 times. Imagine being pregnant and incompacitated and unable to defend yourself or your unborn child as you lay in a pool of blood suffering an agonizing death at the hands of a complete stranger. Incredibly, Ms. Atkins still has a website and family who has been by her side throughout this ordeal maintaining her innocence. "Ms. Atkins was just another victim of the brainwashing of Charles Manson."

The lawyer for Ms.Atkins states affirmly that she can't harm another soul because she is terminally ill and not able to get out of bed anymore. Yet, I don't see why she has the right to die comfortably in her own home when the victim did not have that opportunity afforded to her.

On the other hand, one could argue why we would want to foot the bill as taxpayers for this woman to rot in prison and get the medical care she is being afforded at the present time. Isn't California already on the verge of bankruptcy?

Should we consider her "model prison history" during this next parole hearing? Does it really matter that she has done everything possible to abide by the rules in prison? The deed is already done!

Sound off on wether or not you think Ms. Atkins should be released form prison. I would love to know what my fellow hubbers think about this!


Susan Atkins in 1969.
Susan Atkins in 1969.
What 40 years in prison will do to you.
What 40 years in prison will do to you.

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AsherKade profile image

AsherKade 7 years ago from Texas Author

I can definately see where Marlene is coming from...nice to have you as a guest!

Marlene 7 years ago

So many people were murdered.She was involved with the Hindman murder before the others.It is not fair to say that Manson had control.This was a shocking crime.They ruined many lives.Many more people were murdered by the Manson family some that they have never been charged with.She was young when it happened but she could have stopped it.How could she be a part of these heartless cold blooded murders and expect to get out of prison.Steve Parent was only 18 years old.Sharon tate was pregnant and screaming for her mother.

TheMoneyGuy profile image

TheMoneyGuy 7 years ago from Pyote, TX

I am with in the saving the taxpayers money club. She was given life and she has pretty muched served her sentence give or take a few months. I (I still pay taxes in California for my rentals) Don't want to pay anymore for her.


AsherKade profile image

AsherKade 7 years ago from Texas Author

good point Dog! I don't like the taxpayers paying for her medical bills either....

My NJ Dog profile image

My NJ Dog 7 years ago from NJ, USA

She is terminally ill. Taxpayers foot the bill. If she has a family that is willing to support her and her medical bills, and she is no threat to society, let her be released. A few more days or months in prison won't bring back her victims - nothing will. She doesn't have a right to die comfortably in her home, but she has given up her adult life to pay for her crime.

Maybe we should be more compassionate than she was.

AsherKade profile image

AsherKade 7 years ago from Texas Author

interesting....thank you Karma, anyone else care to comment?

Karma Freedom 97 profile image

Karma Freedom 97 7 years ago from New York

To tell you the truth, I really do think that she should be released, Mr. Manson had quite a hold over his followers, and if she can sit in prison for that long on good behavior, I think she should be given a second chance.

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