Stop Wasting Your Money

Are You Burning Your Money?

Stop Wasting Money

The money that you work hard to earn, you are burning, or in other word wasting. Learn how to stop wasting your money.

*Pay off ALL of Your Debts

* Stop wasting money on subscriptions, such as Netflix, Blockbusters, etc

*Pay off ALL your credit cards, and cut up and destroy those you are not using

You are destroying those cards for two reasons:

* If you are not using them, destroy them

*If you have more credit cards than you need, destroy them, eliminates the impulse for you to use them on an impulse shopping spree

* Trim the fat on your cell phone bill - Get rid of all of the misc fees on your bill

* Eat at home more, and don't waster food, there is a staggering stat on how much food a family wastes in month.

* Never pay FULL sticker price for a new car, if at all buy a nice Used car with a clean title

* Ditch your Cable and Satellite Providers - Cable and all of those Satellite companies will one day be a thing of the past, simply because you can watch all of your movies online. Stop wasting your money on these vendors, ditch them.

*Learn how to protect yourself from identity theft too

* Last but not least, learn how to save at least $2.00 a day, and watch your money grow.

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    Wasting Your Money

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