The Apple vs. Samsung Court Cases

These two juggernauts have both won cases in the courts of the world, wherever, the lawsuit has been brought on. Just recently, Samsung won infringement from Apple on features stolen from a South Korean court, even though, the same complaints that Samsung filed in Netherlands, failed. Why? because the courts in different countries have different proof of standards and procedures.

However, the mother of all court cases just ended with a jury in San Jose awarding Apple 1 billion from Samsung for patent infringements. These cases sure smell of regional favoritism, I mean, how could NOT a jury in San Jose, where Apple dominants the landscape and began, say Apple was guilty? LIkewise, the same could be said of Samsung in South Korea, where its home is.

Wow, for such a complex case of over a month, the jurors only took two days to declare a winner. I do not think the jury was really qualified to determine who violated what patent because much of it is electronic engineering. So what if both phones have a large 3-4" rectangle screen. What, does that mean no other phone can? Nonsense. That was one of the claims by Apple.

The big worry for the millions of Android Samsung phone users out there is that Apple was the court to order Samsung to remove all tablets and phones from the US market. If that happens, Apple will have a monopoly, where are the freaking antitrust laws? Why would a court even consider this dastardly request? How unfair to Apple competition, and Samsung was Apple's greatest fear. The other result of this BS decision by a jury obviously in favor of Apple in all things is that it will impact Google and its android platform that is in non-Apple phones. Many providers may be reluctant to use it in fear of being sued by Apple, since they have now won.

Apple's win is a blow not only to Samsung, but Google's android. So, now all tablets can not have a large screen? That was another one of Apple's claims, that Samsung copied it. How can one own the size of something? Just because they were the first to do it, hmm, I don't think they were, no one else can make a tablet with a big screen?

Apple's win is a blow to anyone who thinks Apple iphone and tablets are too expensive, which is the usual gripe. Now, there will be even less choice and higher prices because Apple will have a monopoly on the cell phone market for the most part. My suggestion is that before the court makes its ruling about Samsung pulling all their products from US markets, get their latest with Android 4.0, its the next best thing and far cheaper than an Apple iphone.

Product competition creates better technology and this jury handed Apple, its hometown star, a monopoly over the cell phone and tablet market.

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Chuck 4 years ago

A little emotional there dude. Competition does increase technology. Patent infringment does just the opposite.

perrya profile image

perrya 4 years ago Author

Okay, still a bad decision IMO.

Chuck 4 years ago

That's cool. The court made the decision based on the evidence they had. I don't know if you have been to Korea. They are great people, but are world class copiers. I've had smartphones from Palm, Samsung, and now Apple. I've only had the Iphone 4S for about six months, but it's great.

perrya profile image

perrya 4 years ago Author

I just don't like monopolies, I think this is what will happen if the court rules that samsung cannot sell in USA.

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