The Big Screen (Poem)



There’s something about sitting in the dark

With silent others who don’t notice you’re there;

And getting lost in a story with beautiful scenes

That melt away problems and everyday fear.


The music surrounds and drowns out the pain

And worry that life tends to breed new each day;

While the act of mindlessly eating popcorn

Keeps your emotional hunger at bay.


If the weather is hot, this sanctuary is cool,

When temperatures fall the safe haven warms;

No matter what ravages our lives outside,

Inside these walls we are safe from all storms.


Although it is possible the stories to rent

And watch in a room within our own dwelling;

The experience can never quite be compared

To partaking adventure on screen so overwhelming.


Christine B.  © 2009

Morning Mist on Castle Craggs- Christine B. (c) 2006

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