The Point of Life 6

70-77: age of Aquarius
70-77: age of Aquarius

70-77: Age of Aquarius

What is Pars Vitae and when is the age of Aries? When is the age of Taurus? When is the age of Gemini? How can we benefit from the age of Leo? When is the age of Libra? When is the age of Sagittarius?

Life contemplation

During the next 7 years Pars Vitae moves through the age of Aquarius. It is the time of the philosophical contemplation, the time for being a side observer. During the whole lifetime one's viewpoint changes and shifts. The priorities change. A child would say: "There is Me", a young man would say "There is Me and the World", a mature person would say "There is the world and me", and at the age of Aquarius one would say "There is only the World". This is the so called fourth degree of perception, the most important as to realizing one's place in their life and of being aware of life itself.

If with years this kind of worldview fails to develop, then the spiritual growth weakens, and one falls into marcor, which further leads to a physical death. The time of Aquarius is the time when one enjoys solitude all by oneself or with the soulmate. At this age the life program is already accomplished. But as you enjoy your life, be deep-thinking, and the others will respect you for your fairness and your profound knowledge of the laws of life.

77-84: age of Pisces
77-84: age of Pisces

77-84: Age of Pisces

The greatest harmony

The circle of life comes to an end with the age of Pisces. At this age the person really feels in touch with the nature. One's mind is clear and shrewd. This is the time of spiritual and cosmic harmony. One enjoys life thoroughly. The one who has spent their life potential with reason, makes trips at this age, learns about other cultures, thus filling up the blank as to the knowing of the earthly things. During this age highly spiritual people get in touch with the cosmic sources. One integrates with the Cosmos, yet, at times, one needs to be back on earth.

You might have noticed that to understand where Pars Vitae actually is in your life, you only need to know your age. This is very simple.

Happy life and happy knowlegde to you!

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