The Value Of A Discarded Book


One day while walking on a City College campus near the rear of the library I noticed a table of books with a discard stamp. They look almost new. Why discard these books? Immediately a rationale was forming in my brain as to why; maybe these book are no longer contain the latest information.

While I was standing there three books captured my attention, with their bright and colorful covers. They were Perl(how to program), Java Cafe and 3D Madness. I picked the books up and continued my walk home. On the to my apartment there is a park. I decided to stop and skim through the books I had selected. Once I finished I took them home put them on the book shelf were they remained for 3 or 4 years.

Then one day I was online reading an artice about online business.  The article indicated you needed to have a web page and  some knowledge of HTML/CSS. Immediately my mind was back in the park skimming   those three books i had place on the shelf three or four years ago. The knowledge I need was in those books. I went online to check the prices of the books similar to the ones I have. Boy am I glad i was walking near that library that day. Yes, A book with a discard sign can have immense value.


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