The great king prithivi narayan shah

The great King of Nepal.
The great King of Nepal.

The great king Prithvi Narayan Shah

Prithvi Narayan Shah was born in 27 poush 1779 B.s His father was Narbhupal shah and mother was Kaukshalya vati. King Narbhupal shah have four queens, he had done four marriages. The first queen chandraprabhavati Devi did not got any children. Second queen kaushalya vati had 3 children their name were Prithvi Narayan Shah,dalmardan shah, prithivi pati shah. The first queen did not have any children so she had adopted prithivinarayan shah. And she took all the necessity care of prithivinarayan shah. First married of Prithvi Narayan Shah was done with Indrakumari; she was the daughter of king Hemkarn sen princess of makwanpur. unfortunately the married was not successful because Prithvi Narayan Shah has demanded one elephant with one teeth whose cost was nine Million and he wants to take his wife with him at married time but Indrakumari father rejected all the demand due this prithivinarayan shah was felling insulted so in same year he had done another marriage with Narendra laxmi daughter of Ahimansingh princess of banaras (India). In 1799 B.S. Prithvi Narayan Shah father got death at that time Prithvi Narayan Shah was only 20 years old. And he becomes the king of Gorkha. When Prithvi Narayan Shah become the king at that time Nepal was not single country it was divided into 52 states at that time Kathmandu have 3 states and due to this they all were quarreling every time. Due to this situation king Prithvi Narayan Shah decided that he will make on single powerful state.
In 1800 Prithvi Narayan Shah attacked on Nuwakot in command of Kaji Biraj thapa, but unfortunately he did not get success and he return empty hand. Prithvi Narayan Shah realized that he did not have enough weapon and trained military force. So solving this problem he think and decided that every house should pay some money for weapon and when he collected the wanted money than he went to kashi, Banaras from where he bought the weapon and trainer for his force and after sometime he made a disciplined military force(Gorkhali). In 1801B.S. King Prithvi Narayan Shah again attacked on Nuwakot this time the commander was kalupandey and the gorkhali attacked suddenly that the people of Nuwakot cannot understand what happened and they run here and there . at same time dalmander shah catch the Nuwakot commander and cutted him and the gorkhali got the victory over Nuwakot. This victory made them more powerful and by 1803 B.S. they captured sakhu, change, sindhupalchowk, Kavereplalnchowk area. But Prithvi Narayan Shah was not satisfied his main target was Kathmandu valley and this was not easy. Prithvi Narayan Shah realized that before attacking on Kathmandu he have to attack on kirtipur so on 1814B.S.he sent kalu pandey and his force to attack on kirtipur at same time the king of Kantipur realized that if gorkhali wins than after some time they will attack on Kantipur so he himself went to help kirtipur and he also give message to king of lalitpur and Bhaktapur that if gorkhali will win to kirtipur than they will attack on us. Now the four kingdom were one side and gorkhali were alone but they frighted bravely but unfortunately kalu pandey hited with an arrow and he fall down at same time the other force killed him. Now the gorkhali did not have the commander so they runaway , king Prithvi Narayan Shah also saved his life very difficulty. In this 500 gorkhali were killed , this was very heavy loss to gorkhali but they did not gave up. In 1819 B.S. in command of kaji bansram pandey, kehersingh basnet, mahodam kirti shah, surpratap shah, daljeet shah, gorkhali attacked on Makwanpur, In this war gorkhali got victory, their 50 soldiers and 400 makwani soldiers were killed., their 50 soldiers and 400 makwani soldiers were killed. The makwanpur king, minister and remaining solders ran away to hariharpur gadhi. After mentaning peace on makwanpur, gorkhali force attacked on hariharput gadhi and they got victory, their 55 and 400 makwani solders were killed. The family of makwani king were arrested but king himself and his minister ran away to khudaghat and they appeal for a help with Bengali nawab mir kasim. Mir kasim helped him and sent 3000 Bengali force in command fo gurgiin kha to attacked on makwanpur, but gorkhali frighted bravely and they got victory, their 100 solders and 1700 solders were killed, in this war gorkhali got benefit that they captured 500 guns after seeing the result of war the makwani king surrender himself. King Prithvi Narayan Shah got complete victory against makwanpur. Now King Prithvi Narayan Shah was on fire he decided to attack again on kirtipur, when he held a meeting for attack than everybody said please stop, this is not right time but king Prithvi Narayan Shah did not listen to anyone, so on 1821 B.S. in command of surpratap shah, kaji daljeet shah and shree harsh gorkhali went to attack on kirtipur this time the kirtipur force did not came for fight they closed all their door and sited inside. Now the gorkhali forces tried to go inside by climbing on wall on this when climbing on wall surpratap hitted by a arrow on his eyes and he was seriously injured, gorkhali tried but they did not got success and they returned empty hand. In 1822 gorkhali again attacked on kirtipur, this time also they did not come for fight they closed their door and sitted inside. Gorkhali forces also did not do anything they sitted around the kirtipur and waited for six months and this made the shortage of food and everything at last the commander of kirtipur become frosted and he open door. The gorkhali forces went inside and they got victory over kirtipur.

His majesty Pratap singh shah
The elder son of king Prithivi narayan shah was pratap singh shah. He was born in jestha, 1808 B.s. Pratap shah become the king of Nepal in magh, 1, 1831 B.S. Pratap singh shah did not ruled for a long time. He ruled for 2 years, nine months. In 1834 B.S. He left the world.

His majesty Run bahadur shah.
Ran bahadur shah was born in jestha 10, 1832 B.S. and after two years of his birth only he become the king of Nepal when Ran bahadur shah was young that time His majesty Rajendra Laxmi and bahadur shah they both looked the country when Ran bahadur shah was 10 years old at that Period Rajendra Laxmi died after death of Rajendra laxmi Bahadur shah take the change of the kingdom. When Ranbahadur shah become matured he took the charge and started to ruled and made so many changes. In Aashin, 19, 1855B.S. King Ranbahadur shah made his son king and he himself went to Kashi(India) for meditation. But In 1860 B.s he returned back to Nepal but due to his family Problem, he was killed by his own brother sherbahadur shah.

His Majesty Gribanyudh Bikram shah.
Gribanyudh Bikram shah was the son of His majesty Ran Bahadur shah and Knativati. Gribanyudh Bikram shah was born in 1854 B.s. In His father time only when he was one and half years old he become the king and in 1873 when he was 20 years He left the world. In his Period Nepal lost his One fourth of his Territory by British India.

His majesty Rajendra Bikram shah

His majesty Rajendra Bikram shah was the elder son of His majesty Gribanyudh Bikram shah.
His majesty Rajendra Bikram shah was born in1870 B.s. when
His majesty Rajendra Bikram shah was three years old, he become the king of Nepal in 1873 B.s. In Rajendra shah period there was many unbelievable things happen like suicide of the great Bhimsen Thapa, Murder of Mathwor singh Thapa and Gagan singh. In 1904 B.s. to 1938B.s. Rajendra Bikram shah was in prison in Hanuman dhoka(Kathmandu) and in prison only he left the world and went to heaven.

His Majesty Surendra Bikram Shah
His Majesty Surendra Bikram Shah was born in Aaswin 20, 1886 B.s. Prime Minister Jung bahadur Rana changed the Rajendra Bir bikram shah and made surendra Bikram shah the king of Nepal in 1904 B.s. he ruled for 34 years and in 1938B.s. he dead.

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