The wealthy are knowingly killing the poor


They are dying!

We live on a planet that is our home, and this home we share with every single person alive today, no matter their nationality.

Every person is our family member–a brother or a sister. Family is supposed to look out for one-another. We (each one of us) are supposed to be there for each other, to fill a need that the other person or people have.
However, this is not what is happening. Somewhere along the line, over the past thousands of years we have become overly selfish. We have people who have attained more wealth than some countries and yet they are out to get more, the whole while people in a country a continent away are suffering. People there are starving, homeless, suffering disease etc. How can a person justify such selfishness?
We have nations lying about another in order to invade them and steal their resources, or to destabilize them for other political gain, and they turn a blind eye to another nation that has people dying.
I could go on, but I believe you get my point.
Let me say one more thing, we have people in a country with massive wealth, yet in their own country they have people losing their homes, and yet the wealthy do nothing to help. So if they don’t help their own countrymen, how can I expect them to help people in another country?
Either way, I don’t get it.
I know some will say, “We can’t help everyone”. I understand that, but why not help a few, and then ask them to pass it on when they can? Why not do a good deed instead of hoarding your wealth while others suffer? Are people really that cold hearted? Are their hearts made of stone?
I have heard a wealthy person say, “Greed is good”. I disagree. Greed is the fault of so many people suffering. Greed is the downfall of society.
We have hundreds of millions of people dying because of greed, the greed of a few people.
Why don’t you fly to a country where people are dying, look into their eyes and tell them that you have millions, hundreds of millions, or billions of dollars in your account, (whatever the case may be) but that you will not help them.
Seriously, I dare you!

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thomasczech profile image

thomasczech 4 years ago from Canada Author

I see wha is happening here. We are misunderstanding one another. I am not saying that we ought to give to lazy people. I agree that those with much should give to the real needy, those who try but are unable to make ends meet.

I have travelled extensively. I have been to places where there was and is much suffering.

The reason why some people are unable to grow their own food isn't because of laziness. There are many reasons, depending on what country one goes to.

Some countries are under corrupt governments. The corupt politicians take money and resources for themselves; away from the ones who need it. So then the needy are unable to grow food. Also, water is a big issue, they do not have the resources to drill wells, or lay pipe to bring water to where they need it. Usually because of corruption.

There have also been politicians and/or military groups stealing seeds from the poor farmers. The list goes on.

I also believe more should be done. Countries need to stabilize these countries and then help them with their needs. When I speak of giving, it means giving financially and also giving man power such as military, engineers etc. The things they need in order to become self sufficient in time.

Patriot Quest profile image

Patriot Quest 4 years ago from America

Thomas, how can you ask me to have an open mind when you judge others by saying they give a pittance and their motives are not pure? Do you know the real truthful history behind giving? Google the giving by conservatives versus liberals, you will be shocked, look at how much Bush gives compared to Gore,..............liberals want to give MY money to those who refuse to work, I want to give MY money to those who are truly needy and my heart goes too. Where did you learn that others should GIVE away their hard earned wealth? I was brought up believing it was shameful to take from others??????? Have you ever watched starving children on TV and looked in the background at dark green foilage and wondered why they dont grow food?

thomasczech profile image

thomasczech 4 years ago from Canada Author

Interesting you say that, no matter how misinformed you are. I do agree that a few of the wealthy do give a pittance of their wealth to a few people. Their motives aren't pure, but at least they do it.

That being said, I am not talking about them, I am talking about all the people who have wealth, more than enough and more that they need, and yet do nothing to help others. Read my article again, with an open mind.

Patriot Quest profile image

Patriot Quest 4 years ago from America

Ever hear the quote "the truth will set you free"? Obama was offered 5 MILLION dollars to go to his favorite charity if he would show trump his college transcripts.........he declined and won his second term as president, Romney gives hundreds of thousands to those hurting and seeking help...........yet you despise him because he "has" and voted against him.

The rich provide for the masses no matter how hard that is to swallow..........ever got a job from a poor person??????????

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