Teach Yourself Typing Without Looking at The Keyboard in 2 Days


Typing without looking at the keyboard is also widely known as touch typing.
Because you don't have to hunt and peck the character you want to type, having this little (but very useful!) skill help you to save a lot of time on your computing and internet life.

And the good news is, touch typing is easy to learn. All we need is a little learning will and imagination (of the keyboard layout).

Enough for the introduction, let's type!:

Step 1

Get a keyboard which is not attached to your computer, and bring it to somewhere you feel convenient. A used, spoilt, old keyboard is ok, no need to buy a new one.

Step 2

The firs thing you need to know is the initial placement of your finger in the keyboard. Usually in every keyboard there will be a little bump in [F] and [J] key, touch these two bump with your forefingers. [F] with your left forefinger, and [J] with your right forefinger. After that, place the rest of the finger in the following way:

Left hand:

Little finger [a], third finger [s], middle finger [d], forefinger [f ]

Right hand:

Forefinger [j], middle finger [k], third finger [l] , little finger [;]

Both thumb are on the space bar

From this point onwards, looking at the keyboard is prohibited

Step 3

Press one key at a time with one finger without moving other finger e.g. if you want to press [A] key, only press it with your left little finger and keep other finger remain at its initial place, and so on.

It is a little bit difficult at the beginning, but you will find it fun very soon.

Make yourself comfortable with the pressing of the each key. And, using your human touching sense, remember what key you are pressing. Peeping on keyboard is alright sometimes (the keyword used here is “peep” and “sometimes”, not “see” and “all the time”)

Step 4

Once you comfortable with every pressing of the key in step 2, see the touch typing finger zone on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Touch_Type_Finger_Zones.jpg.

The layout clearly shows you the zone of each finger. With the skill you conquer in the step 3 you can now explore the key in the top and the bottom of your initial finger placement (step 1).

Every time you press a key in the top or bottom, don’t forget to put your finger back to where it was so you will know the keyboard layout faster.

At this point you can start trying to type words too. And remember, when you press using one finger, the rest of the finger shouldn’t move far from its initial place.

Step 5

Bring keyboard around the house.

Yes, that’s right, bring your keyboard around the house. While you’re watching TV, type the word said by your favorite actor/actress. When you see an interesting advertisement slogan, when your mom nags on you, type it too.


It took around 1-2 days until you're comfortable with the keyboard.

In one week, you will get a decent typing speed, around 30-40 WPM (word per minute), you can test your typing speed on www.typingtest.com.

Increase your typing speed by keep typing (and not look at the keyboard). Get more exercise with the help of software like Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, TypingMaster or TypingTutor.

And have fun with online typing games:

Keep the accuracy as your top priority, not the speed.

Happy typing.

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Gadzooks profile image

Gadzooks 8 years ago from United Kingdom

Good hub, I just added one on touch typing, but I was sharing my own experience using a CD ROM I bought. This is a good explanation... you should add some ebay listings for the CD ROMs, you never know, you may sell one!

Alfin profile image

Alfin 7 years ago from Singapore Author

Gadzook thanks, you too have a good hub on this topic.

Thanks for the tips too

Omar 7 years ago

There are many touch typing learning resources in Internet. I was using www.typingstudy.com but try google to find your favorite.

ShopSmokeNoSmore 6 years ago

Hey, thanks alfin!

Alfin profile image

Alfin 6 years ago from Singapore Author

You welcome ShopSmokeNoSmore. Hope this is useful for you

Neo 6 years ago

There are free online touch typing lessons at www.typingstudy.com Speed tests, games and more

Touch Typing 6 years ago

Great Hub. The stepwise explanation is quite useful for starters/beginners who usually find it too difficult to play with the keyboard.

alejandra 6 years ago

no i did not learn in 2 days

brenda lopez 6 years ago

i think this really dosent work for me i don't know if it works for other people its just not for mme ill find a other way to type without looking

tiffany jones 5 years ago

omg this is so helpful really i am soo inpressed how this teqnique worked and i typed this comment without looking at the keyboard o,i am thank you so much lol bye love tiffany

peace love and happiness

Dav Joute 5 years ago

Thanks you so much through your advice now I'm able to type wiyhout looking keyboard. Thanks

junior 3 years ago

i don't still understand

Alfin profile image

Alfin 2 years ago from Singapore Author

Hi Adam Fort. I think Ratatype.com is nice, it has a nice clean friendly interface that is pleasing to see (and type). Thanks for letting us know.

Alana 22 months ago

This kinda works beecaus I still don't know how to type without looking lol.

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