Things That Schools Don't Teach but Should


One thing everyone must learn to do is budget their money. How to pay bills, what things are more important, what kind of income you need for your lifestyle, how to save money, how to find a job that pays well. A big problem with our society is we don't know how to manage our money, I mean we caused a recession over it. I wish I had learned how to figure out how to manage my money more effectively at a younger age. I also wish I had learned an easy way to help build my credit without going into debt by over spending on a credit card. which I still don't know how to build credit to this date without resorting to finally getting a credit card. If schools taught more of these things I think our economy would be a lot better off and less people would be in debt.


I understand that schools briefly cover sexual heath in schools, however they only use meaningless scare tactics on teens so they won't have sex rather than enrich them with lots of valuable information. Don't get me wrong they should still study STD's and their prevention. I just believe that what is taught is too limited. First off they should pass out numbers to a planned parenthood so that teens know a confidential place to go get std checked, sexual health check-ups, protection, and more sexual health information. They should also cover more on how sex works. They never taught me this part and skipped to all the bad things. I didn't know what sex exactly was til I experienced it for myself, which is a really scary thing to learn on your own. I believe they should teach what losing your virginity is like as well. Many people always wonder if what they are doing is normal or not, so teaching it to teens would be good so they know when to worry. They should teach you the dos and don'ts of sex, we all have made mistakes when we were first learning and caught up in the moment, some still might not realize what they are doing wrong. Tearing is another subject. What should teens do if they have sex and the girl is torn? Is it an emergency? They won't know unless someone tells them. Braces and oral sex another topic looked over, they should teach the dangers of that. The list goes on.Teens will always do some sort of sexual act,it is in Maslow's hierarchy of needs, so they need more knowledge on these experiences so they make less mistakes.

Drugs and alcohol

Another topic briefly talked about infused with scare tactics. They should continue teaching the dangers of drugs and alcohol, but also include what to do if something does go wrong when doing drugs and safer ways of doing drugs. They should teach students how to know what their limit is when drinking and teach them that just because you don't throw up or get a hangover doesn't mean that you couldn't have gotten alcohol poisoning, in fact if you don't know your limit and you drink over it and don't throw up you can be in huge trouble. Students should also be taught that there are legal forms of some drugs that they are already using that are safer. One is that there is a legal form of extacy, a drug that is very popular in recent times. They should also teach how getting a medical marijuana card works and the controversies of its legality in CA. I understand we don't really want teens or young adults doing these things but the fact is most will so they may as well teach legal and safer ways of getting high.

Communication/ Relationships

Most people don't understand how relationships work and how to communicate effectively with others. In fact the reason why most relationships fail, whether with a bf/gf, family members, or friends is do to lack of communication skills. If everyone in my school district years ago learned some of the things I recently learned in college back in middle school or high school a lot less "drama" would have happened. Many people would have probably realized the misunderstandings they had before they were too late. Communication skills are one of the most important things we need to learn in our society, we use it for everything we so. Effectively learning how to get your point across without fighting is essential as well as learning to understand another one's point of view.

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Robertbloggert profile image

Robertbloggert 6 years ago from Oklahoma

Very good hub these would be great ideas. I'm really with you on the first one especially. Since pretty much the only math we will ever use as adults (unless your in a special line of work) is credit and debit. I think they should spend all of senior year having students working a pretend checking account and budget. Shoot even make it a pass or fail part if you finish with a negative in the account you fail. Better there then waiting for them to fail this in real life.

Very good hub though Vixen voted up and useful!

fundamentallife profile image

fundamentallife 6 years ago

Great hub Vixen, I agree with the sex part.

Thanks for posting.


Garrett Mickley profile image

Garrett Mickley 6 years ago from Jupiter, Florida

I learned about all of those things in high school. The sex and drugs stuff was taught in Health class (mandatory in Florida if you want to graduate), and the Finance stuff was not open to the public, was part of the magnet program for Business, which I was in.

Thunder Vixen profile image

Thunder Vixen 6 years ago from The Heart of California Author

Hmmmm...Well maybe out in FL they teach it, but they sure don't in CA.

Garrett Mickley profile image

Garrett Mickley 6 years ago from Jupiter, Florida

I spent at least 1/3 of a semester on drugs and 1/3 of a semester on sex in health class. The other 1/3 of the semester was spent on other health stuff, like mental disorders, health conditions, how to do CPR, etc.

Thunder Vixen profile image

Thunder Vixen 6 years ago from The Heart of California Author

Haha lucky, now that's a health class...I didn't even touch CPR.

Garrett Mickley profile image

Garrett Mickley 6 years ago from Jupiter, Florida

...What did you do in health class?

Thunder Vixen profile image

Thunder Vixen 6 years ago from The Heart of California Author

We lightly touched the subjects of diseases partially STDs, and lightly touched on drugs, then there were the scare tactics lessons. Oh and healthy eating :/

Robertbloggert profile image

Robertbloggert 6 years ago from Oklahoma

Lol@Garrett "I spent at least 1/3 of a semester on drugs and 1/3 of a semester on sex" that could kind of sound bad if you took it wrong. I could say so did I right before I dropped out but then I went to school in the 70's it was kind of a thing.

Anyway I just thought that looked funny. And this is still a great hub Vixen!

Thunder Vixen profile image

Thunder Vixen 6 years ago from The Heart of California Author

Haha, very true Robertbloggert...

Shane Belceto profile image

Shane Belceto 6 years ago from WA USA

Well for me fortunently or maybe not learned about the drugs and such from my parents so was educated in many ways .. but I agree with the last one communication is a HUGE part of life and very surprising they don't deal with it more in schools.

~Expect Miracles

KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

KoffeeKlatch Gals 6 years ago from Sunny Florida

You are absolutely on target with your list of things we all need to know to make it in the world. Some schools do handle these things to a certain extent but they also need to be handled at home also. Great hub.

shynsly profile image

shynsly 6 years ago from Sierra Vista, AZ

Excellent article. I especially like the fact you may very well be the first person I've seen point out the fact that WE the PEOPLE hold as much or more of the blame for our economy woes then the government. Very much agreed, some "money management" courses could have helped me a lot in my early adult years, as well.

One other thing you could possibly add, though many may disagree, might be some "parenting classes". In this day and age, there seems to be an abundance of "moms" and "dads", yet somehow very few actual "parents". I can't help but to feel like the affects of this on our children is contributing to the unravelling or our society.

justateacher profile image

justateacher 5 years ago from Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Near Oz...

When I teach fifth grade special education students, I always teach about money and credit and debit cards. The students earn "dollars" for good behavior and good deeds. Those "dollars" are recorded on the white board and then has to be recorded in their checkbooks. When students misbehave, they must give me a check for the amount I decide at the time and then have to balance their checkbooks. During certain times of the year, students can also buy things: toys, snacks, soda, time with me at lunch or recess, fast food lunch, etc. At the end of the year, I have an auction with a special guest auctioneer (the principal, a favorite teacher, a helpful parent) and "sell" of the rest of the snacks, toys, etc. I had a former student come to me just the other day and thank me for doing this because he was the only high school senior at his school who could balance a checkbook.

Another thing I do is the "Real Life" game. This was started when a young girl told me she was just "gonna quit school and go to flip hamburgers." For this game, I have cards made out that have jobs with different salaries - from engineer or teacher to doctor or lawyer and to fast food worker. Then I have cards that have all of the bills that might occur - electricity, car loan, house payment, etc. Then I throw in cards such as "have to go to hospital" or "car needs new tires." Of course, we have money to give and take also. Basically, students see that if they work at a fast food place, they might not be able to afford even the basic necessities. After playing several rounds of this game, my young lady decided that maybe school was important after all.

Great suggestions!

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