University of Phoenix Online-A Success Story or Joke?

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The title University of Phoenix Online-A Success Story or Joke was originated because there appears to be mostly negativity getting attention when you Google the school name for information.  Some people seemed to find it difficult to believe that you can successfully get a degree online from the comfort of one's home.  While others complained the curriculum is too difficult, yet others felt it's too lax.  It was not until I read one person’s comments that it begins to make sense that, “Overall, people have a tendency to read and write about the negative more readily than the positive.” And while negativity might draw in more readers; well, I’m choosing to take the positive road. However, I promise you that my story is not an easy road that was “always happy while skipping down the road to la la land” type of narrative.

Because I grew up on a farm relatively poor without adequate guidance on what to do after high school, I did not immediately go to college. A few years into the workforce however made me realize the importance of having a degree. I began to pursue my associate degree from a junior college in Tennessee and four years after attending night school and working full time I accomplished that goal.

The How and Why…

A quote by Bobby Unser says, “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.” Well for me preparation and opportunity met shortly after 9-11 when the financial market began to grow weaker because of Enron, Worldcom, and other scandals. Because of the impact of these two major events I decided to create my own job security by going back to school. It was also during this time that the company I worked for supported its employees with 100% financing for every accredited college course taken as long as you maintained a “C” average.

The drawback however was that my job position had mandatory overtime which consisted of 60 hour work weeks. Since most days I never knew what time I would get off from work, I decided to go to college online. My company promoted education to its employees by annually inviting colleges to come to our main office to recruit and provide information. After doing some research of other colleges offering online studies; I met with a recruiter from the University of Phoenix and started the journey towards attaining a BS degree majoring in accounting.

Struggles on the Pathway to Becoming a Phoenix

You may have seen the “I am a Phoenix” commercials during football games or at other prime times. The video to the right is one of my favorites because Connie and I have similar stories. Many nights I stayed up till 2 a.m. and got up to work another 12 to 14 hour day. During these commercials you may have picked up on the pride of accomplishment that the spokesperson has about their achievement. Many have been through struggles and made sacrifices that only those closest to them know about.

If you are familiar with the story about the phoenix bird then you know that there are periods of struggles. As the story goes at some point and time during the mythical bird’s life cycle it gets plummeted to the earth where the bird and its nest are fiercely burned to ashes, and from those ashes a new phoenix arise. Well, I feel that I’ve taken that plunge at least four times while pursuing my degrees:

  • The 1st occurred unexpectedly about a month prior to my graduating with BS degree. My mother had a massive heart attack on her birthday and died. I’ll never forget struggling through that last class while attending my mom’s funeral in Tennessee and then having to report back to work only five days later. I’ve never experienced “the numbness of life” that I did during that period of time. You wake up in the morning and ask God to help you feel and help you make it through that particular day. Sure I could have delayed the class; however, I knew my mom would not have wanted me to do that.
  • The 2nd time happened shortly after I began taking courses for my MBA curriculum.I was awaken in the wee hours of the night by a next door neighbor shouting, “fire, fire, you’ve got to get out of there.” Another neighbor had set their condo on fire and it had moved over into my unit. Thank goodness I had grabbed my laptop and spent the next eight months displaced from my condo, dealing with insurance companies, shifting thru 15 years of personal belongings, moving out and moving back in once reconstruction was completed; and yes still determined to continue my online classes.
  • The 3rd time took place eight months into my pursuit of an MBA when I was told that my assignment would be over in a month in which I would be severance from the company that I’d worked for nine years and August ’08 would end my tenure. Since the company was no longer providing assistance for my curriculum I chose to take out federal school loans and continue to pursue the goal.
  • The 4th time happened again without prior notice when my father got sick and died from complications two classes before finishing my MBA. I had spoken to him about making a trip to Tennessee and he told me to concentrate on my schooling. I often wonder if he didn’t know the inevitable outcome when he told me that to prevent my having to make two trips home. So for a second time, I felt, “the numbness of life” and had to ask God to help me through it. And though faith and God’s grace I succeeded in attaining my MBA/ACC.

Yes, I could have quit and perhaps later on pointed fingers at others as to the reasons I did not succeed, but rather than ranting and raving I chose to rise up from the ashes in anticipation of new beginnings. So that there are no misunderstandings, the University of Phoenix staff no teachers in no way influenced nor asked me to go through the struggles that I did. Teachers while did not bend any rules were more than happy to assist me in any way they could. I chose to continue my curriculum during such stressful times, however, those decisions were for my own sanity, self-determination, and success. Again with God’s help, my family’s support, and sheer grace I made it through and as the school motto goes, “I am a Phoenix” and proud to be one.

Overall Experience

Still some may be thinking, “Is the University of Phoenix a success story or a joke?” Because negativity seems to attract more attention than positive; I feel that it is necessary to give exposure to some of the positive reviews that have been written by others. When you Google U.O.P. Online for reviews; most of the first page is filled with negative accusations as with other universities dissatisfied students are happy to express their opinions about a school.

Overall the University of Phoenix has been a very positive and rewarding experience for me. Was it difficult? Definitely so, everyone will not be able to sustain the fast pace nor the detailed studying that this curriculum requires. There were numerous individuals at work that started the program when I did and many quit because of personal reasons and or the requirements were just too overwhelming. I recall numerous of others that went to other colleges that did not have near the amount of homework and or class time as I did. Several admitted they would not go to U.O.P. for that reason while others just desired to have a traditional classroom setting rather than a virtual one.

Was it worth it? Definitely so, I would not have been able to achieve my degrees any other way given my work schedules at the time. Would I do it again? Absolutely, especially now with the economy the way it is, I feel this is the ace that will assist in moving me forward toward the best opportunity. Were there any bad experiences? Definitely so, there were a few teachers that I did not like or disagreed with, an incident with a guidance teacher, and way too many calls from enrollment recruiters in the beginning. However, I think those are issues that you will find with other schools as well and after all with life there will always be disagreements and obstacles.

With that said, I’d like to end this hub with a quote that I heard one night when I was flipping channels on the television,

“In this life the only thing you can expect is the unexpected sometimes the road that you are on will take you to the mountain top and sometime it leads you into a valley. Only you can decide how you are going to look at your situation; at your lowest point you can always look up. I believe that everything happens in the exact time and the way it is supposed to, even if we don’t understand it at the time. And please don’t forget the knowledge that our sister, Angie Stone dropped on us, “Stop trying to put a question mark, where God has put a period.” Mo’Nique 12/18/09

So, is the University of Phoenix Online, a success story or joke? I would answer that only the individual participating in the journey can make that determination. Because as one famous quote goes; “The mind is everything. What you think you become,” –Buddha.

O.k. BookFlame, I apologize for the lengthiness, but now you have your answer to what made the cute and spunky I choose University of Phoenix Online. As always comments are welcomed…

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VioletSun profile image

VioletSun 7 years ago from Oregon/ Name: Marie

Money Glitch: I am so happy, I took the time to read your hub! I just wrote a hub where I share I lack perseverance in some areas, (such as changing diet habits, but I finally did it)! and the theme has been playing in my mind, to persevere with what I want to accomplish for myself. Its not a coincidence I happened to read your hub, as you have impressed and inspired me with your determination to finish your education at the most painfully difficult times.

Thank you for the gift of this hub.

Thumbs up!

hypnodude profile image

hypnodude 7 years ago from Italy

I would say a pretty interesting hub, beside being well written gives a lot of information. Glad to meet a fellow phoenix, not as a student, but as someone who always stands up again when life throw you down. Rated up. :)

Money Glitch profile image

Money Glitch 7 years ago from Texas Author

@VioletSun- I agree, there are no coincidences, I believe everything happens for a reason. I will be sure to stop by your hub to see what treasures are there for me to learn and expound upon as well.

@hypnodude- Yeah, I once heard that as long as you continue to raise yourself back up you are a winner! Thanks for commenting.

profile image

Linda Myshrall 7 years ago

MoneyGlitch, I believe this hub is going to inspire many people---including myself. You have remained goal and success oriented in the face of some very difficult times. The fact that you stood up, dusted yourself off, and climbed back in the ring every time is a testimonial to your strength. What an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your journey, Linda

Money Glitch profile image

Money Glitch 7 years ago from Texas Author

Thanks Linda, for stopping by for the read. Hopefully, it will inspire others to keep "trying" during adversity because as the saying goes, "trouble will not last always." :)

bat115 profile image

bat115 7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

Informative! I ahven't went through Phoenix but I have 2 friends who did and they seem to be doing well.

Money Glitch profile image

Money Glitch 7 years ago from Texas Author

Hi bat115, For people that are working or have other obligations going to a school that offers online classes really can assist in furthering one's education. Thanks for the read :)

Jacob Darkley profile image

Jacob Darkley 7 years ago from California, USA

Rated up! Wow, great story. I'm impressed and inspired.

Thanks for sharing.


Money Glitch profile image

Money Glitch 7 years ago from Texas Author

Thanks Jacob for taking time to read and comment. It has been a journey that I've lived through and hope to offer inspiration to others that maybe enduring. :)

Sufidreamer profile image

Sufidreamer 7 years ago from Sparti, Greece

Good on you, Money Glitch - you kept plugging away, through adversity. Thanks for sharing this inspirational story.

We have a similar correspondence course in the UK, called the Open University. Initially, it was treated with disdain, but it is now respected and involved in some great research.

I am sure that Phoenix will be the same :)

Money Glitch profile image

Money Glitch 7 years ago from Texas Author

Thanks Sufidreamer for stopping by and sharing your insight! I like your words, "plugging away through adversity," I guess that's the part of the journey that no one enjoys however if we're to learn what life has in store for us, we have to keep on "plugging away in spite of" :)

LavellaVision profile image

LavellaVision 7 years ago from Delaware

I love this hub. I've been wanting to join UOP. I see it is a wonderful alternative to traditional colleges. Keep'em coming.

Money Glitch profile image

Money Glitch 7 years ago from Texas Author

Hi Lavella, it is nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by and commenting on this hub. Good luck with your quest of returning back to school, just keep in mind with UOP or any other school it will not always be easy to do if you have to work full time; the homework can be quiet demanding at times. :)

Nick Stevens profile image

Nick Stevens 6 years ago from Manchester, NH

Money Glitch, I know of a lot of people who quit College at the slightest hint of a difficulty. It is quite commendable that you went through all that you did and still came out with a degree.

I paid about $30k for an M.B.A. and never really considered The University of Phoenix and wonder if I should have looked into it a lot closer.

Nice hub and congrats on overcoming all the hurdles.

Money Glitch profile image

Money Glitch 6 years ago from Texas Author

@ Nick - Thanks for your kind words and I appreciate you stopping by for the read. The UOP is just like most colleges; in that the curriculum works for some people but does not work for others. Many of my friends thought the routine was too demanding, while others felt they needed a real classroom setting in order to succeed. Again, thanks for commenting. :)

My Odyssey profile image

My Odyssey 6 years ago from Somerset, Kentucky

Wow this makes me feel a 100 % better! I am a student at the University of Phoenix and I just read all these horrible Hubs bashing the UOP. I feel relieve to finally hear a success story from a graduate. I am a mother annd this was just the best option for me at this point in my life. I love the school and I find it challenging. I just want to make something of my life. Thank you for such a wonderful Hub.

Money Glitch profile image

Money Glitch 6 years ago from Texas Author

Congratulations on going back to school My Odyssey! UOP in my opinion is a great school especially for working mothers. As with any university you are going to see and hear negative things especially if things did not go right for the individuals. Plus people are more apt to write about a "rant" rather than something positive.

If you are a member of the socialnetwork called LinkedIN I suggest you join the UOP groups that are on there for networking opportunities. Good Luck to ya! :)

LPogue profile image

LPogue 6 years ago from Missouri

I attended the University of Phoenix and earned an MS in Computer Information Systems from them. It gave me skills and qualifications to start my higher education teaching career. The only reason I chose to go to another online school for my PhD degree is that UOP did not offer the degree program I wanted at the time. Like any other college, students get out of UOP what they put into it. It is not a guarantee to get a job. Students who do just enough to pass courses will not have the understanding to keep jobs, even if they get them. The only school that I know of that guarantees job placement is a career college, and sometimes that doesn't work.

If you need a college education and work full-time, an online degree program at UOP is an excellent choice. Is it hard? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely!

Money Glitch profile image

Money Glitch 6 years ago from Texas Author

Hi LPogue, It is nice to meet you! Thanks so much for sharing your insight on UOP and I agree with you. It is just like any other college in that you will get only out of the school what effort you are willing to put into it.

Also, I like the fact that many of my teachers were presently working in the field of the subjects they were teaching. So they knew an shared up-to-date data on the subjects. In many schools such opportunities are rare. Thanks again for stopping by and commenting on University of Phoenix Online A Success Story or Joke? :).

Aley Martin profile image

Aley Martin 6 years ago from Sumner, Washington,USA

Greetings...! As an online professor and an education junkie who still is working on another degree, I enjoyed your take on the school. A colleague of mine worked for them and did not care for the "cookie cutter" way they made her teach a communications course, but as online degrees go, it seems they are much like many of the others out there.

As an aside, my mother died when I was taking my final exam in my undergraduate years, so I could relate to your story there on many levels.

Thanks for taking the time to write such a great hub on this subject. I hope to write of my own online teaching experiences soon, as the students appear to work much harder and offer more discussion in that type of forum than a class that meets in person.

Good hub! Thanks

Money Glitch profile image

Money Glitch 6 years ago from Texas Author

Hi Alex! Oooooh I did not expect a professor to stop by for a read. But, this was a journey that I felt the need to share to hopefully inspire those that might otherwise give up too soon. It is great to meet you and thanks for your comments. :)

Harlan Colt profile image

Harlan Colt 6 years ago from the Rocky Mountains

Great Hub, UOP has been hounding me to come get sn MBA.

This gives me more to consider.

- Harlan

Money Glitch profile image

Money Glitch 6 years ago from Texas Author

Yes, you are correct some of the advisors can hound you. To me that could be a little negative, however, the key is to never give them your phone number until you are definitely ready to start. :) Thanks Harlan for stopping by for a read and commenting.

Jay 6 years ago

Hi Money Glitch. What an inspirational story, thank you for sharing. Without being negative, I attended The University of Phoenix and received my bachelor's degree in Human Services (Jan. 2010).

In my opinion, UOP is a true "diploma mill". Although I received a GPA of 3.65 and completed all of my assignments with little or no help from others, I did not feel like celebrating when I graduated from UOP because it did not feel like I accomplished much! Almost like I cheated myself. I do believe the instructors are told to look the other way when it comes to grading. Many of my classmates would joke about how easy the assignments were and brag about how long it would take to complete an assignment (2 hours at most) and still receive an "A".

I can speak from both sides, I went to UOP on campus the first 2 years and online the final year and a half. Neither method was challenging. I no longer wish to tell someone I have my degree from an online school and their response is, "me too", these days everyone is obtaining their degree online which could soon make these degrees as worthless as just having your high school diploma. Where is the competition if everyone has the same thing going on?

I am now in the process of pursuing my Master's degree however; I have opted to go the traditional route from a "programmatic accredited school" instead of a "institutional accredited school'. This is just my choice and opinion and I wish everyone success regardless of what path they choose to take. God Bless!

Money Glitch profile image

Money Glitch 6 years ago from Texas Author

Interesting thoughts Jay, obviously we have different degree plans and therefore, would not have had the same teachers. Plus each student in every school will have a different perspective of the school. My curriculum was NOT EASY at all, it was very difficult at times. As a matter of fact, I personally know 5 people that quit the curriculum because they didn't want to invest the amount of time required to accomplish their goals.

I spent an average of 40-50 hours a week between homework, online class, and study time. Overall, there were NO FREE LUNCHES, and I only had one teacher like what you speak of. So, when I say, "I am a Phoenix" there is pride in my accomplish because it was not an easy street. However, thanks for sharing your thoughts.:) God Bless!

Granny's House profile image

Granny's House 6 years ago from Older and Hopefully Wiser Time

great hub. Lots of info. Good for you and good luck.

Also check out my hub on low cost and no cost colleges.

Money Glitch profile image

Money Glitch 6 years ago from Texas Author

Thanks for stopping by :)

Real Student 6 years ago

It won't matter the hours if the degree is not respected. Your propaganda needs to be shot down here.

Face it. The reality is that schools like UC Berkeley command real respect and offer real jobs. A "university" without entrance requirements, real difficulty or any respect upon completion yields nothing but loan debt. Get yourself to a community college and for once in your life, work. Do the work and succeed by transferring to a real college.

Money Glitch profile image

Money Glitch 6 years ago from Texas Author

Thanks goodness all people do not share in your thoughts and opinions. Wouldn't it be funny if one day you find yourself working for the very individual you are attempting to demean here. :)

Melissa Bowers 6 years ago

WOW, I was really interested in reading the comments. I earned an A.A. Liberal Studies and a B.S. Business Administration from an award winning community college and a large state university in Nevada. My experience is very traditional as I earned both straight out of high school. My parents and I, together, spent thousands for my degree upfront and through student loans as I did not qualify for grants. Each semester I worked part time and carried a "full load."

I have to say that traditional college settings are VERY lax and students, OFTEN TIMES, ride the wave of youth and slide through the lower division generic courses. I think this happens much more in traditional settings than a school such as UOX/Heald that have small class sizes and a more focused curriculum.

I guarantee that any average student can slide though traditional university classes successfully without much effort at all...I don't believe that is the case with a school such as Heald or UOX where students are required to team up, present information frequently, and be an active member of classes (my brother attended one of these schools). I KNOW that lecture halls filled with hundreds of exhausted, hung over students exist all over this country ... where students and their parents paid as much or more per unit for classes.

Fight the idea that its okay to live at status quo and be different and PROUD of it. The government, perfect example of the road to NOWHERE, is the largest employer sadly. Fight that through the support of the private sector and the idea that progression depends on the few that are willing to be different, efficient and think outside of the box.

Just because a company is "FOR-PROFIT" and not a tunnel of red tape and beaurocracy does not make it less worthy. If you made a decision to be a part of a "online educational system" or "non-traditional education program" BE PROUD. You did something productive and for personal or professional growth...don't let others de-value that.

I did not/do not attend or work for UOX or any other educational system but had to get my two cents in. I have been looking on these sites because I am interested in an employment position at one of the private sector universities and have been researching.

You Get What You Work For... in family, education, and profession!

Money Glitch profile image

Money Glitch 6 years ago from Texas Author

@Melissa Bowers - Hi Melissa thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I agree with you that a traditional school can be lax within it's curriculum to those that choose to attend in such a manner. It really surprises me however, in this day and time that people still view the old traditional colleges as the Only way to get an education especially since we live in the age of the most modern technology ever. Again, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this matter.

pacific0786 6 years ago

I stumbled on this hub page in hope to find positive feedback of being an online student for UOP. I recently heard the article about the lady that got her degree thru phoenix and realized it was useless in the state she lived. All the classes and time she spent thru the classes were of no use toward a teacher degree. It is making me second guess what I am doing. I enjoy the online atmosphere because I don't have the time to sit thru a class. I do find it a bit challenging, and so far it seems legit but it still brings up questions, as to is this the right thing for me. The distance learning is but the "name" of the school I question. What good is going thru all this and all you get out of it is a large bill and a chuckle when you show someone that you got a degree online at phoenix. Any thoughts or reassurance would be greatly appreciated...

Money Glitch profile image

Money Glitch 6 years ago from Texas Author

Hi pacific0786, The questions you ask are for you to answer. It is my belief that what you belief is what you will achieve. Those that choose to believe that a school name will hold them back - it will. Those that choose to believe that it's not the school name but what they learn and what they will achieve - it will happen.

"For profit schools" will always be shunned upon by the supposedly "non-profit more establish schools." Why, well I can think of about 2 million reasons why.

The only suggestion that I have is that you check out the social networks where undergrads and the grads are, like LinkedIn and Facebook and make your decisions after you met more people. Success is what you believe in and where you look for it and the action you choose to take to achieve it. Hope this helps. :)

jennifer 6 years ago

I am currently attending the UoP and I find the course work very challenging. Sure there have been classes that were easier than others, but it wasn't the school but rather the subject itself. It is expensive, compared to some local colleges but worth it since I am a working mother and a spouse of an active duty military member. I will be proud to graduate and I think when the time comes, I will feel I got a quality education. My mom is very successful and a lot of the people she works with have gone back to school to get their masters degree from the UoP and it is not only accepted by her workplace but paid for by their work as well. I think if you are thinking about going back to school, they are a good choice for those who don't have the ability to attend a "ground" college. I attended ASU and Western Oklahoma State for two years and the classes at UoP are just as challenging. Ok, now I'm rambling I just wanted people to know that it's a good school and I am glad that you brought up the point that you will read more negative than positive on the internet because people who are mad will make their feelings known but few satisfied students will take their time to post their good experiences with the school.

Money Glitch profile image

Money Glitch 6 years ago from Texas Author

Thanks jennifer for sharing your thoughts and experience with UOP. My company as well one of the large insurance chains recognizes and pays for classes at UOP as well. And as you said the individuals that can handle the curriculum are taking advantage of a win-win situation. :)

LPogue profile image

LPogue 6 years ago from Missouri

Great hub! I completed a master's degree in Computer Information Systems from UOP, and soon after had a job teaching at a state university. Online college degrees are great if the school is accredited. Make sure any online school you are interested in is accredited. It will make a difference in your ability to find employment after graduation.

Money Glitch profile image

Money Glitch 6 years ago from Texas Author

Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your success story of graduating from UOP. :)

DJ4YC 6 years ago

Money Glitch, great hub. I am also a student here at UOP. I am a Veteran of the Army and unfortunately never had the grades to be accepted by traditional schools coming out of high school. UOP has given me the opportunity to do what I love and that is to work in sports. I currently am doing my internship with a AAA football club out of Arizona and am loving it. I received my Sports Management degree and am currently working on my BS in Management. For all of those haters on here, check out this link:

His name is Howard Schmidt. He is a Phoenix....and he works for the President of the United States! So take your traditional, overpriced degree, know what, I am not even going to go there. But I think he makes more than YOU!

Money Glitch profile image

Money Glitch 6 years ago from Texas Author

Hi DJ4YC, thanks for stopping by to share your story and thoughts. I appreciate the link to another success story as well. Much success in your journey. :)

Topportunities profile image

Topportunities 6 years ago

Thanks for this hub. I acquired my Associates through UoP and am only a couple of months away from my Bachelors. It was nice to see someone who understood that the loudest voices are not always the right ones to listen to. I don't regret my decision to go with UoP and I'm glad there are others out there who are also proud to be a Phoenix.

Money Glitch profile image

Money Glitch 6 years ago from Texas Author

Congrats, Topportunities! It is always great to meet a Phoenix student. I know I would not have been able to complete a degree in a 'brick and martar' setting. I tried that unsuccessfully three time before finding UOP. Good luck on finishing your degree. Thanks for the read and for commenting. :)

daisyf1305 profile image

daisyf1305 5 years ago from miami beach

Great Hub...

I dropped out of UOP. it started out great, but into my second almost third year 15,000 in school loans I dropped from a 3.0 to a 2.5 the lessons were more complex, the classes were shorter (five weeks 3,000 page books 2,000 word essays in APA format done weekly). We had no chance to prepare we received our material the day class started, and had to prepare ASAP. Now I found myself stressed and not learning, when I talked to the advisors they asked me what my goals were.

I want to go to college to learn. Yes of course I want a degree but isn't the whole point our children are doing so poorly in school because 78% of the teachers do no know what they are teaching?

When I said enough was enough they were not happy but I have registered in a community college with a traditional setting where I can ask questions get responses and not get an attitude over the internet. How funny is that. Thanks for your hub great info...

Money Glitch profile image

Money Glitch 5 years ago from Texas Author

Thanks for stopping by for a read and sharing your thoughts about UOP. You are correct the curriculum is very structured and demanded of your time. I felt like I had a second full time job while attending; however, I would not change a thing.

Too bad you ran into some teacher that you felt didn't qualify to teach the courses. I had about 3 out of the numerous teachers I had during my tenure. Many of mine were way over qualified with years of experience working within the field they were teaching. I.e. real lawyers taught my business law classes and CPAs conducted my accounting courses. But, I'm sure you would agree that there are bad teachers in practically every establishment. Best wishes on your quest in getting your degree. :)

daisyf1305 profile image

daisyf1305 5 years ago from miami beach

Your are right, UOP has worked for many students, I just not great with the online thing, I like and need hands on. To be able to interact with people facae on, talk, the forums were great I met different classmates that I still talk to but I hust couldn't do it any longer. Going back to traditional and excited. I want to go to school to learn not just have a degree hanging on my wall. I feel my students will benefit from someone that knows what she is teaching. Way to many teachers that work and don't know what they are teaching. Major problem our children have in the public schools today, many teachers don't teach...

Thanks for your comment...


Can't complain 5 years ago

I had this debate with a fellow friend because I am receiving my B.S. at UOP and graduated with my Associates from there. My colleague insisted that I check into it to see if the UOP degree will be accepted. However, unlike some I have other plans. I plan on working and getting my other certifications in the UK where I am currently. I have learned a lot during the 3 years at the school. In addition, my writing skills are better than people I know at traditional schools. I have had instructors who have worked in the White House, Boeing, etc. Like you said it is all in what you make it. When it is time for me to get a job in my field I will make sure I have the proper knowledge and I will sell myself not the name of the college.I will be honest, the reason why there are so many negative comments is because UOP holds the largest number of students. Thank you for your story, I get so tired of people blaming everyone else for their situation.

Money Glitch profile image

Money Glitch 5 years ago from Texas Author

Hhhhmmmm, great summation that the largest number of students would equate to a larger amount of negative comments. I would have to agree with that concept. Thanks for stopping by to share your experience and thoughts about UOP. Much success to you! :)

wendi_w profile image

wendi_w 5 years ago from Midwest

Thank you for this hub, I have attended the university of phoenix as well and have been rather frightened by some of the negative comments. I attended a regular college and found there are always problems. Your article was very even handed.

Money Glitch profile image

Money Glitch 5 years ago from Texas Author

Thanks for stopping by for a read and sharing your thoughts. Good luck on your quest for more knowledge. :)

profile image

Librat 5 years ago

I really appreciate this article. I was attending a local community college, on Easter my home burned completely and my children & I lost everything. I dropped all classes for spring semester to find a place to live and work mor hours to try and replace clothes and other necessities. I was denied financial aid for fall semester because my completion rate was not high enough though I was granted an appeal for summer semester and completed the semester with good grades. The financial aid office told me that I need to complete 18 cr either by paying completely out of pocet or another option would be to go to an online school then transfer back. I have been talking to UoP and am set to start October 11, 2011. I was trying to research if a degee from UoP would actually help in my field because I have a 1 year old and 3 teenagers. I'd really like to be at home and pursue an Associates and eventually a Masters in Psychology.

daniel 5 years ago

All I can say to this comment is that I'm a year into my associates degree and I'm proud to be a phoenix!

Money Glitch profile image

Money Glitch 5 years ago from Texas Author

Librat and Daniel, Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Much success to you both!

The truth 5 years ago

The real challenge comes when you have to work 50 to 60 hours a week, makes sure your family is provided for and do it all over gain the next day. I remember when I went to traditional school, all I did was party and go through the motions. It was a complete waste of time for me at that time. It like every one here has been saying, its what you put in that you will get out.

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Money Glitch 5 years ago from Texas Author

Thxs "The Truth" for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. :) 5 years ago

Ok I know this is a success story of how u finished school but, what about after u obtained your degree did u find a job in your course of study contact me by email. The user name is my email thanks.

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diamondwebb 5 years ago

hello moneyglitch, just askef the question I was going to adk you.

Please share with us your story post-graduating from UOP.

It will be greatly appreciated.

I start UOP 2012 and pray for success during and after graduation.

Love this hub. I needed to hear the positive truth.

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diamondwebb 5 years ago

Reading Phoenix Focus Magazine, this magazine is an alumni magazine where you can read about UOPX Alumni successes. This month, there is an article about franchise owner of Jack in the Box, Atour Eyvazian UPOX Alumni, and Jon Bullinger owner of YEYO Tequila brand to name a few. Visit:

Went to a real school 5 years ago

College degrees are supposed to be expensive and difficult to get. If they were cheap and easy everyone would get them. It cheapens the value of real higher education if you are taken seriously. You also notice that they offer amorphous degrees that have little real world value. The U of P clearly demonstrated the divide between the quality of education that the have nots receive as compared to the haves. These pay for education companies have poor people chasing the idea of higher education will be there ticket to prosperity. It is yet another taxpayer supported folly that will ultimately end in ruin. Find yourself a trade school or real community college.

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Money Glitch 5 years ago from Texas Author

@cgar and diamondweb, I think that you will agree with me when I say, that getting a degree from any school will not guarantee that you have a successful career. With this economy there are just as many individuals that went to Ivy League schools out of work as there are with any other colleges.

I consider myself among the fortunate to still have decent income coming in and yes now that the economy is picking up; the recruiters are calling. :)

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beachboy0915 5 years ago

All I have to say at the moment is UOP is the biggest joke of a fake school I have ever had the unfortunate opportunity to experience. Thank GOD I didn't take any student loans out to attend UOP dump! When a school goes so far as to commit academic fraud, I think it is very safe to say that UOP is a dishonest, diploma mill that places profit in front of quality and ensuring high quality education to it's students. The sooner society and the government do something about shutting this money pit down, the better off we all will be! Judgement day is coming UOP, and I don't think you are going to make the grade!!! I've been to real schools and UOP is definitely not a real school in anyway, shape or form.

marissa 4 years ago

i just started my degree program in elementary education for my associates. Taking online classes works with my schedule, working two jobs, i dont have the time to try and go and sit in classes when im always working. ive been getting so worried by all the negativity i have been reading about the school, but after reading all the positive it changed how i view things. i personally find the school convinient and helpful. my enrollment advisor is very helpful and contacts me each week. i have his direct number so if any problems occur i can contact him. i also find the teachers very helpful as well and school is working well for me.

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Money Glitch 4 years ago from Texas Author

@beachboy0915 - Everyone is entitled to their own opinion that's why I left your posting however, I think that many schools are now offering online classes to meet the needs of their adult learners as they pursue their careers. UOP just happened to be one of the first few to set the online trend and it has many successful students sharing their stories.

@marissa - Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. :)

Bdawg 4 years ago

Hello Money Glitch

Thanks for the insperational story. I started my education after exiting the military and starting a family. My employer paid only $5250 per year for my classes as long as I earned at least a C as well. In 2006 I was laid off with 8 classes remaining for my BS/BM. After being out of work for 4 weeks I landed a job with the largest railrod in the U.S. as a conductor. The job required that I be on call 24/7 so I was not able to start my education back up. In 2009 I was let go by the railroad and shortly after that I found out that the Veterans Administration would pay for me to complete my degree. I didn't have the time to go back to the UOP campus so I chose UOP online. I listened to all of the negative hyp about UOP online, then I came across a story that said that two ivy league schools had modeled their online classes and ciriculum after UOP which mad me feel even better about my decision to remain with the UOP. My wife recived her undergraduate degree from on on campus school here in Colorado and then decided to do her masters online with the UOP. and is successful as a college counselor at one of the top public schools in Colorado. I am 7 week from graduating and had to deal with one of my foster children commiting suicide last week. She graduated top of her class, won the Horatio Alger Scholarship, the Daniels fund Scholarship and several others where her education was fully paid for. She took her life after she lost her first job out of college and she didn't know how she was ever going to recover from the financial hardship she was in with a mortgage, car payment and insurance. It was difficult to stay focused but I have had one too many delays in reaching my goals, and I have a 15 year old who already know education is not an option but a necessity. I think that with just about everything people who want to feel good about themselves at the expense of others will always try to find a way to make lite of someone elses accomplishments in order to somehow inflate theirs. I have heard that some employers shun candidates with UOP degrees, but I wonder what they will say about the people who receive their online degrees from Villinova. I will be taking online classes through Villinova online to obtaine my Masters Certification in human resuorces management. Thanks for the positive post and sharing parts of your journey with us.

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Londonlady 4 years ago

I have friends who say it's both. They say it depends on what you make of it.

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ssaffery 4 years ago from Los Angeles, California

University of Phoenix fraud, simply put. This school is a joke, heck they won't even hire their own graduates. Read my hubs about all the lawsuits this school settled out of court to avoid being in the media.

chalkboardchat profile image

chalkboardchat 4 years ago

I teach for Phoenix, as well as at a large State school in the traditional manner. I love your quote, "only the individual participating in the journey can make that determination." This is true for all students, online or on-campus.

Donna Smith 4 years ago

I received my MBA from UOP. I attended a campus in Japan on a military Base. ALthough most of my studies were in the class room I did have to take some online classes. I found that the program was intense and challenging. I feel that everybody will experience different things and you are going to get out of it what you put it. I had to work hard to get my degree it was not handed to me. I feel when you take classes online you have to be more dedicated and work harder to complete that program. No school is perfect!! No matter what school you go to there is going to be someone out there that has something negative to say. It is your job to make your decision and then put in the work and make sure you all your learning experiances and make it work for you!

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Missy Mac 4 years ago from Illinois

Welcome fellow UOP graduate. I completed two MAED's online. It was not easy, but I made it through the difficulties. Great article.

Amanda JR 3 years ago

Thank you for sharing your truthful and real story. This was such a refreshing read and I am proud to say I agree with you 100%. While UOPX is reputable and desires positive attention, you, my friend deserve applause for your dedication and determination. God brought you to it and He brought you through it! Congrats!!

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DrRebeccaSanders 3 years ago from Indiana

Well done - and thank you for taking the time to write this hub.

Dr. Rebecca Sanders - a PROUD member of the faculty at University of Phoenix

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ssaffery 3 years ago from Los Angeles, California

The University of Phoenix paid two former enrollment counselors $9.5 million dollars a piece for signing up students who couldn't spell or pronounce English words correctly. That is fraud! And then the smart students were complaining because some students performed so poorly in class it was like the smart students were learning with kindergarteners who couldn't sing the ABC song correctly. lol

Read about that lawsuit here:

Wasn't the University of Phoenix supposed to close down for good because it lost its accreditation this year, 2013? Read about that below here:

DrRebeccaSanders profile image

DrRebeccaSanders 3 years ago from Indiana

University of Phoenix did NOT lose accreditation. Notice that the article said it MAY lose accreditation. However, we successfully kept our accreditation during our last review this past summer.

Johnb698 2 years ago

Inspiring story, where did you quote it from? ceegkbbkagea

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