Using Tact

Better not be in  a situation like this
Better not be in a situation like this

Hi reader.....!!! :)

Today I just thought why not talk about a issue which we all want to know.....what to talk to a person , which words to state at what other words.....TACT

Being tactful is so important in every relationship whether it be with colleagues, friends, family members , lovers ......

If we observe , when we interact with close ones we end up saying things that we may think is absolutely normal.....but it hurts the other person ... and unfortunately that person remembers it for his entire lifetime.....!! How bad is human memory when it comes to this !!!!

It thus becomes imperative as to when which words we use......isnt it?

It seems so simple...but so difficult to practise ......but not a Herculean task to be tactful.....

Paramhansa Yogananda said ," Learn to use tact....people are not unfeeling stones."

Being tactful is indeed an art....the key is understanding the person....empathizing......

and accepting them for what they are......

there will be some who will be really testing your patience.....just do not lose your cool....and ensure you dont hurt that person the same way he has...otherwise theres no difference between you and him....

Have a good day,

Post your comments.... and tell me whether my suggestion worked


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