What is a Brain Haemorrhage?

what is a brain haemorrhage...

Understanding a brain haemorrhage...

If you are wondering what is a brain haemorrhage because it has either affected someone you love or fear that it may happen to you, then this article will help you better understand the many complications by explaining what a brain haemorrhage is and the current treatments being used on patients.

Unfortunately, a brain haemorrhage is a serious and potentially life-threatening condition. It occurs when blood leaks out of blood vessels over the surface of the brain. It is known as a subarachnoid haemorrhage because the bleeding occurs in the arteries that run underneath a membrane in our brain called the arachnoid, which is just below the surface of the skull.

Can a Brain Haemorrhage be Inherited?

It is rare for a brain haemorrhage to inherited. However, if relatives of the first degree have been affected (such as mother, father, sibling, child) by a spontaneous brain haemorrhage it may be worthwhile discussing the significance of your family history with your own doctor.

A spontaneous brain haemorrhage (i.e. not caused by injury) is often due to weakened or damaged blood vessels rupturing and bleeding within or around the brain. There is no room for a large amount of blood within the confines of the skull, so any bleeding causes serious damage to brain tissue by increasing pressure within the skull and disrupting the normal blood supply to the brain.

When bleeding occurs deep within the brain (intracerebral haemorrhage), it causes sudden loss of neurological function in a part of the body (haemorrhagic stroke or 'cerebrovascular accident') and collapse.

Sometimes bleeding occurs on the surface of the brain (subarachnoid haemorrhage) and this causes a severe headache of dramatically sudden onset, associated with vomiting, sensitivity to bright light and, not infrequently, collapse and coma too. As with all things in medical, the symptoms can vary, be mixed up, or may not always present itself with typical features.

Occasionally, dilated blood vessels with weak walls (berry aneurysms) are in-born, but often the underlying problem is damage caused by smoking, high blood pressure and clogging of the arteries.

In this video Dr. Carlo Oller, emergency physician, discusses the case of a patient with a brain hemorrhage

Symptoms for a Brain Haemorrhage?

There's often little or no warning that a subarachnoid haemorrhage is about to occur. Typically, the person collapses with a sudden headache, unlike any they've experienced before. They may vomit, develop signs of meningitis, such as neck stiffness and a dislike of light, while becoming rapidly drowsy, confused and unconscious.

In milder cases, the illness may appear like migraine or meningitis due to an infection, but in severe cases it's quickly apparent that something is seriously wrong.

How is a Brain Haemorrhage Diagnosed?

Once a person reaches hospital, a diagnosis is usually quickly confirmed with a CT scan of the brain.

what is a brain haemorrhage...

What's the Treatment for a Brain Haemorrhage?

Those who survive the initial episode are at greater risk of another bleed unless action is taken. The standard treatment used to be surgery, which involves opening the skull and clipping off the faulty blood vessel. This operation, known as clipping, is usually done within days, but in severe cases and the elderly it may be delayed for a few weeks. However, although the operation puts an end to the risk, it carries a risk of damage, although this risk is far less than that of a second bleed.

In recent years, a new technique has been developed as an alternative to clipping, known as endovascular detachable-coil treatment or coiling, a detachable plantinum coil device is inserted into the blood vessels via a small cut in the skin (usually in the groin) and passed up into the brain under x-ray guidance to block off the faulty vessel.

In 2005, a long-term follow-up study of patients treated with coiling showed that it's as effective as surgery, has a lower risk of complications and offers a greater chance of survival without disability. It's now the standard treatment for most aneurysms in most areas of the UK.

Recovery from any type of stroke tends to be slow. Intensive rehabilitation therapy, including physiotherapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy are usually needed.

Depression is a common problem after a stroke and good psychological and drug treatments are often essential to help with recovery.

After decades of being viewed as a fairly hopeless condition where only little treatment could be done, new approaches are at last starting to make some impact on recovery rates from strokes. For example, researchers have shown for the first time in humans that rehabilitation therapy may help a stroke survivor's brain rewire itself, leading to regained use of a previously unused limb.

All these developments have helped many who have suffered from this unfortunate condition. If someone close to you has been affected, let them know that there are options available. It is still possible for someone who has suffered from a brain haemorrhage to have a chance at a full and long life if they are treated properly.

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rebecca 8 years ago

hi my names rebecca and my partner had a brainhemmorage and he cant walk again my daughter is finding it hard to accept can anyone give me some advice thanx this is my email xbecca-px@hotmail.co.uk

Discover More Now profile image

Discover More Now 8 years ago from Michigan, USA

A ruptured brain aneurysm is a very serious problem. I survived one on 4/3/02. It's been a long hard struggle but I am making progress. It took me a couple of years before I could walk any distance.

However, I am still able to get around on the internet with no problem. That's considered a bit odd by most.

A quick note to Rebecca in the above comment. Give your partner a bit of time. Things do work out if given a chance.


SONIA 8 years ago


Balinese profile image

Balinese 7 years ago from Ireland

my uncle had scan of his brain - and show the liquid was leaking and don't what does mean ? and now he is in hospital - do you think he will survive ? i worried - can you email me at ronidublin@gmail.com

thanks for your info- and looking forward to hearing from you

Jim 6 years ago

hello there....

Jason 6 years ago

ok...for a while now i have been suffering with headaches, quite painful and very frequent. my question is my great nan, my nan and my mum all died from brain hemorrhages. is thee a possibility i could have something wrong, should i be asking for some kind of scan to be done to make sure? any advice would be grateful, thanks J

RUBY 6 years ago


ranjana 6 years ago

hi my frnd had a brainhemmorage is it curiable ?

deirdre 6 years ago

oom again as i am now a slow learner and need extra assistance and more time. but i will do it. i have too.

Sunny Harjani profile image

Sunny Harjani 6 years ago from Nepal and TIBET

Dear Deirdre,

Had a stroke also type of brain haemorrhage. You usually 1 of 9 survive being

in a chair. I survived and took 4 months > 9 doctors >7 blood tests >4 MRI's>

thank you---Sunny Harjani

Frances  6 years ago

I had a brain haemorrage ehen I was 14 years old (1954)which left me paralyzed on my right side, I don't remember the first 2 weeks after it happened, a few months everything came back except my right leg. In 1994 I had another one and I remember everything including wunderful Prof. Lorenz in the UNI clinic FFM

Annette Jones 6 years ago

Hi I had a cerbellum bleed Feb 2009 I was in hospital for almost 9 months and had a PV Shunt fitted.I can now walk around with one crutch for balance it could have been so much worse and everyone tells me how well I look.

There is hope.

aks bUtt 6 years ago


my uncl had a brain haem0ragge al0ng with a severe attack of paralysis , 4 days bfr. ,aftr tht he regaind his heart beat 2 n half hrs later by electric sh0cks. , dn he ws put to ventilat0r machine for 4 days, nw he is put to oxygen cylindr 0nly. , dctrs sy tht there is no mre chance of his life :-(

please guide me abt this matter

aks bUtt 6 years ago


my uncl had a brain haem0ragge al0ng with a severe attack of paralysis , 4 days bfr. ,aftr tht he regaind his heart beat 2 n half hrs later by electric sh0cks. , dn he ws put to ventilat0r machine for 4 days, nw he is put to oxygen cylindr 0nly. , dctrs sy tht there is no mre chance of his life :-(

please guide me abt this matter

Khan 6 years ago

Brother, Brain haem0ragge is very harsh deseas. my father is also faced that in 2004 but he is paralised since then and the healt goes down day by day and he loose his mind presence since last 2 years..

well god bless him....

only pray mey help......

Khan 6 years ago

hello Ruby....

in severe stroke the position of the patient may still..

the recovery in severe attacks have no chance or a little bit... My Father is also a patient of Severe brain attack (haem0ragge)... You may take a chance through regularly exercise... may contact at akram.khan@rediffmail.com

Mike 6 years ago

It's worth knowing that if a doctor fails to diagnose a brain haemorrhage you might be able to claim compensation.

There's a good site that explains what's involved www.brainhaemorrhage.co.uk.

Christine 6 years ago

Well, when i was 8 1/2 yrs old (1989)i got a Brain Haemorrhage while playing in Trabolgan(Water Park, Co. Cork.)I had 3 operations, still have the clips in my head,a huge hole in the back of my head which ican't sleep on my back or left side as this will swell up.But thank god and the doctors i am fine.All i was worried about was my long hair which the doctors shaved off.

I have migraines now since a car accident at Xmas 2000 but they can be handled by medicines.Cant complain, i am still here and thats all that matters.

Robert 6 years ago

I had a SAH on April 17th 2010. I have not had any physiotherapy or any other kind of therapy. I suffer fatigue. It has now been five months. The DWP want to send me back to work, do you think its too early.

jasmine 6 years ago

ma frnd s main problem is depression..i want him bak very badly..pls tell me if der is any chances..jasmineonmoon@yahoo.co.in

aqsa latif 6 years ago


do u hv any herbal treatment regarding rhemutoid arthritis?

toneyahuja profile image

toneyahuja 6 years ago from India

Wao now life can be saved better. It is amazing information on CT Scan. http://computedtomographyscan.blogspot.com/

jean 6 years ago

things get better i think

sethzen 6 years ago

i suffered from a brain haemorrhage due to an AVM a few months back, i'm currently in hospital learning to walk and use my left hand again, good fun :D i don't remember much but the people i was with told me i was complaining of a seriously bad head ache just before i passed out lol

Lelin 6 years ago

Hey if my grand mother recovers from brain haemorrhage.may god help us.blood comes from brain to spinal cord.will she survive in the world.

amit 6 years ago

my 21 yr old sister died instantly .post mortem reports said it was brain haemorrage.what causes this instant death at such a young age.

Shuhad 6 years ago

My mom got Hit by a Wooded chair appently top of her Head. She bleeded to the Hospital, it took doctor Three stiches from The externel bleeding. Do u think it can lead to brain haemorrhage????

emilyjaynex 6 years ago

My mother died of a brain haemorrhage when I was 1 and now I'm 16. I'm worried if I could get one too, if someone can help me please reply or mail me on cool_emily_jayne@hotmail.co.uk

My mother always used to get headaches all the time before her death, does anyone know if this was a sign of the brain haemorrhage to come? Please could someone help? Thanks.

emilyjaynex 6 years ago

My mother died of a brain haemorrhage when I was 1 and now I'm 16. I'm worried if I could get one too, if someone can help me please reply or mail me on cool_emily_jayne@hotmail.co.uk

My mother always used to get headaches all the time before her death, does anyone know if this was a sign of the brain haemorrhage to come? Please could someone help? Thanks.

Sinead 5 years ago

My best friend died of a brain haemorrhage almost 8yrs ago at the age of 19, she did have nose bleeds & headaches occasionally for yrs before she died. The night of her death she took a severe headache & went to the bathroom where she collapsed she died later in hospital.

To this day I still get it very hard to get my head around, would a doctor have been able to diagnose? Did an injury cause this? Really wish she was still with me.

himanshu 5 years ago

My best friend died of a brain haemorrhage almost 8yrs ago at the age of 19, she did have nose bleeds & headaches occasionally for yrs before she died. The night of her death she took a severe headache & went to the bathroom where she collapsed she died later in hospital.

To this day I still get it very hard to get my head around, would a doctor have been able to diagnose? Did an injury cause this? Really wish she was still with me.

Brendon Kermode 5 years ago

Hi there people, I just had a brain haemorrhage a couple of months back and I don't know what to do about it, can you guys give me advice/advise? Don't mind the spelling

Paul 5 years ago

My father suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage in June 2010. Its been a very slow process but he is now recovering. The recovery process also has many different problems. My father cant do much due to dizzyness and headaches. Hopefully things will improve.

stuart bee 5 years ago

i have had a brain hemorrage two very bad secures october last year i have had no help from the doctors and i have got bad deprssion i cant find a way out can somone help it is pulling my family to bits

meenakshi 5 years ago

my friends husband is diagnosed with brain haemorrhage, some two days back, an enormous block in the right side of the brain (temporal lobe), and doctors are simply hopeless about his case, and the time limit for him is just another two hours, is there no treatment in this whole world for brain haemorrhage.he is just 30 years old and its going to be the end of this life. any suggestions on this from anyone is always invited.


bandana 5 years ago

if a baby have brain hammeorage how many chance of survive .if survive what is baby's future

nermin 5 years ago

my Dad has suddenly brain bleeding into 3rd ventricle and pinpoint pupil too, he is in coma now, how can we proceed into prognosis

nermin 5 years ago


MK 5 years ago

Thank you for your very informative article here. A close 67 yr old relative of mine is currently under treatment for brain haemorrhage, supposedly caused due to an overdose of warfarin (an anticoagulant drug) and excessive stress. We all have been told not to expect much from the ongoing treatment but everyone believes there's still hope. The condition she presently is in, i cant see anything even remotely close to hope for miles around. Just hoping things go back to normal.

bellacreme 5 years ago

My 16 year old niece has been diagnosed with a deep brain haemorrage. She came home from school with a bad headache, convulsed and collapsed. She is now in hospital and placed in a coma. Today is day two and we have yet to know the out come when she awakens. I am positive she will come through but with what affects we do not know. As long as she survives we can all help her with what ever she needs. May God be with her and all of you who have friends/family members who have suffered this trauma.

Isabelle 5 years ago

First of all MK and Bellacreme I really hope all will be ok.

I suffered a haemorrage a year ago, the kind which bleeds on the surface of the brain into the tissue, not the deep type. I was lucky, it was extremely painful but I was back in work after a 2 or 3 months and I seem to be back to normal. I think the hardest thing for me as been the fear of it happening again, no matter what the doctors say you still worry, esp as I often get bad migranes now. The doctors say it was just a random thing but I feel certain it was caused by stress before this happened. It is rare though of cause. Just saying if you know anyone in a similar position this may be what they are thinking after the event and recovery. Good luck everyone if you know of someone who has had this or if you have and are recovering.

Louise 5 years ago

Hello everyone and big welldone.

I suffered a haemorrage over a year ago and I am ok now but with persistent headaches and pain on the right side of my body (head to feet)I had stroke after the operation and I recovered imediately while in the hospital. I tell you getting back to normal has been trying in all aspects of my life-initially I could not speak, or pronounce words or spell but it got better daily. My family and friends were very supportive with assist and prayers. I intend to get back to work come what may but my organisation are been... I have gone through all the occupational therepy sessions and they feel I am not ready. I have told them to let me go back and start with a few hours a day and then, I am observed over a few weeks and an observation can be concluded if I continue or hold on. I am waiting for their reply.

For those that had anyone in their family with haemorrage, I feel it is best to go for a scan periodically to check so you can have some peace of mind.

Those looking after anyone-welldone ok. Your love and labour is never in vain.

Mubeen Walele 5 years ago

Fabi Ayiaalaa Hi Rabbi Kumaan Tukazzibaan.....Do we think, we are greater then Allah, the lord of the worlds. No one can go against his decision. No one can duplicate or make things what he has made. In everything there is a sign from him to show that we are nothing. And He alone is perfect.

Shahid 5 years ago

is brain haemorrhage is caused due to having frequent sex ? and some times much concentrating to have ways of sex with every women that he meets?

C.K.Rahangdale 5 years ago

My Father in law suffered with intensive brain stroke and a blood clot of 6 mm was seen in CT scan.After treatment he is recovered with speech disability.Will he be able to restore speech capability.

md. azhar & vivek 5 years ago

my father was dead at the age of 42 years old and his name was md aslam due to brain haemorrhage.i suggest you all if u or your family member suffer from any type of headache or paralysis than u should must consult with specilist doctor also for checkup


i was also suffring with brain haemorrhage but now i am ok.......i can understand about this desease"s bad effect.

somia 5 years ago

hi my brother was died at the age 0f 2 years his name was sam due to brain haemorrhage

Tanisha 5 years ago

Ive been having serious headaches , worse then normal. At first I thought it was menigitis but the doctor conformed it wasn't. I was told it was just a bad headache and to take some medicine for it. But now the pain is worst and I feel like my head is gonna explode. I'm very sensitive to light and I have neck stiffness. Could this be a sigh of brain haemorrhage or is it just a headache like the doc said ?

SANDY 5 years ago

Can Brain Haemorrhage come only once suddenly and person can die ? Or any one can make the Maemorrhage suddenly and person can die, even though person is fit. He was not suffered any diseases, but die because of Brain Haemorrhage.

dee 5 years ago

my sister in law son had a brain bleed and after operation now cannot see

Will 5 years ago

Hello, I have a friend whose elderly mother had a brain haemorrhage 3 years ago. I was wondering, can anyone suggest the best management for the combative symptoms that the patient now shows signs of at home?

kirti kumar 4 years ago

my elder brother had a haemorrhage last week and operated upon . still in hospital , not fully in his sences moves his eyes on calling do not know whether he remembers the people around or just moves eyes . twice cat scan done to confirm tht there is no clot now .pls advice

Romsha 4 years ago

My maternal Grandfather recently had haemorrhage. the symptoms match as mentioned above. I want to know what could be the possible reason for this. Doctor says there is a month old clot visible in his CT scan. Could depression or any kind of stress be the reason.

Believer 4 years ago

God is the only solution...

angel 4 years ago

my 17yrs old brother is suffering frm this disease....

plz pray for him...

Louise 4 years ago

Hi, just thought I'd say that I had a Brain Haemorrhage 12 years ago and for those wondering with lots of hard work it can be overcome, & Angel its not a disease its just something that happened, in my case I just colapsed

I just thought I'd say there is life after...

Best wishes to all...

Meryum 4 years ago

Hello.. May everyone who has a loved one going through a brain haemorrhage right now have the,determination n power of Allah to survive.. They will b in my prayers..

My mother had a two brain haemorrhages in the space of 10 months,with grace of Allah she survived n made tremendous recoveries both times.. She sadly will never b her old self again b Yh wr just greatful that she's here amoungst us..

All I can say is there's nothing more painful then,watching a loved one slipping away n there's nothing u can do but remember ur not alone n please never give up hope.. anything can happen..

Remember my mum in your prayers n in return I will do the same..

God bless xxxx

aolmmnbjyqjhv 4 years ago

The cultivation of mastermind and unbalanced massage in beijing development

rishab jaiswal 4 years ago

My maternal uncle is suffering from major brain haemorrhage,on tuesday morning he suffered from nausea n vomiting and after being admitting to sahara hospital deyy said he 's not having so hope n said he has 1% chance of surving .earlier he was patient of hypertension since from 2 months.please help me n say dat is he having anychance to survive

Sumon 4 years ago

Thanks for the nice post about brain. Brain is one of the great important things and we have to keep our brain healthy. We are always try to know How to Be htealthy, but never think about our brain. We have to be more aware about our brain.

Best Regards,


avantikaverma 4 years ago

yesterday my friend's mother suffered from this dangerous and a type of uncurable disease and she left us due to this .A very bad moment of my friend's life

ram 4 years ago

last month my 25 yrs old brothr was doing very senseless activities from morning...and his body,s part was not working with his will...we were not confining what exactly was that...but in evening suddenly he was paralysised and we admitted him in d hospital but doctors said that he is dead with a brain hammerroge...so if any one is acting like this then plz make it in mind that it may be injurious for your brain...and may it cause a brain hammorrage

Sherin 4 years ago

My aunt suffered from this and went through a surgery. Off course she was paralysed. But through continuous physiotherapy, she was able to walk, speak and be normal after that. She was with us for ten years after that. Don't ever give up hope.

David Barban 4 years ago

Hello. My name is David Barban/Colombier. I had two brain hemmorrages at the age of 5, in 1969. I survived both of them.I am being followed eversince by neurologists. I always have been thaught by my parents: independence. I take, obviously medications since then. Sometimes, I have epilepsies.

I am paralysed on my right side (left hemispher was touched). I walk with a limb. I am now 48 years of age, and doing O.K.

4 years ago

Brain Haemorrhage is accident or not

mariecrisfelicitas 4 years ago

my husband has a vehicular accident for the past 5 years...he had a hemmorage in his brain but it was dissolve by a medicine given to him....but now he is sufferring a hadache he cannot turn to the left side of his head when he laid down at night

suman sehra 3 years ago

my dad was hit by speeding motorbike while crossing the road.lower bone of his right leg broken and he had head injury,PCR came and they took him to the hospital but he died on the way....my question is what was the reason of death

tarun kumar 3 years ago

i am from delhi, now a days i am suffering from Headache and i can't tolerate it last 2 weeks before when i woke up a serious headache, rush to doctor but he told me its not a serious problem and prescribed me viral medicine antibiotics. i have been suffering from this problem for the past 12yrs . i ever getting headache whenever do some work, major pain center of brain and swelling comes. i don't know why this is happening. tarunskp@gmail.com

Krystal 3 years ago

I think the hospital killed my son due to them not giving him the platets he needed to have which caused a brain hemitorige he's was 6 years old please any info on this email me stangchik1983@gmail.com

Murad 3 years ago

We are from Sukkur, Sindh Pakistan, On 3rd June, 2013 my 5 years Neice suffered from stroke leading her 3 days in coma and doctors decleared as brain death on 6th of June-13 at 0530am. In CT scan doctors found blood in Cerebral vein. She was fine before this stroke. Soon i will sahre medical reports concent. Pray for her as she was very cute...

David Barban 3 years ago

Hi. I had two strokes at the age of 5 in 1969. I am now almost 50 years old. With the help of my neurosurgeon, good neurologists, and a lot of medication, I' m still alive.....and of course, my parents!!! I am completely independent, Thanks to all that I have to thank! The list is too long, but, they know who they are! Thanks again, David Barban

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