When Was The First Nobel Prize For Economics Awarded

Nobel Prize for Economics

When was the first Nobel Prize for economics awarded? or Who was the first economist to win a Nobel Prize?, seems to be the question everyone seems to be asking today!

Well, here is the answer to those questions.

The first Nobel Prize for economics were awarded in the year of 1969. Now to the second question, two economists, Ragnar Frisch and Jan Tinbergen, shared Nobel Prize for economics in 1969. If two persons are chosen for the same award, how can any one of them be the first?

Although they were the first two economists to win the Nobel Prize in economics, actually, another economist won the Nobel Prize way back in 1901. French economist Frederic Passy shared the Nobel Peace Prize with Jean Henry Dunant in 1901. They were the first recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize.


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Jan TinbergenJean Henri DunantRagnar FrischFrederic Passy
Jan Tinbergen
Jan Tinbergen
Jean Henri Dunant
Jean Henri Dunant
Ragnar Frisch
Ragnar Frisch
Frederic Passy
Frederic Passy

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Another GREAT Hub SunSeven!! I am a HUGE fan of anything that contributes to independent thought!! It concerns me that so many people know what Britney Spears is doing at any given moment and have no idea what a Nobel or Pulizer even is!! Thank you for raising the bar!! Blessings, Earth Angel!!

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