When mental illness is not controlled

Killing people because your head told you to

As each one of us watched the story unfold in Colorado, it was devastating. People who just wanted to see a movie for some fun, end up dead or injured.

As the killers face is plastered all over the news, we hate him, wish death on him, probably would spit on him if we could or even shoot him.

James Holmes, unfortunately was schizophrenic, with parents who did nothing to help him with his mental illness. They are just as much guilty of this shooting as he is, for not getting the help he needed.

Does anyone normal, walk into a full movie theatre, a high school, a mall, and just open fire on people they don't know? Of course not. I'm not feeling sorry for this young man, however this whole incidence could have been avoided had his parents gotten him the help he needed and not waited until something like this occurred. Looking at his picture you can definitely tell there is something wrong with him.

No one is making excuses for him, but the world of the mentally ill, are not being treated and causing them to be a danger to themselves and others.

Mental illness happens to about one in every 17 people who are affected by serious mental illness. Over 52 million people in the United States alone are suffering from some kind of mental disorder.

So what do we do for these people? Make their families accountable when they refuse to get them help. His parents need to go to jail just like he does. As he sits in his chair without even anything but a blank stare on his face, do you really think he is all there mentally.

Sure you all will say something like, when things like this happen people always want to blame it on insanity. Well think of it this way: When people are pissed off at someone and kill just that person, they willing knew what they were doing. When someone walks in to a public place and opens fire on people that they don't even know, then that is not normal behavior by any means. Does it mean they are not mentally ill? Probably not.

Society, as in families, need to get these people help. It's not fair to these people to be mentally ill and no help is provided. Most homeless people are mentally ill or drug addicted.

We need to come together as a society and realize that mental illness is very real. It's not making excuses for their wrong doings, but with help they can live normal lives.

My heart and prayers goes out to these families in Colorado and I sincerely hope the public wakes up.

If you or a family member feels that someone in your family is of harm to themselves or someone else they can be baker acted for 72 hours. That means held in the hospital until they are seen by a physciatrist for evaluation. Then plans are put in place and meds are given for when that patient goes home.

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Rosalee E Russell-Abhau 4 years ago

Very good article. A test? A person needs to be evaluated. I would like to add that people with a continuous mental illness need to be treated continuously. They need a therapist, psychiatrist and general practitioner. Everyone should receive a full physical once a year. Those suffering from mental illness need medicine and meds need to be monitored by a psychiatrist. A therapist will help the patient with cognitive behavior skills as well as see signs of any behavior change!

Aficionada profile image

Aficionada 4 years ago from Indiana, USA

Thanks, that is helpful!

Author Cheryl profile image

Author Cheryl 4 years ago Author

I have added that information to this hub. Thanks for the feed back.

Author Cheryl profile image

Author Cheryl 4 years ago Author

Baker Act was a law put in place when an individual was thought to be harmful to themselves or others. They have to be held for 72 hours and be evaluated by a psychiatrist. to deem them mentally ill and a danger to themselves or others. At that time a plan is put in place for medications and outside help once the patient is sent home.

Aficionada profile image

Aficionada 4 years ago from Indiana, USA

I am not familiar with the term "baker acted" (in Gwen's comment). Could that be explained please?

There may be other people besides me who don't clearly understand how current laws operate in regards to forcing an adult to seek treatment for mental illness. I believe that it would be a great enhancement to this article to add that sort of information - or links to it.

Author Cheryl profile image

Author Cheryl 4 years ago Author

I am really sure that sane people just think that oh today I will go in a movie theatre and kill everybody. Or women like Andrea Yates just decides one day to kill her five children just because. Wake up people this is not normal. Its sad and devastating for someone to wrap their head around it, however if these people had all their faculties do you think this would have happened????

Carol 4 years ago

To the rude person who said we should test them before they do things like this, doesnt this make a mockery of you as a writer. Apparently you have no understanding of mental illness. I have worked in psychology for 35 years and yes it is the parents fault as well when they knew he was schizophrenic. She isnt saying she feels sorry for the guy, she is saying that his parents are just as much guilty as he is and I agree. How long it it going to take the public to realize that one in four adults suffers from some kind of mental illness and how many get treatment. This situation is sad for sure but could have darn well been prevented all the way around. What about the person who sold the explosives and sent them in the mail. What about the person selling him the guns. How about people taking responsibility for people like this and quit looking at them as monsters. Author Cheryl great hub glad you got the word out about people.

Gwen 4 years ago

I agree Author Cheryl that something needs to be done and that families should be accountable when they know their loved ones are mentally sick and do nothing to help them. They can be baker acted and then put on the proper medications. When their behaviors return they should take them back again because they are not taking their medications. Voted totally up on this one.

Author Cheryl profile image

Author Cheryl 4 years ago Author

No there has to be a way to make parents accountable when these things happen. I surely do not take what happened lightly however in light of your rude comment, I will say this: His parents knew he had schizophrenia but did nothing about it. So who is really wrong here?????

qeyler profile image

qeyler 4 years ago

There has been a lot of blab about 'mental illness' and very little action as you have said. There has to be a way to test people before they perform such actions.

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