Why we age, and how we could stop aging

We can stop the aging process

OK, so I was just messing around with Google, and I stepped on a very interesting topic. I found a presentation on aging, and how we can stop it. The presentation seems to be set in an auditorium full of PhD holders. 

This is a legit argument from Aubrey de Grey, a British researcher on aging. Aubrey believes that aging is just a disease and it is curable if we get serious about it, and actually try. He argues that people that are alive today could live up to be the first people to ever reach a 1000 years of age if we start working on this thing a little harder. He says that this was already tried on mice, and they have succeeded on adding an extra 2 healthy years on mice. 

The funding will be greatly needed though he jokes about the cost of the Iraq war's cost. 

He goes pretty fast through the speech since he has a limited time for his presentation. I'm actually very interested in this, and I will start doing some independent research. I'm currently working on a Bachelor's Degree in Biochemistry, and I'm half way there, so I do have plenty of background information on this subject.

His reasoning to why this could work is because of the connection between metabolism and pathology, and in between these two major steps in our lives, damage occurs to our bodies. We have already figured out everything about this damage, and we've known about it for a while now. He does mention that this topic is highly disregarded by science, and has not had any serious attempts at it because no one can see immortality to ever come by. People dream of it, though it has never happened to a human, or any organism for that matter. Though for thousands of years people have dreamed of flying, and not until the last century were we able to accomplish this phenomenon in which we have nearly perfected today.

Anyone else fascinated by this hypothesis? 

You might be skeptical about this topic, and you might have plenty of arguments, though trust me he has had them and he briefly answers a few of them in his presentation. 

If you want more information, here is the presentation by Aubrey de Grey. I gave you the highlights, though you could watch it more in depth if you would like to. 

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jim10 profile image

jim10 7 years ago from ma

This is a very interesting subject. It is funny how some people can eat junk and smoke yet they live for a long time just becomes they have great genes. Then there are the other people that are extremely healthy like Jack Lalanne who can do such incredible things even in his 90's.

fortunerep profile image

fortunerep 7 years ago from North Carolina

It would be nice to be able to do that? Since you're going ot school to be a Biochemist can you answer me one question? Does alcohol kill germs and bacteria? Been researching but it seems like I get different answers.


Glare profile image

Glare 7 years ago from Washington DC area Author

fortunerep, it depends on the type of alcohol, most do kill germs and bacteria, though each one takes a different amount of time.

Some take 2 minutes while others take 15.

The alcohol has to evaporate off of the surface for the bacteria to be "killed".

Of course, as you may know, not 100% of the bacteria/germs will be killed, hence why hand sanitizers say that they kill "99.9%" of bacteria.

lefseriver profile image

lefseriver 7 years ago from Northern Minnesota

Interesting hub. Thanks. I recommend the book "The Ultramind Solution" by Dr. Mark Hyman (currently on best seller's list). He has a website on ultrawellness. 'Time passes by at the speed of a dream.' thanks.

2uesday profile image

2uesday 6 years ago from - on the web, I am 2uesday.

Hi Glare topical hub, as the ageing process is in the news today - they are saying scientists have found the genes 'methuselah genes'that improve your chances of living to be one hundred. It is about genes that stop disease genes being switched on. Hope I have explained that OK. Not sure how I feel about living to be 100 :) Thank you.

epigramman profile image

epigramman 6 years ago

I've found a way to stop aging and it works!!!

I read your life-affirming hubs every day!!!!

Ladyfairz profile image

Ladyfairz 6 years ago from Georgia, USA

Hello, Thanks for reading my articles...I enjoyed the anti-aging. I have a suggestion since I have lived 70 years and my profile picture was taken about 6 months ago.


I also like to feed my spirit so I read Edgar Cayce quotes on facebook. Good luck in all of your studies, Lz

always exploring profile image

always exploring 6 years ago from Southern Illinois


Enjoyed your hub


Ladyfairz profile image

Ladyfairz 6 years ago from Georgia, USA

Hello, I am 70 now (pic is @ age 68)and have been looking for the same thing. I find that exercise is one of the keys - and eating healthy and eating less.

I follow the recommendations of Edgar Cayce and use the "castor oil" for maintaining the body's balance.

So much to learn - good luck with your research - Ladyfair

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