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Experiment With A Wind Turbine

HydroWind Turbine
HydroWind Turbine


Discovering windmill science fair projects is the new phenomenon of producing energy. It’s solar energy creates heat off the sun causing the air to move upward resulting in a vacuum of cool air forming wind. The primary use of wind energy is to produce electricity that cost efficient and eco-friendly. This renewable source of energy makes up of about 2% of the world’s energy. As technology continues to evolve and the designs get better, wind energy is estimated to produce double the amount of the world’s electricity for the near future. Reward yourself by exploring the many ways wind energy can make a better and safer environment for you.

How to Generate Windmill Science Fair Projects

There many directions you can take when figuring out the development and reasoning of windmills. The primary use is to produce vast amount of electricity. The rotation of wind turbine blades collects the kinetic energy of the wind which then stores the electricity for use for local residences and surrounding businesses. Sounds interesting enough? There are a myriad of topics for you to explore that you will find interest in.

Examples of Wind Energy Science Fair Project Ideas:

1. Does the speed of the wind determine the amount of electricity?

2. How might the spaces of the blades differ in wind turbines efficiency?

3. Does the design of windmills (i.e. length and size of blades, motor vs. non-motor) affect the output of renewable energy?

4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of sourcing electricity through wind turbines?

Preparing for Windmill Materials

Once you decided the path you want to take with your experiment for the science fair, you need to determine materials you will need for proper execution. Now, building a windmill is not easy so understanding the mechanics is essential. Get to know the basics of wind turbine design such as the use of the tower, a power generator, sufficient size of blades, and a source for electricity and wind.

Many of the materials you seek are also available at the Super Science Fair Projects online store but using many other unique resources of creating wind turbines works wonderfully as well. Other materials that might be important are the use of time measurement tools (i.e. tachometer and speed meter) for tracking your data. Of course paper and a pencil are useful as well.

Testing Wind Energy

Wind Turbine & Solar Science Fair Kit - Advanced

Finding Resources for Windmill Science Fair Projects

Windmill science fair projects are a hot topic of today. The government has been adamantly in making alternative resource for electricity more a norm to reduce or eliminate the cost and emissions of pollutants into the environment. Actually, government sites would be a great place to start for authoritative and official information. Also explore the non-profit organizations sites that specialize in alternative wind energy.

Most of their sites provide reliable information about the background on renewable energy and the use of wind turbines that’s beneficial to assist you in your process and experiment. The school and public libraries are also a great resource for finding information. Finally, searching the internet will always be an effective method to find valuable information on windmill science fair projects.

The Benefits of Wind Energy

  • Revive rural community economy system by creating more employment opportunities for better income (short or long term) and attracting new businesses
  • Fewer subsidized assistance
  • Promotes cost-effective energy production
  • Eliminates the high costs of mining production and transportation
  • Conserves water resources; reduces contribution of contaminate emissions
  • Pollutant free
  • Preserves environmental resources
  • Minimizes impact on crops and livestock

The Consequences of Wind Energy

  • Can only produce power wind blows, energy supply vary each day
  • The wind turbines may not be not very aesthetically pleasing to some locals
  • Frequent light alteration cast from the shadow of the blade may become a distraction
  • Too noisy
  • Construction transportation is nuisance. The shipping of the materials are large and big, requiring monstrous equipment to assemble

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nalini 5 years ago

iwant to know how to make eiectricty windmill

SciFairLady 5 years ago

Click on the link in the first paragraph and you can see what to do.

Kylie 5 years ago

I'm building a windmill and need help. What type of wire do I need? What store can I buy an ohm meter at? What do I use for the bass? I really need help would like a reply :) thank you :)

akhil 5 years ago

youdid not tell about how to prepare the windmill pls explain it sir this was nice

ScienceFairLady profile image

ScienceFairLady 5 years ago Author

To explain how to put together a windmill would take a whole instruction booklet. If you click on one of the links in the article there are kits that you can get to make the windmill.

I am sorry, but I cannot help you with this.

ScienceFairLady profile image

ScienceFairLady 5 years ago Author

As far as materials are concerned, if you click on one of the links in the article, we have them there.

Strawberries 4 years ago

This is great but how do you make it

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