Word-Concepts Color Our Experience And Perception of Reality!

Words, Sounds And Concepts

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A word is just a sound or a noise, that has a concept or idea attached to it, to make it intelligible, to those who are taught how to understand, that word-concept. We think in word-concepts.They influence and color our experience and perception of reality.
Here's example of what I mean.

A Candle Is Not A Candle

A friend of mine said, "We can all agree (pointing to a lit candle on a table) that this is unquestionably a candle can't we?" "We all see it. We see the flame burning on it don't we?" (Now that all seems logical enough but is that true?)

I said "A candle is not a candle". She responded, "what do you mean a candle is not a candle?. Don't you see the candle?" I said "Yes, but a candle is only a candle in English. In Spanish it's a vela. You and a Spanish speaker could get in to a heated argument about what this thing is. You insisting it's a candle, and the Spanish speaker insisting it's a vela. And round and round you'd go, arguing about who was right!

She said "So whose right? Is it a candle or is it a vela? I said "You're both right!' It's a candle and a vela.The word is not the thing". She looked at me, and just shook her head with laughter and said "I think I see what you mean".

That's and example of how word-concepts influence and color our perception and experience of reality.

What's Real? What Matters?

Let's start with a dictionary definition of the meaning of real.

(Real, Something that actually exists, as a particular quantity. Origin: 1400–50; late Middle English < Late Latin reālis, equivalent to Latin re-, variant stem of rēs, thing. Dictionary.com)

So what's real is something that exist, as a particular quantity which means that, what's real is thing, a person or an object. So according to that definition, only "things" are real. If it's not a thing, it's not real. It's nothing, ( no-thing)

For example, If someone asks you, what's wrong and nothing's wrong, don't you say "Not - a - thing" or "nothing"? See what I mean?

The concept of things makes a problem real or matter (important). If something is important we say it matters. If it's not important we say it doesn't matter.

Matter derives from , mater, Latin, for Mother.

Are there realities that that aren't matter, that matter?

What about the space in a room?

It's seen as nothing (no thing) but doesn't it "matter"?

Without space could a room be a room?

Would a pot still be a pot?

Would the Grand Canyon would it still be a canyon?

Could "any-thing" exist without space? I think not!

We see space as nothing, but space is as real as the things it contains and allows to exist. It's a different type of "real thing" (reality).

See how our word-concept colors our experience and perception of the reality of space? I thought you would!

Another Example

Here's another example of how word -concepts color our perception of our world and others.

You see a black man. Do you really see the black man. or do you see the word-concept, black man? You see a white man. Do you see a white man or the word-concept, white man?

Do you really see your brother, sister, mother, father, aunt or uncle or the word-concepts brother, sister, father, mother, aunt, uncle? Do these word-concepts, color your experience of who they really are, and how you view them in reality?

Seeing others this way, can be a source of endless and unnecessary conflicts. It may be wise to keep a "sharp eye" out for how your word-concepts, may be coloring your perception and experience of reality.

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