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Will you be viewing Comet Ison when it emerges from behind the Sun in early December?

The much anticipated Comet Ison is now at its closest approach to the Sun. In the next few days - if it survives - it will hopefully put on a good show, with the best viewing of a comet in living memory. I've been following this comet on my own hub/blog writing regular updates on its progress, so I hope to see it over the coming weeks I'd suggest others try to do the same as it may be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Are you going to be out in early December trying to see this visitor from the outer Solar System?

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Best Answer Lizam1 says

3 years ago
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Thomas Swan says

3 years ago
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    Greensleeves Hubs 3 years ago

    I believe on 1st December, the comet may still be too close to the Sun to be visible - certainly too close to be visible safely. But 3-4 days later there should be sufficient separation between the two for Ison to be clearly visible before dawn.

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Marie Flint says

3 years ago
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