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Is it ok to lie every once in a while(white lie, they call it)? Ex: Do I look fat in this dress?

My daughter is being taught in school that because of mutual respect and compassion can be accomplished through a little white lie. It really contradicts what I've have been teaching spiritually. What do you think? IJN Jas

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Tamara Wilhite (tamarawilhite) says

11 months ago
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Priya Barua says

9 months ago
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    Jas Unspoted (Janice Daniel) 9 months ago

    It's still kind of hard to swallow. Just like we should sin just a little. A sin is a sin. My beliefs also tells me that Jehovah/God doesn't like a false witness. That's how Jesus died on a tree. She's going to have to suck it

    up like others.

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Candy Hippie (candyhippie) says

11 months ago
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