How to become a good lecturer

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Good lectures are not very common

Today I did experience a really good lecture from one of the best lecturers I've ever seen.

I get impressed of this person because he is totally calm, never loose the word, never leave the topic, give a professional impression and everybody is totally stroked when they leave.

I really want to be that inspirational as he is. I want my crowd to be just that happy and excited to make changes when they leave my lectures.

Okay, so here's what I think makes a really good lecturer:

  • Calm and confident is a must. The crowd feels safe with you and trust you.
  • Knowledge. You should be the best in the room on your topic. At least give that impression.
  • Body Language. A confident and natural body language that isn't too stiff is very important. It must connect with your speech.
  • Hold times. One of the most professional signs is when the lecture is very well planned but still feels spontaneous.
  • Ironic and funny. Jokes and ironic sentences are a must! I want to laugh!
  • Presentation. The presentation is very important! I want something to look at, to connect the speech to. Presentations have to have images! It's actually very true in this situations that a picture can say more than a 1000 words. A speech can probably not be fully complete without a knockout picture.
  • The most important point. The audience should be affected in some way when they leave. They should be happy, wondering and inspired. They should feel that you have made a difference to them.

Okay, here it is. I can do it, of course I can. Just need some practice! Luckily I have today's lecture on video and I'm gonna watch it over and over, take it to my own lectures and kick ass!

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Johna86 2 years ago

Several of these games are worth some time and are actually quite fun. dfedcdadbbee

katyzzz profile image

katyzzz 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia

kick a is inconsistent with calm and in control, just a thought, interesting hub.

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